News: Bobbi Brown in Brussels!

I know it’s weird to be so excited about it, but Bobbi Brown finally opened shop in Brussels about a month ago! I walked past by this Monday, but they were doing works, so I went back yesterday. This is the picture I took on Monday. I was so overexcited that I completely ignored all the machines! It was not until I pushed the door open did the workers tell me the shop was closed :p

This is how their display looks:

I was not really looking for anything, but thought I would try some lipsticks on. Unfortunately I was in a hurry and all the SAs were occupied, so I didn’t find anything I like (that and the SA couldn’t find Sweet Nectar on display. It is supposed to be a pretty good coral). However, the SA gave me a pamphlet about Bobbi Brown Makeup Lessons.

These include Instant Pretty (5 minutes. It’s supposed to refresh your look), Cheeks & Lips (20 minutes), Smokey Eyes (20 minutes. Apparently they’ll pay special attention to liner), Secret to Perfect Skin (20 minutes, concentrating on skincare and foundation), Makeup Face Lift (20 minutes. They promise to help you “look fresher instantly”). These are free, so it’s a good way to learn some new tricks and try some new colors! There are three more including Everything Brows (20 minutes, 25 euros. They’ll show you how to define, control, and shape your brows), Pretty Powerful Makeup Lesson (45 minutes, 55 euros. It’s Bobbi Brown’s signature 10-step lesson), and Special Occasion (45 minutes, 100 euros. This could be for your wedding, evening out, or just a romantic dinner).

I am personally very interested in Cheeks & Lips (especially lips. You have probably read about my problem with lip colors) and Smokey Eyes. You can make an appointment by calling +3225132000. The shop is located at Rue A. Orts 11A (Dansaert), 1000 Brussels. It is in the city center, very close to the metro station Bourse/Beurs (next to Cosmeticary where you can find Laura Mercier and so on).

Bobbi Brown has an amazing range of basics. If you just can’t seem to get your concealer or everyday makeup right, I would suggest you explore this brand a little.

How about you? If you live in Belgium, have you visited Bobbi Brown? Would you like to some day? Are you thinking about taking a couple of lessons? Do share!

Sunny xx

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    • Pot Rouges are being phased out as far as I know! I think they’ve been replaced by Sheer Color Cheek Tints (at least in the US), so you might want to stock up while you still have access to them! Thanks for warning me about the lipsticks Lily! I rarely use lipsticks, so I might not want one that goes bad too fast.

  1. Tomorrow I’m finally going (for the 1st time ever…) shopping in Brussel!!! Most of all because of Bobbi Brown. Will definitely check out & not come home empty handed?!?

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