Review: MAC 168 Large Angled Contour Brush

Until very recently I wear almost exclusively eye makeup. I got my first blush (MAC Tea Petal) a couple of months ago, and I’ve been using my fingers to do the application/blending. With that said, I knew (know) almost nothing a about face brushes. All I owned was a miniature generic face brush I got with Clinique loose powder years and years ago (I think the whole pot might still be sitting in my wardrobe back home in Taiwan).

When I found out about contouring however, I knew it was time to get a decent brush. And what makes more sense than an angled contour brush? I visited a couple of different MAC stores/counters in the U.S, bugging SAs into using this on me and showing me how things are done before making the purchase.

The texture of this brush is nice, soft, and dense, which is consistent with my experience with MAC brushes (I own 217, 219, and 239). The shape, as you can see in the pictures, is ideal for making angles or angled lines. I use it for contouring and highlighting, but I’m sure it can be used for powder blushes too. It picks up a decent amount of product, but it doesn’t overdo it so that’s excellent. After all, you can always build things up, but if you overdo it the second you lay the brush on your face you’ll waste a lot of time trying to clean up the mess. It also washes up beautifully, so don’t be intimidated by the white hair!

The only complaint I have so far is that mine sheds a bit. The first time I used it, at least 5 strands of hair came off. I was a bit annoyed, since it has never happened with any of my high-end brushes. The second time, another strand or two came off. I’m hoping whatever should come off has come off now, because if it sheds EVERY TIME I use it, I’m going to be pretty upset (that and I purchased it in the U.S, so there’s no taking it back anywhere). Maybe mine’s defective? From the reviews I’ve read this is a pretty rare problem…

I’ll keep you guys posted about the shedding, but otherwise I’m loving this brush!

EDIT 26/01/12: This brush has shed a couple more hair on me since then, but it has pretty much stopped after a while, and I hope the shedding has come to an end!

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