Swatch & Review: KATE Gel Eyebrow in BR-3

Eek (and whee) it’s already Thursday! How is everybody doing?

If you have read my Bobbi Brown Sable story, you’ll know I have come a long way in terms of filling my brows. I said back then that I was debating whether I should review the KATE Gel Eyebrow because it is not so easily available in most countries. However, since I see this product popping up in my search engine terms from time to time, I thought I might as well share my experience.

I picked the darkest shade of BR-3 because it is recommended for people who have dark brown to black hair. Since my hair is not dyed, I thought this one would suit me better (however, I forgot to factor the fact that my hair is naturally quite a bit lighter than the average East Asian hair). I also bought the little brush that is sold separately, but it is so flimsy and small that it takes a while to fill in my brows with it.

The gel itself has a pretty hard texture. I have to dig my brush in the pot and scratch the surface a bit to get some product. You could also get little chunks that you have to smooth out. My major gripe with this product is the fact that the gel doesn’t seem to adhere to the gaps I have in my brows. For me personally, since I have very sparse eyebrows, I need a product that would cling onto all the gaps. This gel, sadly enough, doesn’t seem to do that. On top of that, it is easy to get way too much product on in one go, and afterwards it is very difficult to blend it out.

If you check my first FOTD (really not the most flattering lighting), you can see this gel in action. Compared with Bobbi Brown Sable, the color is a lot darker, and it doesn’t give the natural “fluffiness” that Sable can achieve. I used small feathery strokes with this eyebrow gel, but still my eyebrows looked rigid and drawn in.

Here is a comparison swatch of the eyebrow gel and Bobbi Brown Sable. As you can see, at least for my coloring Sable is a more sensible choice. You can also spot the chunk that would be hard to blend out once it gets on your brows.

Bottom line: Maybe I’m not using it properly, but I wouldn’t recommend this eyebrow gel because it is chunky and hard to blend out. I personally prefer the soft and fluffy look an eyeshadow can achieve.

How about you? What is your brow routine? Have you tried a similar product?

Sunny xx

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  1. Hi! I’ve tried MUFE’s Eyebrow Corrector, which is liquid-y, but after a few weeks of wearing it, I realized how dark and unnatural it looked on me! I had #3, which is a dark brown but browns just don’t look good for my brows. I like MAC’s Copperplate eyeshadow or my current favorite is Shiseido pencil in Natural Black, which is more dark grey than black. It’s so annoying to have such sparse eyebrow hairs, haha! If there was only one makeup product I was allowed to wear, it would be some kind of eyebrow filler for sure!

    • I just read about the the MUFE Eyebrow Corrector a couple of days ago, and since it’s supposed to be waterproof I was thinking it’d be good for the beach/swimming pool! I have really sparse eyebrow hairs too. It’s not even because I have overplucked them for a long period of time. They were just born that way. And I’m with you. If I have to live on a desert island with one makeup item, it’d be some kind of eyebrow filler lol Otherwise I look like a frog! I’m fine with not wearing foundation or even concealer, but without filling my brows I can’t face the world :p

  2. Interesting, I didn’t even know there was something like a gel product for brows. I use mac concrete eyeshadow for my brows and it really stays on well, but its a pretty dark colour. But to be honest I dont really fill in my brows lately, they are ok enough on their own :).

    • Yes Teri there are! It doesn’t really feel like a gel though, because it’s a bit drier than that. And LUCKY YOU for having enough eyebrow hairs! I have a lot on my head, but almost nothing everywhere else. Oh well, you can’t have it all in life I guess!

  3. Hi^^I use a brow powder by clinique and that usually is my go to brow product just because it’s foolproof, natural looking, and stays on like nobody’s business but lately i’ve been testing out the brow powder/wax duo by elf and I quite like it someday I just use the colored wax bit and i’m good to go. Thanks for the review!I was thinking about trying the kate gel don’t think I will now 😛

    • Hey L, thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment! I really appreciate that 🙂

      I heard that elf and NYX make good eyebrow products. Since I have finally found how to get them in Belgium I might want to give them a try some day! At the moment I’m very attached to Bobbi Brown Sable. It swatches so light, but doesn’t make my brows look fake or harsh!

      Too bad the Kate gel didn’t work for me. Can you get it easily in the US though?

      • Sable looks really natural on you! mm it’s a little harder to find in-store but there’s a little japanese store I go to where they stock a lot of different brands on rotation and Kate happened to be one I stumbled upon during my last trip its a little pricey there but that was to be expected 😛

      • Hey, thanks so much! It’s actually really tricky to pick a good brow color out. I remember asking my friend who went with me to the Bobbi Brown counter in NYC when the lady was done filling them:” could I have been born with them?” I guess it takes quite a bit of imagination since I naturally have very very little brow hair!

        Lucky you! The cool thing about living in the US or Taiwan is that you get access to brands from ALL OVER THE WORLD, whereas in Europe a lot of the times you can’t even get German stuff in Belgium. OK, I’m ranting too much. I love living here, but the consumption culture is different!

  4. I haven’t tried a brow gel, but I personally prefer brow powders/shadows or pencils more too. They seem to look a bit more natural since they’re easier to blend out. I agree that Sable is a much better match for you in terms of color too. The gel looks almost black, and using black to fill in brows makes them look too harsh, imo 🙂

    • I think I was so impressed by brow products that are way too dark for me because I wouldn’t have any eyebrows otherwise lol. Maybe the lighter color would be a better choice for my hair color, but I’m not the biggest fan of the texture so I’ll just stick to Sable! Would love to try some drugstore stuff because I heard it’s amazing, but it’ll take me two years to finish the whole pot of Sable so we can wait!

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