Swatch & Review: Bobbi Brown Eye Shadow in Bone (02)

I should probably be doing the dishes instead, but since I know I’ll slack off during the weekend I’ll just put one last post out there 🙂

Back in August, I had a free makeover at the Bobbi Brown counter in Taiwan. Well, free is never free in the makeup world, because if something is good, you end up doling money out for it :p But anyways, that’s how I met Bone. I used to highlight my browbones with a shimmery shade. Not super metallic or anything, because I also dislike the too in-your-face kind of browbone highlight, but definitely shimmery. I’m a pretty hardcore shimmery shade lover, and I can count with one hand the matte eyeshadows I have. On top of that, I also heard a shimmery shade makes more sense just because browbones have a natural sheen, and a matte eyeshadow wouldn’t cut it.

After experimenting with Bone however, I can tell you that’s unfounded. Bone is a matte white in pan, the kind of white that looks a bit like paint. Shocking eh? I managed to scare myself with the swatch on the back of my hand. The texture and color pay-off of this shadow is what you would expect from a high-end one, meaning it’s soft, silky, smooth, and very true-to-pan. It is not at all chalky or powdery. It’s not easy to do matte shadows well, but both matte Bobbi Brown shadows I own definitely deliver. I got mine through a swap, and I think the swapper got it in a set, because the packaging looks different from all the Bobbi Brown shadows I’ve seen, including the old screw-lid top (which has see-through plastic on top). That and it says not for individual sale on a sticker.

In the swatches you can see how it looks both swatched normally and sheered out. When it’s sheered out, it leaves nary any color but definitely a trace of sheen. What I like particularly like about this shade is that because it becomes almost invisible (unless you REALLY feel the need of using a heavy hand), I can use it across my brow bones rather than just on the arches. I am, well, Asian, and my facial features don’t stand out as much as Caucasian ones. It’s nice to have some “help” from this shadow. Even when I wear my glasses and no other makeup (I ALWAYS fill in my brows though, just because otherwise I have none), I really enjoy the lift Bone gives to my eyebrows. The second I put this shadow on my browbones I can see the difference. It gives a lift to my eyebrows while staying invisible. I’ve had many pictures taken when I have this shadow on for browbone highlight, but no weird reflection has been spotted. I’m about MAC NC30 in terms of skin tone, and even when I had more of a tan it still looks natural on me.

I’m not saying everybody should use a matte shadow to highlight their browbones. In fact, from what I can see (both in real life and makeup tutorials) most people do it with a shimmery eyeshadow. If you don’t go overboard I still find it really pretty. It’s just that I’m very much impressed by Bone and I think I’ll go on doing my browbone highlight with it.

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