Swatch & Review: MAC Satellite Dreams (Veluxe Pearl)

Hello my lovelies!

How is everybody doing on Monday? Are you getting into the holiday mood yet?

I’m sorry for ignoring my blog a little in the second half of last week. I had several bad allergy days. My entire sinus was blocked, and my skin was rather sensitive too. That’s why I went easy on makeup and blogging in general. I did manage to haul some stuff in the meantime however, so you can expect more swatches to come!

Today I’m bringing you the swatch and review of MAC Satellite Dreams. It has a veluxe pearl finish (put your hand in the air if you love veluxe pearl eyeshadows!). MAC describes it as a plum with violet pearl, but on me it’s a shimmery mid-tone violet-y purple. I wouldn’t say it leans too warm or too cool, so it should work on a variety of skintones. The texture and pigmentation of this shade do not disappoint. In other words, it has met the expectations of the veluxe pearl family.

In spite of its vibrancy, this shade is not very hard to use. Besides lining your lower lash line with it for a pop of color, it plays well with pinks, golds, browns, and some other purples. You can definitely do a pretty smokey eye with it too!

So what do you think? Would you give this babe a try next time you visit a MAC counter? How do you usually wear it if you own it already? Keep me posted and I’ll see you around!

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