Hair Care Review: Macadamia Natural Oil Get Hooked Pack Got Me (Partially) Hooked!

Despite the fact that I have pretty much found my holy grail hair mask (Kerastase Masquintense for Thick Hair), I felt compelled to give Macadamia Natural Oil a try. Natural oil in hair care products has been all the rage for a couple of years now, and naturally I am pretty curious. I got a perm last July. It’s holding up pretty well, but with the length of my hair sometimes it is drier than what I’d like to see. Since I want to try not to go to a hairdresser in Belgium (I am very attached to mine back home), my hair really could do with some extra help before I go home in summer.

The Macadamia Natural Oil Get Hooked Pack contains 30 milliliters of their Healing Oil Treatment and 30 milliliters of Deep Repair Masque. The Healing Oil Treatment is described by Beautybay (I’m taking the descriptions from Beautybay because the Macadamia Natural Oil website doesn’t say much) to be “a therapeutic oil perfect for all hair types and is especially beneficial to dry, damaged hair; instantly absorbed and infuses the hair with moisture and nutrients for silky smooth, healthy looking hair whilst providing natural UV protection from sun damage.” The Deep Repair Masque is said to be “a revitalizing hair reconstructor for dry, damaged hair. A combination of Macadamia Oil and Argan Oil along with Tea Tree and Chamomile Oils. Extracts of Aloe and Algae rejuvenate and rebuild the hair, leaving it deeply nourished for improved elasticity and shine with long-lasting conditioning benefits.” However, since it is very intense, it should not be used for no more than twice a week. I’m guessing if you use it for more than that, it could weigh your hair down.

I was expecting both products to have a nutty smell, kind of like coca butter or something along that line, but the smells are pretty surprisingly un-nutty. The Deep Repair Masque smells very fruity while the Healing Oil Treatment smells like sandalwood. I don’t dislike any of them, but I personally prefer nutty smells and wish they would smell like that. The consistency of the Deep Repair Mask is very thick, and it feels “drier” than a lot of deep conditioning masks I have tried before. The Healing Oil Treatment has a runny gel-like consistency. I was worried about getting too much out each time, but it actually flows out slowly enough for a bit of control.

Since there are two products and I want to review both of them as fairly as possible, I tried them out like this:
1. Deep Repair Masque + my usual leave-in conditioner (Mucota Veil for Straight)
2. Mixing the Healing Oil Treatment with a less nourishing conditioner + my usual leave-in conditioner
3. Kerastase Masquintense + Healing Oil Treatment
4. Deep Repair Masque + Healing Oil Treatment

The Deep Repair Masque on its own gives excellent results! It is highly concentrated, so I only needed a tiny little, and my hair was easily detangled. Once rinsed off, I could tell my hair is a lot softer. It doesn’t weigh my hair down at all either. After blowing my hair dry, it stayed soft and bouncy for 2-3 days until I shampooed it again. Normally the ends would start feeling dry and brittle before I shampoo my hair again (I normally do it every other day, but with my hair growing longer and longer I’m trying to reduce the frequency), but it didn’t happen with this treatment!

The second time I mixed the Healing Oil Treatment with a less nourishing conditioner (L’Occitane Repairing Mask for Dry and Damaged Hair). It used to work very well for me when my hair was straight, but now that it has been chemically treated it is simply not effective enough anymore). My hair wasn’t as easily detangled than when I used the Deep Repair Masque, and the ends were also a little drier. But still my hair was soft and bouncy, and it really was only the very ends of my hair that was not completely soft and smooth. A day later however, I could see the results weren’t so amazing. My hair was already getting rough and dry!

The third time I used my Kerastase Masquintense, followed by the Healing Oil Treatment. The treatment already did a good job nourishing and detangling my hair, but since I blow-dry every time, I need a leave-in conditioner. The Macadamia Natural Oil website promises the treatment can reduce drying time by “an amazing 40-50%.” I don’t know if it really halves the drying time, but it did shorten it to a certain extent. However, the Healing Oil Treatment didn’t work that well as a leave-in conditioner either. Compared with my usual leave-in conditioner Mucota Veil for Straight, the ends of my hair didn’t feel as smooth afterwards, and they dried out before I next shampooed my hair.

The fourth time I used the Deep Repair Masque and Healing Oil Treatment. The Deep Repair Masque still detangled my hair amazingly, but the Healing Oil Treatment still didn’t work as well. I feel that I get better results using the Deep Repair Masque paired with my usual leave-in conditioner.

Bottom line: Did Macadamia Natural Oil Get Hooked Pack get me hooked? Well, partially yes. I do like the Deep Repair Masque, and I plan to purchase a tub when my Kerastase Masquintense runs out. However, I am not convinced about the Healing Oil Treatment. I will keep experimenting with it, but as far as I can see it is not the best leave-in conditioner I have ever tried.

How about you? What is your favorite hair treatment and leave-in conditioner? Have you tried anything from Macadamia Natural Oil? Are you tempted?

Sunny xx

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  1. Oh great review there sunny, I really need a new masque for my damaged hair. Its just that its a bit expensive, eeek, but oh well, i’ll get over it, hehe. How is the perm btw? I am considering a perm too, I’m so bored of my straight hair, but I wan’t too sure if asian hair reacts well on perms, because mine is so damn stubborn!

    • Hey Teri, the thing is you need a minimum amount of product every time. I used the 30-ml packet 3 times already, and I’ve still got some left! So all in all I think it’s a pretty good investment.

