Swatch, Review, & Comparison: Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Blissful

Hey everyone, happy Saturday! It’s pretty cold but very sunny here, so I’m happily blogging in the sun! What are your plans? Do you have anything exciting coming up this weekend?

Today I’m going to share my Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Blissful with you. I swear these Blushes have some kind of addictive substance, because here is my third one…

Blissful is described as a “warm peach,” but on me it is also a bit coral and a bit pink. I suspect this color will show up rather differently on different people, though I’ll have to say it looks pretty good from all the swatch pictures I’ve seen. It is matte, which makes it perfect for every day. Especially if you want to add a highlighter or even a shimmery bronzer afterwards, a matte blush is the foolproof choice. Like the other matte one I own (Exposed), it doesn’t just lie flat on your cheeks because it’s matte. Instead, it gives this glow that can’t be mistaken to be shine.

The texture is very fine, but not as soft and powdery as Peaceful and Exposed are. The good thing is it’s harder to kick so much product loose with the brush, but at the same time it takes a little building up. I am personally fine with it. Between a blush that is so insanely pigmented and one that I can build up, I prefer one that I can build up. Believe me, building blush up is easier than having to tone it down once you have overdosed on it! I have recently switched to a duo-fiber blush brush (Bdellium 965, which will be reviewed shortly), and of course this could be the thing that makes the difference. However, even when I was swatching with my finger, I had the idea that the blush is a bit more solid.

Now onto the swatch:

Here is the comparison between Blissful and Peaceful, another “peachy” blush:

As you can see, they are significantly different. If you already own Peaceful, don’t worry because Blissful is not even close to being similar!

Here is how it looks on my face. I tried my best to take a picture that will give you an idea how it looks, but it is very hard to capture blushes with a camera so bear with me (I wore Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick on the top of my cheekbones, so that’s where the shimmer comes from):

This lasts better on me than Exposed (Exposed is exactly the color of my cheeks, so I don’t see very well when it fades/disappears), but the 12-hour claim Tarte makes still falls short a little. All Tarte blushes fade on me towards the end of the day, though they don’t really disappear. They don’t oxidize or change color on me either, which is a big plus!

Now that I have accumulated a bit more experience with Tarte blushes, I can say that their fortes lie in strong pigmentation, fine texture, and a good range of shade selection especially when it comes to matte blushes. I have the impression that a good matte blush is harder to come by nowadays, so if you’re looking for one like that, remember to give Tarte a chance!

What do you think? Have you tried Tarte any blushes? What are your favorite blushes?

Sunny xx

18 responses

    • Thanks Pamela! Tarte does make some nice matte blushes. If it’s your thing you should look into it. The only problem is we need to devise clever ways to get them here in Europe.

    • Thanks Teri! I got two of mine from makeupalley swap, and one from eBay, but basically this is not easily accessible anywhere out of North America as far as I know. See if any (blogger) friend would like to help you out!

  1. Pretty! I haven’t found one I really liked yet and I just can’t get into the hype of these! They’re meh whenever I’ve tested them!

    But I’m glad you like them! 🙂

    • Hey Joyce, like I said I like how they do matte blushes, because in my impression everywhere you look nowadays you see shimmer (which I also like, but I want both)! What are your favorite blushes then?

  2. ah the color looks so pretty on you. 😉
    i have yet to try tarte blush. i only have the old version which is one of my favorites. i have no doubt the new ones are superb.
    now, if only tarte cooks up some super value set of these blushes like they did with lipsurgence….lol

    • Thanks Lena! Do you mean their Cheek Tints? I’ve never tried that! Tarte blushes don’t oxidize on me, though they do fade a little. I’d like a super value set too!

  3. Blissful looks beautiful on you! It’s such a lovely color, I’ve been reaching for matte blushes a lot lately! I haven’t tried the Tarte blushes yet.. or any Tarte products in recently memory.

  4. Hi! I really love Blissful colour too. I try to look for a second shade of Tarte which I can’t decide my mind yet. What do you think ? Thanks. 🙂 oh! One more question. Have you ever tried Illamasque ?

    • Hey hon, thanks so much for stopping by 🙂 I own Peaceful (this is unfortunately limited edition) and Exposed too, and I really could have a couple more!

      I think it depends on what you want. I’d recommend Exposed because it’s a shade that goes with EVERYTHING for me. I’d love to try for example tipsy, and I think if you like Blissful you’ll like Tipsy too. I haven’t tried Illamasqua, though I keep hearing great things about their blushes and I hope I will soon! I also really like the Cargo ones that I have. They last better on me than Tarte, so if you see a color you like you should give it a try (what’s more, the amount in that tin could last you two lifetimes)!

  5. Thanks for your reply. I’ll buy Exposed for sure and I’m still interested in Glisten too. I’m afraid that Tipsy is too similar to Blissful. I’ve heard about Cargo too. I love its package but I still didn’t have one. It’s hard to find in my country. Tarte on me is not last long more than 4 hrs.

    • Glisten is another shade that I’d love to have haha. Now come to think of it there aren’t so many shades in the line that I can say confidently that I don’t want! You should try Beautybay if you want Cargo. They ship worldwide for free!

      4 hours aren’t long enough really. Do you wear it on top of a foundation?

  6. Oh! Thanks for Cargo information. I have to see real quick. Hahaha! What is your favorite colour then? Usually I prefer peach nude shade more than pink. But finally I have to own a kind of pinky tone too 🙂

    I wear Tarte on powder. I try putting on more layer this morning.

    • You’re welcome! My favorite Cargo is Rome. It’s a beautiful coral with some gold shimmer, but the shimmer isn’t overdone. I know what you’re saying about pink blushes! I didn’t get my first till very recently, and that was totally by chance! I know Cargo The Big Easy is a very natural everything-goes kind of shade if you’re interested.

      I hope you’ll figure out how to make Tarte last on you! 4 hours are really a bit too short for my taste!

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