Swatch & Review: NYX Kiwi

Oh look, I found one last little one in my stash that I haven’t shared with you! It’s NYX Kiwi!

Kiwi is the first NYX shadow I owned. It is a yellowy green that is slightly shimmery. It’s a color that I associate with spring and summer. I wore it for the first time for Saint Patrick’s Day this year, and people found it pretty! A word of warning though: I’m pretty washed-out at the moment (especially in pictures! When I look at myself I don’t think I’m SO pale), and this shade looks better when I am tanned.

The packaging is OK. I like the no-nonsense approach of not including a mirror or sponge applicator, and so far the case is holding up pretty well. I might want to depot it at some point though, once I put my mind to making a palette that will work for all my non-MAC-size shadows!

The pigmentation is pretty decent with this one. It’s not the best, but you can definitely build it up. I don’t have wear/fallout issue (note: I do always use a primer. I haven’t had any wear issue with any eyeshadow when I use a primer). The texture is not as soft and buttery as my Rock and Roll trio or some other better eyeshadows, but it is acceptable.

NYX is a cruelty-free company. I know that their products are made in China and that’s why some people don’t partake in them, but the fact that it is cruelty-free definitely deserves a gold star in my book! NYX also has an amazing range of eyeshadows at a fraction of the price of MAC ones. I would have gone nuts over them if I lived in the US or Canada! For those of you who don’t though, Cherry Culture does carry NYX and they ship internationally. When I checked their website a while ago, I saw this notice saying “as of Jan 1st 2012, all international orders containing NYX products will be subject to verification due to manufacturer restrictions based on distribution agreements or volume requirements.” I don’t think that will affect countries where NYX is unavailable. However, in the case of Taiwan for example, where a limited amount of NYX products can be found at Watson’s at a jacked-up price, this might apply. Aargh why do things have to be so complilcated?

Bottom line: this is a good shadow. Not the best I’ve ever had, but definitely good. If you have the chance you should look into it or NYX eyeshadows in general (I heard they have great lipsticks, highlighting powder, and a lot of other stuff. But I haven’t personally tried any of those so I can’t vouch for that)!

How about you? Have you tried NYX eyeshadows? What shades do you own? Do you love them? Does the fact that a company is cruelty-free make it a better one for you? Do tell!

PS: a little bird told me you guys are going to get quite a treat with some L’Oreal HIP Duo swatches! Definitely stay tuned for that!

EDIT: 28/12/11
I was browsing through old pictures and found the one I took on Saint Patrick’s Day. I don’t exactly remember what other eyeshadow I used in combination with Kiwi anymore, but I’m sure Kiwi is on my lower lash line and crease. Oh and yeah, that would be my natural hair, and I really overdid my brows lol

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