Swatch & Review: Wet ‘n’ Wild 738 Comfort Zone

This is another palette I heard a lot of good things about before going to the US. Since the colors are what I naturally gravitate to, it went on my shopping list. Locating this palette wasn’t the easiest thing though. I checked a couple of Walgreens before finding one (at the Walgreens right outside of the Empire State Building haha). I’m glad to report in general the palette lives up to the legend!

The left column of the palette consists of a shimmery cream (mostly white with a yellow tinge), a coppery rose gold, a copper, and a black with some red shimmer. I’ve test this column out, and besides the fact that the texture of the shadows are slightly more crumbly than I’d like to see, they perform really well. The rose gold isn’t my favorite just because it pulls little too orangey on me (the funny thing is I don’t have this impression when I do the arm swatch. Maybe it’s because my arms are a bit more tanned than my face, in which case this shade will be very sweet for the warmer months), but the others are really pretty nice. I particularly adore the black with red shimmer. It’s blendable enough to add dimension naturally on the outer v, and intense enough to add a lot of drama on the lower lash line. I heard it’s a dupe of NARS Mekong, though I don’t own it personally to compare them next to each other. In short, this shade is a wow! The browbone shade is what I’d typically use for my inner corners, it’s not “special” but it’s nice.

The right column consists of a silvery taupe, a yellow-based green, a charcoal brown, and a duochrome red/green. I heard the silvery taupe is a good dupe for MAC Vex, and the duochrome shade is very similar to MAC Club. The eyelid shade is slightly dry and crumbly when I run my finger through it, but once on the back of my arm it’s nice and smooth. I’m very excited about doing different looks with this column (I can already foresee the silvery taupe + the duochrome red/green is going to be a killer combination, while the two shades in the middle plus a darker shadow will make a nice green-themed smokey eye)!

The packaging is a little flimsy. I was very careful about transporting it back to Belgium, because I heard this is the kind of palette that if you accidentally drop once, the shadows will shatter. In fact, some bloggers have talked about seeing shattered shadows in stores. So I’d suggest you handle this with care.

Bottom line: I’d definitely recommend it to warm-toned beauties, since the majority of the shades are pretty warm. The texture, color pay-off and so on are extremely decent. They’re not the most perfect eyeshadows I own, but a) you’re getting 8 very good shadows for 5 dollars and b) even among high-end brands I am often dissatisfied with texture and color pay-off. So all in all, highly recommended!

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