Swatch & Review: Urban Decay Deluxe Eyeshadow in Freakshow and Frigid

Looking back, I can still see why I desperately wanted Freakshow and Frigid. a) By now you can probably guess I’m a crazy fan of purple b) I’ve had very good experience with Urban Decay eyeshadows, and from what I heard the deluxe eyeshadows perform even better c) When I first started learning how to line my eyes, I often wore one shimmery pink eyeshadow (Sin in the Naked Palette) on my lid, line my eyes, and smudged the liner out with purple. As you know, smudging the liner out not only makes it look softer, but it also hides a multitude of sins. The purple definitely adds a pop and twist for brown eyes. If you are monolidded and just starting out with a gel liner, I highly recommend trying this look. But anyways, that’s why I thought: hey, why not collect them both?

As you can see, Urban Decay Deluxe Eyeshadows come in chunky boxes with different designs. I am not a fan of the packaging, because it is unnecessarily bulgy. Also, the transparent plastic has broken off on me. You can put it back, but still. When the shadow costs 18 dollars a pop, this shouldn’t happen. When you open the box, each shadow comes with a little mirror. To me the little mirrors are not very useful. I never apply my makeup looking into such tiny mirrors! Depotting these could be a nightmare too. I did a little research on Youtube, and the only tutorial I found involves a blade. I am OK depotting with a heat source, but I personally prefer to stay away from sharp objects. Also, the depotted shadow wouldn’t fit in my MAC palette anyway. I got mine in a swap, and Freakshow arrived shattered. I pressed it back with some alcohol.

On the back of my hand, Freakshow is a red-based purple with a bit of bluish sheen. I can see how this will make people look “bruised” if not used with moderation. Frigid is a blue-based purple with a blue sheen. None of these is overwhelmingly shimmery or metallic on me. Both shades are pretty pigmented.

My main complaint, however, is the texture. As you can see in the swatch pictures, both shadows are very powdery. They go on uneven and patchy. I almost wanted to smooth it out, but it wouldn’t be fair for shades that are smooth if I help powdery ones “cheat” this way, so I didn’t. If only Freakshow is powdery I can understand. It was shattered and I had to press it back, so maybe something went wrong in the process. However, Frigid arrived safe and sound but it is even more powdery than Freakshow, so unless I got a bad batch this is probably the way things are. In some of the swatch pictures I have seen online, the colors look a lot nicer. However, you can spot the powder as well.

That brings me to the unforgivable thing about these eyeshadows, namely the fallout and migrating when you use them. I remember smudging my lower lashline out with them, only to have the powder go all over the place (even into my eyes) after a while. I have not used them in any other way, because what I have seen is very disappointing, and I don’t really want to experiment with them further.

Bottom line: the ideas are interesting, but the execution is very poor. I wish Urban Decay would get rid of the nonsense packaging and make the consistency right, so that there would be no patchiness, fallout, or migrating. I would not recommend these at all. From a brand that prides itself on alternative color options, this is a bit of a nasty surprise.

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