Swatch & Review: NYX trio in Rock and Roll (TS29A)

I received MAC All That Glitters in a swap package from Canada when I came home this Monday night. Not that All That Glitters in not a good eyeshadow. I’ve been interested in it for a while and I thought it’s a nice everyday basic that I can use very often. What totally thrilled me however, is the lovely extra this nice swapper included: an almost brand new NYX trio in Rock and Roll.

My first NYX eyeshadow is the single in Kiwi (also something I received in a swap, since NYX is sadly unavailable in Belgium). I was very impressed with it, but this trio, man, this trio is a KILLER!

The picture above shows you how the three shades look after they have been depotted and fit into my MAC palette (more about depotting later). Now onto the swatches. The first picture was taken in daylight, and the second indoor light.

From what I heard, the first shade is a dupe of MAC Nylon. It’s a pale, shimmery gold. It is a very good shade for highlighting the inner corners and even the top of the cheekbones. It is not as stark as for example Virgin in the Naked Palette. The golden tinge makes it an excellent shade for my warm undertone.

Even before I checked on the Internet about what people have said about the second shade, I knew it would be a dupe of MAC Satin Taupe. I happened to have visited the MAC shop in Brussels that very morning and swatched Satin Taupe on the back of my hand. I was THRILLED to see how close, or almost identical, this shade is to Satin Taupe, as I’ve been lemming for Satin Taupe for a while. It’s a nice and shimmery taupe shade which pulls almost mauvey on my skin. I’m a fan of anything that’s purplish and mauvey, so I was instantly in love! Despite the fact that it’s not particularly warm-toned, it works very well with my skin tone. Seeing how it has a lot of depth and possibilities (though my picture really doesn’t do it justice. It’s A LOT prettier in person), I can’t wait to play around with it!

The third shade is apparently a good dupe of MAC Knight Divine. It’s a silvery gray that has a beautiful sheen. Again, this is not a particularly warm color, but I think I can pull it off pretty well. It is definitely a good eyeshadow for a not-so-heavy smokey eye. The silver in this color definitely gives it a lot more life and prevents it from being just a boring and blah gray. At the same time however, it is not glittery or anything, so it should be easy to work with.

This trio is definitely high-end quality. All of the swatches are done with me running my fingers through the eyeshadow twice. TWICE. The texture is extremely smooth and buttery, the pigmentation amazing, and the best thing? You get THREE eyeshadows the size of regular MAC eyeshadows for 8 dollars on the NYX website. On there is a 40% off sale on all NYX products till the 13th of November, which makes the trio 4.8 dollars. That’s 1.6 dollars per eyeshadow, people! This fact is mind-boggling. If all goes well I’m going to the US for a trip next week. I really don’t know if I’ll break down and cry some tears of joy when I get to shop NYX products. With or without a sale, these babies are keepers! Do check them out when you have the chance!

A little note about depotting. It’s easy to find Youtube tutorials on how to depot NYX trios. However, the one I received is in the new packaging, which means you have to pry the bottom off instead of prying the plastic part out from the top. I used the small screwdriver I use for my glasses in one corner, and the bottom came off in about a second. Once the bottom came off, I held a lighter below the plastic. The plastic started to melt in a matter of seconds, and I held a folded tissue between my hands and the plastic before pushing the pans out. Please be careful as the pans get really hot! Once the pans are separated from the plastic, I left them to cool before peeling off the glue, putting some magnetic tape at the bottom, and fitting them in their new home in my MAC palette. I didn’t peel off the sticker at the bottom of the palette though, since it wouldn’t fit on the bottom of the pans anyways. I’m an organizing freak, so anything that can fit in my MAC palette is NOT going to be left lying in my makeup bag.

Seriously, NYX needs to come to Belgium soon! But then again with the 21% VAT, I’m sure we’ll end up paying way too much for the products anyways 😦

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    • Hahaha it’s pretty addictive (the boyfriend wasn’t too exhilarated about me burning plastic in the house though)! I’ll probably get a Z palette soon, just so that my blushes and non MAC-size shadows can find a home!

      • hello sunny, thanks for your answer(mail too), i appreciate it! ill check those websites. in your review you mentioned about too. i dunno if you ordered via it while you were in belgium, but do you remember if you had to pay shipping costs? if so, was it much?

  1. Hey Ness! Yay I’m glad you saw it.

    I’ve never purchased anything from Cherry Culture. I just checked for you though, the cheapest shipping method (no tracking) would be 25 dollars. Unless it’s having a major sale and you’re buying a lot of things, it might not be the most economical way of getting NYX stuff here.

    Hope it helps!

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