Swatch & Review: Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-on Eye Pencil in Ransom, Rockstar, Mildew, and Stash

After my positive experience with the duo-ended liner of Zero and Whiskey which came with the Naked Palette, I ordered the 24/7 Jackpot at the end of last year. The set included 10 pencils (Gunmetal, Rockstar, Binge, Ransom, Electric, Mildew, Stash, Whiskey, Eldorado, and Zero. I have already swapped out the ones that I didn’t think would work for me (mostly because they are cool-toned), so here are the ones I’ve held on to!

Ransom is a blue-based violet. I also see a hint of pinky fuchsia in it. It’s extremely vibrant but not over-the-top, since the finish is not metallic.

Rockstar is a blackened eggplant color. In person you see more of the purple, though if you smudge it out it’d look very close to a grayish black.

Stash is a dark olive green with antique gold sparkle. It’s highly possibly my favorite shade! It reminds me of a more intense version of MAC Sumptuous Olive in pencil form.

Mildew is a forest green. In natural light you can see some gold shimmer. It’s a lot darker than the eyeshadow by the same name, which I do own and will swatch/review for you soon!

I don’t think I need to add this because probably everybody knows this by now, but these pencils are amazing in texture and performance! They don’t pull, drag, sting, or irritate (though I don’t own any shade with glitter, because I’ve heard that could cause irritation). They glide beautifully on, which is a miracle for my rather sensitive eyes! I still pretty much only line my lower lash line with them because I have monolids and gel liners are the only option for my upper lash line. The only complaint I have is that this DOES smudge on me after 10 hours, but only on the outer corner of my left eye! It’s pretty funny, because it stays perfect 9 hours into the wear, but it always smudges when I check it after 10 hours, and only on the outer corner of my left eye! It’s really not that bad though, because it’s only a tiny bit that I can rub off, and once I rub that bit off it’s again good for quite some time (haven’t really tried to stretch it but we’re talking about at least a couple of hours). I haven’t had to sharpen them all the time either, because again my eye shape gives me the luxury of wearing thicker eyeliner. I think it works OK for my lower lash line all the way till the tip has almost disappeared, which means it’s pretty economical. If you need a very precise and thin line though, you might have to sharpen them quite often.

Bottom line: would definitely recommend these to anyone who wants a bit of colors in their liners! With a huge range of options, I’m sure people of all eye colors/skin tones can find something that works for them!

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