News: Want 2 Free Zoya Nail Polishes? Go Ahead, They’re Yours!

I originally saw this piece of news on Nouveau Cheap, but felt the impulse to share just in case you haven’t heard about it.

Until January 9th, Zoya is giving away 2 free nail polishes per order/account/household. All you have to do is put in the promotion code ZOYA2012 when you check out, and it automatically deducts 2 nail polishes from your order. The offer is limited to continental US only. You only have to pay 6.95 dollars for standard shipping. Also, according to the Zoya blog, if you spend an additional 25 dollars or more, you get free shipping too!

Has this piece of news awoken the polish hoarder in you? Go ahead and grab your freebies now!!! If you need some ideas, I love both my bottle of Jem and Yara. I should receive Yasmeen at some point, and I’m looking at Neeka and Valerie (because, as you know, one can never have enough purple nail polishes).

4 responses

    • Hey Rinny! I’m STILL mulling over it! I know I want Neeka for sure, but I’m not sure about Valerie because it is apparently very close to Jem (which I have). Choices choices choices…

  1. Sunny ` Thanks so much for the info on the Zoya nail polishes, I really enjoy Zoya….I’m goiong to check it out now! I found your blog through Saaammage on Youtube, she posted your site under her review of the new Maybelline Tattoo 24hr Cream Shadows…which btw I just saw in CVS on my way out…of course & didn’t have time to really check them out & now I see them all over YT! Anyway, thanks again for taking the time….♥…Jackie

    • Hey Jackie, thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment! I hope you’ll be able to lay your hands on the free Zoya nail polishes before the deal ends!

      I personally haven’t tried the Maybelline Tattoo 24hr Cream Shadows yet, but from the swatches I found, I’m interested in Bold Gold, Bad to Bronze, and Pomegranate Punk for sure! I hope I’ll be seeing you around a lot more! Thanks again 🙂

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