      The perm is holding up pretty well (as you can see in my FOTDs). I got a “digital perm” when I was home, which is apparently pretty Asian-specific. I know that in the US you can get it done by Asian hairdressers (in Korea town or something), but here I really don’t know. Do you go to regular hairdressers or do you prefer Asian ones? I think our hair is really pretty different.

      • I always went to regular ones, because I’m not very familiar with all the asian stuff and I don’t know anyone else who is asian :(. I’ve never heard about a digital perm, I’m going to do some research on it :). I’m also going to try the mask when I’m ordering from beautybay :).

      • I don’t know many Asian people here myself, and all of them have problems finding a hairdresser who knows how to deal with Asian hair, so I guess everybody’s on the same boat!

        Digital perm is kind of funny. The process is very sci-fi. You should google pictures and have a good laugh! I actually like it a lot this way, so I might get another one when I go home this summer 🙂

        Keep me posted about if you like the mask when you get it!

  2. Thank you for reviewing our Get Hooked pack. We appreciate your honest review and we’re glad to see you enjoyed our Deep Repair Masque.

    We did notice that you mentioned using the Healing Oil Treatment as a leave-in conditioner. While our Healing Oil Treatment does offer some of the same benefits as a leave-in conditioner, it is primarily a therapeutic oil that offers smoothing, shine and frizz-free benefits. If your hair tends to be drier or needs more moisture, you may want to try our Nourishing Leave-In Cream, which may be more comparable to your usual leave-in conditioner.

    We look forward to your future reviews!

    • Hello Macadamia Natural Oil, thanks so much for responding to my review! I was guessing I wasn’t using the Healing Oil Treatment right, but your website doesn’t provide too much information, so I had to go with what I can see on the Beautybay product page. I will give the leave-in conditioner a try when I order my tub of Deep Repair Masque. It is definitely on par with my holy grail Kerastase treatment, only much more affordable and possibly even more effective!

  3. great review as always, Sunny 🙂
    i have not really invested in my haircare yet, but i did try the deep repair mask of this line since it was given to me as gift.
    i heard this works wonders to drier hair type and i felt it was indeed mostiruzing, but it wasn’t a must for me since i don’t have dry hair.
    i always rotate my poo/con combos but mainly i am using sebastian drenched line lately. my other favorites are from drugstore actually, john frieda brilliant brunette line. i am so in love with the scrumptious smell among other things. have you tried it? 🙂

    • Thanks Lena!

      Lucky you for not having dry hair! I haven’t tried Sebastian or John Frieda, but I’ve heard good things about them! My problem is that my scalp is sensitive/oily and my hair is long and dry. I also have problems finding a good hairdresser in Belgium (that and I am SO attached to mine back home that I don’t want to go to anyone else), so my hair becomes less healthy without regular trimming. That’s why finding an extra moisturizing treatment is so important for me!

  4. Sunny, I love Morrocan Oil Treatment. The smell is perfect and it can be used as a conditioning, styling or finishing tool. I love using it after I have straightened my hair or when I curl my hair as well. It’s perfect for fly-a-ways, frizzy, or dry hair. It absorbs instantly to fill gaps in hair created by heat, styling and environmental damage. They also have restorative and hydrating masks as well. I love the entire line, although, a bit pricy I have seen a change in my hair.

    Great post!

    • Thanks for the recommendation Justine! Morroccan oil is pretty popular here, but I don’t really know how to use it. Maybe I should try to get a bottle and use it for my hair!

  5. Hi sunny, I use too kerastase masquintense for thick hair! Have you tried Ojon products? they´re sold at Sephora. I used the Damage Reverese Restorative Hair Treatment Plus and is awesome!!You have to use it before you wash your hair, during the night if you want better results. When you see the product is solid, but once you have it in your hands it becomes liquid as an oil. Yo put it in your dry hair and then you wash your hair after normally. mine has a strong nutty scent, not bad, but very strong. Now i read the formula changed and the scent is lighter, so that´s better!! i like that it doesn´t leave your hair oily because you use it before the shampoo. that´s why I don´t like leave in conditioners.
    I have my hair straighten and I blow dry frequently, so i really need good products!
    I will buy it again!
    Have you tried yuko products? I want to buy one of their mascaras, My stylist said it´s really good!

    • Hey Mara, thanks for dropping by and giving me all the heads-ups! I haven’t tried Ojon products but they do sound nice! I actually like nutty smells, so I guess they wouldn’t bother me as much. We don’t have Sephora in Belgium (how sad), but I did find it’s possible to purchase Ojon products online!

      I haven’t heard of Yuko actually, and it looks like it’s a bit tricky to get here in Europe, so I might give Ojon a try first.

      Thanks again for sharing, Mara 🙂 Have a nice day!

      • I´m in France now and I didn´t see Yuko products too 😦
        I´m moving to US next motnh, so I´m going to wait and buy it there!
        I hope yo can find the Ojon Mascara! Maybe you can buy it at

      • Hey Mara, I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to find Yuko products in the US! I’ve found Ojon products on QVC UK, so I’ll probably get them from there.

        Thanks again 🙂 Good luck moving to the US!

  6. Nice Post! I use the deep repair masque very often and am in love with it! I think its done wonders for my hair, i’ll definatly be repurchasing it. I’ve always wanted to try the oil! I love my moraccan oil but maybe macadamia oil will be my next purchase!

    • Hey Amanda, thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment! Your hair is so picture perfect! You should try the oil to see if it works well for you. I’ve been trying to use first the oil and then my leave-in conditioner before I blow dry. So far I like the result! You can get a small bottle just to see how it works. I like Macadamia Natural Oil for coming up with packaging in different sizes!

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