Review: (The Curious Case of) Darphin Tangerine Aromatic Care

I have tried a couple of Darphin skincare products, and my experience has been generally very positive. However, this aromatic care is a little tricky, and I’m going to tell you why…

I received two sample flasks of Darphin Chamomile Aromatic Care a bit more than two years ago. I really loved it, but by the time I ran out I was stuck in a financial rut, so I didn’t have the money to shell out on a full bottle. I turned 27 this year *gasps*, and despite the fact that I have no wrinkle or fine line (thank you for the good genes mum!), I have noticed my skin looking tired and bleh (sorry but I really can’t find a more accurate adjective here) at the end of a long day. That’s why when I saw a bottle of the Tangerine Aromatic Care on the list of a lovely swapper I decided to swap for it.

In the beginning I followed the instructions of putting 5 drops of it in different areas of my face before massaging it into my skin (you can find the video on the Darphin website). It did make my skin glow, but it also broke me out a bit. I was rather shocked and disappointed, as the Chamomile Aromatic Care didn’t give me any problems. After checking the Taiwanese version of the Darphin website and some beauty blogs, I found that the instructions are quite different: you are told to put the oil on your palms and warm it up before applying it to your face. After my breakout cleared up I tried this new way of applying it and guess what, it works like magic! Now this is what I do: I put 3 drops of oil on my palm, warm it up, breathe the aroma in, and then apply it to my skin. Almost immediately after I use the oil my skin looks radiant. Not oily, but radiant. I usually use a bit of lotion afterwards, and then I go to sleep. Now I wake up with glowy skin that makes me look I have had plenty of sleep the night before, whether it is really the case or not. My skin no longer looks tired and bleh by the end of the day either. It is soft, smooth, well-moisturized, and even. It has not become oilier with this product either. I can’t recommend it enough especially to people whose skin needs just an extra bit of boost. I know this product is expensive (less so in Europe where I live, but still), but I only need 3 drops a day so I’m sure my bottle will last me quite a while (I accidentally toppled my bottle over several months ago and lost quite a bit of product. That’s the only reason why it’s got so little left now).

The only thing I don’t like as much about it is the packaging. I would prefer something that gives more control over the amount of product that comes out each time (also, something that doesn’t let half of the product come out when I accidentally topple it *sighs*). Having to put my finger against the bottle also makes me a bit skittish, even though I always clean my hands thoroughly before applying anything to my face.

It has broken me out once with my new applying technique. I don’t know if it’s because I had just used a scrub on my face earlier that day so it is more sensitive than usual. But it was just that once (it wasn’t bad either. It was just frustrating considering how inconsistently this product works for me), and all in all I adore the aromatic care. When I run out of this one however, I’ll probably get the Chamomile instead, just because it seems lighter and more calming in general. I think it’s possibly mainly because this product is designed to combat the first signs of aging, which fortunately haven’t crept up on me yet!

How about you? Have you heard of Darphin or used their products? Where can you purchase it in other countries? Here in Belgium you can find it in some pharmacies, but only a small minority of them!

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