Swatch & Review: Chanel Rouge Coco Mademoiselle

Chanel Rouge Coco Mademoiselle
Despite the fact that I’m not a big lipstick person, I have to say this is very nice! I own about 2 lipsticks (MAC Flowerplay for spring/summer and Sweetie for autumn/winter) and a clear gloss (which was given to me by my aunt). I like Sweetie, and it goes very well with green/purple eyeshadows which are the two “color colors” that I wear. However, it is slightly mauvey on me and sometimes a little shiny/frosty. I was lemming a matter (but not really matte, since that would be a bit too dramatic), healthy-looking, and not juvenile pink lipstick when I saw the swatch of Mademoiselle. I was instantly intrigued. The next day I went to the counter to try it on. Voila, that’s the pink lipstick I’d been dreaming of right there! I know it’s horrendously expensive and I was trying to hold back, but this coincided with me getting the admission letter to start my PhD, so I thought it’s a nice celebration present for myself.

I’ve been wearing it on a daily basis for about a week now. It’s a “my lips but better” lipstick, a pink with brownish undertone. I know how to distinguish warm- and cold-toned makeup products, but this one might just be neutral. I’ve seen it looking just fine on girls with cold undertone. I’m not obsessed with Chanel (it’s the first Chanel anything I own, and I think I need another 5-10 years to enjoy Chanel bags), but the packaging is rather nice. The “click” noise when you click the lipstick shut was apparently a big selling point for the Rouge Coco line, but I’m not that convinced by this. You have to click the lipstick shut on the right side for that noise, which doesn’t always happen because I am absent-minded or in a hurry. I don’t really like the smell, either. It reminds me of stealthily trying on my mother’s lipstick as a little girl. It’s powdery and flowery, in other words a traditional lipstick smell. The vanilla scent of MAC lipsticks is more my thing. In the beginning the smell irked me a little and made me feel like a middle-aged lady (not that it’s not good. It’s just that I’m not quite there yet), but now I’m getting used to it. The texture and pigmentation are both amazing. It achieves smooth and even coverage in one coat. It’s not matte, not shimmery, not frosty. It’s just right. I normally go out in my glasses and just my brows filled in (can’t afford not to do that), but I could look a bit pale and tired in the morning. One swipe of this lipstick however, I’m good and ready to go. I know it’s entirely psychological to feel more confidence and feminine with a lipstick on, and I am aware how much of this is the image Chanel aims at projecting with their advertising, but then again there are very few things we do in life that are not entirely for our own mental well-being, so I’m just going to give in to the marketing department of Chanel this time.

The only complaint I have about this is it doesn’t smooth out the lines on your lips. If your lips are drier on a certain day and the lines are more obvious, this won’t help improve them. It is not drying, but at the same time it is not moisturizing either.

Would I buy this lipstick again? Maybe, if I actually see the end of it (which has never happened in my life yet) and there is another celebratory occasion. If you are looking for something that is demure, chic, healthy, and happy, this might be your lipstick.

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