Swatch & Review: MAC Trax (Velvet)

I got this back at the time I was trying to build up a collection of purple eyeshadows. According to the MAC website, Trax is a burgundy-plum with shimmer. The idea is fantastic. On the back of my hand, it is indeed a mid-tone plum with gold shimmer, though the shimmer doesn’t seem very well-merged with the color if you know what I mean. When I swatched it on the back of my hand it seemed OK, but I quickly realized it is rather difficult to use after I took it home.

First of all, the texture is rather stiff. It is not as soft or buttery as the majority of the eyeshadows I own, and even my 219 can’t seem to pick up enough color. It seems like you have to scratch the surface pretty hard to get some product off. Second of all, the pigmentation is rather lacking. I really have to work to build up the intensity, and most of the time I become frustrated before that can happen. It’s definitely not good news though, particularly I think most people would use this as a crease/outer v color (for which you want better color pay-off).

Bottom line: the color itself is interesting, though the texture and pigmentation are not excellent. I can see this working well on warmer skin tone as well as people with brown, green, and hazel eyes. However, you do have to be prepared to work a little harder for the oomph!

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