Swatch & Review: Zoya Jem

Zoya Jem is one of the 6 nail polishes from Zoya Mirrors Collection for Fall 2011. When I saw swatch pictures online, I knew I HAD to have this! I have a soft spot (read: obsession) for purple nail polishes, and this one looked too good to pass!

Jem is an intense, jewel-toned purple with pink, gold, and blue shimmer. As you can see in my picture, the color is so complex that it doesn’t look uniform in the bottle. Worry not however, as it applies smoothly and well! I remain a fan of OPI pro-wide brushes, but Zoya brushes beat China Glaze and Chanel ones hands down. It was neither time-consuming or nerve-wracking to do my manicure with this brush, and even the first coat was opaque, smooth, and brush stroke-free. To be on the safe side though, I still did two. The consistency was a bit on the thicker side, but it was nothing that’s difficult to work with.

Here come the swatch pictures! Please do excuse the mess on the cuticle though. I always do my nails the night before and clean up whatever gets on the cuticle when I am in the shower. On the morning of the New Year’s Eve however, I knew that by the time I started getting ready for the night there would be no natural light whatsoever left, so I had to jump the gun.

Isn’t this amazing? I hope you can see the crazy shimmer clearly. It is heavily red-based, so it works really well with my skin tone. However, I do think it’s easier to get away with a jewel-toned shimmery color compared to a muted creme, so it should work on a variety of skin tones/undertones.

What do you think about Jem? Are you intrigued? Do you also have a soft spot for purple? Do share!


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    • Hey there,

      Oh whee a reader from Belgium! I don’t think we can get Zoya in any shops yet, but does have a good selection of Zoya nail polishes on offer. Hope it helped!

      Sunny 🙂

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