Swatch & Review: One Thing Led to Another… Chanel Le Vernis in 531 Peridot

From my previous post you know the story of me getting my Rouge Coco Mademoiselle, and I’m going to tell you how one thing led to another I ended up with my first Chanel polish.

I met Peridot While I was fooling around at the Chanel counter. I had not previously paid any attention to Chanel nail polish and I knew nothing about the hype. I thought the color looks interesting in the bottle and tried it on. Bang, I was blown away! I showed my boyfriend the nail that night and even he found it interesting. He was like:”does it change color???” all amazed and everything, which is A LOT to ask from a guy, especially one who is skeptical about makeup in general (I HAVE to fill in my brows every morning, but when he sees it he always asks:”Why do you do this?” I mean, hello, I look like a frog if I don’t, and it’s not because I over-pluck or anything, it’s just because I am born with a deficiency in the body hair department). At the end I caved in over the weekend and picked it up. I put it on this Wednesday night, and the word that popped into my head when I saw my manicure was fashion, with a capitcal F. Again, I’m not a fan of Chanel makeup or anything, in fact I also swatched some other colors at the counter and found them very blah and dupable, but Peridot is the diggity bomb. It has taken nail polish to an entirely different level. I like to think of it as the nail polish version of MAC Sumptuous Olive (which is one of my favorite eyeshadows). It’s gold, it’s green, it’s yellowish green, it’s olive, it’s a gold foil. The lighting and background play a lot of different tricks when you wear this nail polish. With my NC30 warm-toned Asian skin, I think I wear it pretty well. If your skin is cool-toned however, it might wash you out, but then again if it makes you happy I don’t see why you shouldn’t wear it!

With that said however, I have to be honest about not liking the brush. I might be spoiled with OPI, but I find the brush flimsy and hard to use. The first coat is a bit streaky, but the second one smooths everything out nicely so at the end you are left with no brush stroke. BUT STILL, considering how much this costs, the brush could do better. Also, I am extremely disappointed with the wear time. While OPI lasts for 4 days on me almost perfectly well, this chipped after 2 days. When OPI chips on me, the chip stays minimal. However, with Chanel it practically started peeling… I kept it on for 4 days, but at the end my right hand was definitely not looking very manicured. To be fair, I do cook, clean, and do the dishes. My nails are very dry now that the weather is getting colder and they could break and peel. Still, this is not the most amazing wear time I’ve had with a nail polish, and I did wear it with a base coat and a top coat. I will give it another try again, to see if I’ll get any luckier.

Bottom line: it’s a fabulous autumn/winter color, but I’d wear it all year round. If you don’t mind the flimsy brush nor the fact that it might not last as well on your nails as your OPIs or China Glazes, and if you can still lay your hands on it, you might want to take a deep breath, close your eyes, hand the SA your card, and go home happy. If you can’t handle the disappointment of bad wear time however, you might want to close your eyes and let it pass.

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  1. Interesting 🙂 I’ve been in doubt for the last couple of hours if I should or shouldn’t buy the polish because I never bought a channel one before. But it’s a € 10,00 discount so why hesitating right? 😀

    • Hey Nanni,

      Haha, I know how hard it is to make up your mind about doling out so much money on a nail polish! The thing with this one is I really like the color, but the wear time is not impressive. My nails are weird though, basically anything BUT OPI wears well on me (and we’re talking about maybe 3 days without chips and 4 with acceptable chips here for the most part). If you have a discount however, GO FOR IT! I hope it will be everything you want it to be 🙂

      PS: So nice to meet other bloggers in Belgium!!!

  2. Hi Sunny,
    just googled CC nails, and stumbled over this post..
    I’m a huge fan of CC nail polish.. haven’t used anything else for years..

    But about the chpping, it doesn’t happened for me, but I always use the CC top coat, called extreme shine – I think, it’s the only one CC makes and it is really extreme shiny.
    acctualy it stayes at a shine never seen before, even when it’s dry it’s so shiny that it keeps looking wet..

    Another thing – it dries realy fast.. So 5 min. before you’re out of the door, and it’s all fine.

    So hope you’ll try it.


    • Hey Jinnie, thanks for the comment! I’ve had more experience with Chanel Le Vernis since then, and my experience is that the metallic ones chip more easily than other finishes. I haven’t tried their top coat though, but when I run out of the Dior and Seche Vite I’m using, I’ll look into it 🙂

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