My Makeup Pet Peeves

The lesson we can all learn here? If even Beyonce (don’t get me wrong. I adore this woman) can’t pull off big color chunks of eyeshadow, we common, ordinary, everyday girls should really blend, blend, blend!

I’m writing this post with the full understanding that everyone should be free to do whatever they want to themselves, particularly when it comes to makeup, just because aesthetics is very culturally and personally specific. However, I have to get some things off my chest, because a lot of the times I can’t help but wince when I see certain things on girls. Here we go:

1. Lack of eyebrows. In my university town, girls usually wear minimal makeup. There is also this cultural perception that if you have a brain, you should completely disregard what is on the outside. Well, I beg to differ. Some things do not belong to the “makeup” category to me. Instead, they should be more like etiquette. I personally don’t have any eyebrows if I don’t fill them in, just because I have VERY sparse and light hair on my face. Some girls don’t have visible eyebrows because their hair is so blond, especially in summer it really looks like they have none. Well, guess what, fill them in. I don’t care if you want to dress like a hippie because you think that’s the way to go to save the world, but eyebrows make a big difference in terms of framing your face, and the lack of it is very often no less than shocking. Brains and brows can co-exist, I assure you. Now please go to the drugstore and pick up any brow pencil you can find. It might take some practice, but once you get the gist I guarantee you’ll look like a different person.

2. Unblended eyeshadows. Besides thinking “oh my God girlfriend, what did you do to yourself?” after watching that music video, what I secretly wanted to do was taking my blending brush (MAC 217. Will soon write a review) out and blending the eyeshadows for Beyonce. Girls, especially Asian girls who don’t have pronounced creases, unless they are really going for the drama on special occasions (like Halloween?), should definitely blend their eyeshadows to a seamless finish. Unblended eyeshadows do not fake creases. They do not give depth to your eyes or emphasize the shape of them. They make you look like a drag queen. There, I said it.

3. Over-highlighted brow bones. I have nothing against people who want to highlight their brow bones with a shimmery eyeshadow. In fact, I opted for a matte one only very recently. However, I’ve seen girls who try SO hard to highlight their brow bones with a shimmery eyeshadow that their brow bones are practically screaming for attention. You want your brow bones to stand out in order to give your face a bit more structure, not in order for everybody to see you have super shiny brow bones. It is NOT a good look, not to mention if you have any photos taken with flash, it’ll reflect like crazy. It actually distracts people from whatever other shadows you might or might not be wearing, and they’d be talking to your brow bones.

4. Thick cat eyeliner on Caucasian girls. Sorry, Caucasian girls. Despite the fact that you have numerous assets, being able to wear thick cat eyeliner is not one of them. As a matter of fact, that always reminds me of Amy Winehouse. No disrespect for the dead. I am actually a fan of her music, but her aesthetics was… Just don’t do that! The Kate Moss campaign for Dior Addict Lipstick literally sends a chill down my spine every time I see it. Incidentally, the Natalie Portman campaign for Miss Dior Cherie totally nails it. If you want to wear cat eyeliner, how about something subtle yet sexy like that? You have big and beautiful eyes, so work with them instead of drawing a thick line all the way to your eye sockets. NOT attractive. To be honest it’d make anyone look cheap.

5. Dark lipstick on girls with thin lips. Look, this is basic color science. When something is dark, it becomes visually smaller. If you have thin lips but wear dark lipstick, it makes your lips even thinner. I’m not saying everyone should have big lips, nor that they are somehow sexier, but dark lipstick is not flattering if you’re not well-endowed in the lip department to be further depleted. How about using a dark lipgloss if you want to go vampy? That way the gloss at least plumps your lips up a little.

6. Too much gloss on girls with big lips. This is the reverse mistake of pet peeve number 5. I know lips a la Angelina Jolie are in, but that doesn’t mean you should overdo it when you are gifted with them. As a matter of fact, if you browse through Miss Jolie’s pictures, most of the time she sports nude and pretty matte lips. That’s the way to go, my dears.

7. Faded, creased eyeshadows. Have you heard of something called eyeshadow primer? No? Consider that the most important thing you learnt today and lay your hands on one ASAP. Girls with creases usually have their eyeshadows creasing on them by the end of the day, which means all the eyeshadow gets stuck in their creases, leaving the rest of their lids almost bare. Even on girls with no creases like myself, a primer helps your eyeshadows and eyeliner look way more vibrant and stay put, so invest in one.

8. Lipstick on teeth. Need I say more? The trick is inserting a finger into the middle of your mouth and pulling it out. That way the excess stays on your finger instead of transferring to your teeth. Don’t do this in public though. You don’t want to give people the wrong ideas.

9. Too much blush. There is no need to look like a real-life matryoshka doll. Rather than wearing too much blush, or a blush that is too pink/orange/coral, I’d rather go blush-less.

10. A foundation that doesn’t match your skin tone. Oh, I know how hard it is to find a shade of foundation that matches. In fact, that is why I have been putting off this challenge. With that said however, please don’t intentionally buy something that is one shade lighter because you want to look paler (this is a common pursuit in Asia). On top of looking unnatural, it doesn’t work with the rest of your body.

11. Too much fake tan. This is something I have noticed almost exclusively in the West. I understand how a tan is the synonym of good health, tropical vacation, and sexiness in this part of the world, but most of the time it makes you look like a carrot. There, again, I said it.

At the end, I do believe that everyone has the right to do whatever they want in their pursuit of beauty, so these are nothing but my biased personal opinions. If it made you laugh, however, I’d consider this post worthwhile.

2 responses

  1. Nailed some good points there! But like you said on my blog, Belgians like the au naturel look, so I guess they don’t really see it the way you do, especially with the brows (or lack of).

    I’ve seen plenty of pretty girls with overdone blushes. It’s not even the shade, but the SHAPE and area that’s covered. My, my, it’s like the whole side profile, ya know? I wanna go tell them “Tone it down, girl!”

    • Oh my God, woman, don’t you sleep??? Now I know what/who has contributed to a sudden spike of my site views!

      I’ve been observing the local girls a lot more closely recently, and I’d still say more girls wear NOTHING than the ones who wear SOMETHING. I do think it takes less for Caucasian girls to create drama though. Maybe because it’s Friday evening, I did see a couple of them with some more eyeliner, and it’s fab.

      However, since you’re mentioning the “overblushing” problem, I did also see a girl today whose ENTIRE cheeks are flamingo pink. I’m not very sure if she overused her blush or was just born with so much pink in her cheeks. Maybe it’s both.

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