Long Time No See: Trip to the U.S. and Major HAUL!!!

Hello out there!

Sorry for the long silence! I actually went on a two-week trip to the U.S. and just got back two days ago. I never really mentioned this on the blog because all the way till the last minute I wasn’t sure if I would really make it. All the bureaucratic mayhem I had to go through both for the American AND the Belgian government was incredible. But anyways, I made it and now I’m back!

I principally went for a good friend’s (basically my adoptive sister) wedding in Tennessee, but before we (I went with her brother T, with whom I’d been living under the same roof for 3 years) got there we did a little trip in Boston, New York, and Pittsburgh. Of course I made an extensive shopping list before setting off, and from the picture above you can probably see how major the haul is!

I will put up my swatches and review ASAP. I went happy-go-lucky in drugstore eyeshadows because I thought I had too many high-end ones to justify paying for more of them. With that said however, I just found out Urban Decay is launching Naked2, and that’s got me thinking… maybe I want one for Christmas!

So bye for now and I promise to post a lot of posts in the near future!

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