Review: Bobbi Brown Eye Brow Brush

OK, fine, one last post before I leave my warm sofa (and snuggie) and get ready for bed, promise!

Since I’ve already sung Sable praises, I feel I’ve got to introduce it’s best friend, the Bobbi Brown Eye Brow Brush. I’d been looking for something like this for a long time. All the brushes I had used for my eyebrows in the past are stupid little things that came with the products themselves. But anyone who wants to do makeup a bit more decently knows (or should know) that the plastic things that come free are usually no better than toys. They are too tiny for any sort of control, and too flimsy to last. I looked into MAC (because Bobbi Brown isn’t available in Belgium. Not for long though! Rumor has it that the first shop will open in Brussels in mid-December. Anyone getting super excited???), but found nothing that would cut it. Some suggest 263, which I had in the past. While it might be good for lining one’s eyes (though I quickly abandoned it when I discovered Bobbi Brown Ultra Fine Liner Brush), the hair is definitely too fine and the brush too thin to do one’s brows properly. I checked makeupalley, but strangely enough this brush has received neither enough reviews nor positive ones there.

I instantly fell in love with it, however, at the Bobbi Brown counter at Macy’s on Herald Square.

The SA who was helping me was in my imagination a typical New Yorker. She was very antsy, and she kept going in all the wrong directions with the brush when she was trying to do my brows. At some point I had to ask if I could take over and try it for myself, to which she agreed. The brush hair looks long, but it’s definitely stiff enough for precise control. With this brush, you can brush your eyebrow hair in the right places AND fill your eyebrows in at the same time. I don’t know if it’s because I don’t have a lot of eyebrows to being with, but the result I achieve with this brush is so natural that I don’t even need to blend it out with a spoolie. It gets the job done FAST, too! Comparing with all the stupid little brushes I’ve used and have had to waste MINUTES doing my eyebrows in the past, this one saves me SO much time, sweat, and blood!

So again, if you’re unhappy with your eyebrows or your eyebrow brush, check this one out. Of course I understand that not everyone fills theirs in with an eyeshadow and a brush, but if you’re going for a natural, not drawn-in look, the Bobbi Brown Eye Brow Brush and a shadow matching your hair color would be a pretty good bet!

Now I’m officially going to turn my computer off for the day. I’m the only one who is still awake in the house!

PS: According to StyleLab, a Belgian fashion/beauty blog, Bobbi Brown is opening on December 16th at 11A, Rue A. Orts, 1000 Brussels. It’s very close to the stock exchange, right next to Cosmeticary where you can find brands such as OPI, By Terry, Bumble and Bumble in Belgium. I’ve walked past by the location in early November, and I can confirm the window is covered with black plastic staying Bobbi Brown Coming Soon!

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    • I know!!! Despite the fact that the lady at Macy’s was super jittery, I feel like I owe her endless gratitude for ending my lifelong quest of finding the perfect brow products! I really like Bobbi Brown. They don’t keep launching new products that are “all the rage” on the Internet, but they have solid ones that WORK! I just read in your About me that you’re a makeup artist for Bobbi Brown too. How nice (just double-checked you were not the jittery lady I met in NYC haha)!

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