Swatch & Review: ICI PARIS XL ONLY YOU 500 Sleeping Beauty, 193 Hot Chili, 490 Fabulous, & Fast Drying Top Coat

Hey everyone! Today I’m bringing you the swatches and review of ICI PARIS XL’s newly launched nail polish line, ONLY YOU. For those who don’t live in Belgium (or the Netherlands), ICI PARIS XL is the biggest perfume and luxury makeup retailer here. The company recently launched its own nail polish line named ONLY YOU, and I’ve got 3 shades as well as the Fast Drying Top Coat to show you!

The first thing that struck me was how good the brushes are. I have recently swatched a Dior nail polish, and the ONLY YOU brushes remind me of the Dior one. They are tapered, wide, and very easy to control. I didn’t get annoying brush strokes with these at all. I definitely prefer them to many other nail polishes I own.

Note: All swatches are done with base coat and top coat.

Sleeping Beauty is a warm, brownish nude. It would be along the same line as OPI Barefoot in Barcelona for example. Nude is office-friendly and never out of fashion. Even though I normally prefer something a little more colorful on my fingertips, this is the type of polish I would reach for if I have a wedding to attend, am meeting my future boss/parents-in-law for the first time… You get the idea! The consistency is great, and 2 coats gave me opaque coverage.

I love all three polishes equally, but to be honest Hot Chili is the best surprise! I have always stayed away from bright reds, because the grand majority of them are way too cool-toned and blue-based for me to pull off. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I put Hot Chili on though, because it looked more than OK against my skin tone! Just based on this fact alone, I would take a chance and say the undertone is pretty neutral. I believe this is a great basic that people with different skin tones and undertones can easily pull off! The consistency is again excellent, and I achieved opaque coverage with 2 coats.

I knew I was destined to love Fabulous even before I had the chance to swatch it. It’s a blackened burgundy/cherry creme. Very dark, vampy, and delicious! This is probably THE color for the colder season, and again I think it is universally flattering. The application was perfect, and it’s another 2-coater!

The Fast Drying Top Coat is indeed fast drying. Nails become touch-dry within minutes of applying this top coat, and it gives a lovely glossy finish. The only complaint I have about it is it could drag some nail polish off. If you wait for long enough between the nail polish itself and the top coat it’s better, but I still saw traces of nail polish coming off. To be honest however, the majority of the top coats I’ve tried have this problem, and this one is already rather decent (some make your nail polish shrink eeeek).

ONLY YOU nail polishes contain 10ml per bottle and retail for 5.5 (10% discount if you have an ICI PARIS XL card, which brings the price down to 4.95) euros. There are 22 colors in the permanent range, and every season there will be 5 limited edition ones to join the happy family. For this season, we’re getting 113 Banana Split (a canary yellow), 178 Acid Love (a bright fuchsia), 213 Pink Kiss (a plummy pink), 383 Wasabi (an acid green), and 313 Miss Bikini (a cornflower blue).

Even more good news? At this very moment there is a promotion of 3 ONLY YOU nail polishes for 9.95 going on! That’s a really good price for such quality nail polish! I would advise you to pop into an ICI PARIS XL close by and see if there’s anything that catches your eye!

I will update you guys on the wear time (currently wearing Fabulous to test out wear), but so far everything looks good!

What do you think? If you live in Belgium would you like to give these a try?

Sunny xx

Disclaimer: These are samples sent by the PR. I am in no way compensated to provide this review. All opinions and views expressed are purely honest and my own.

22 responses

    • Hey Teenie, Hot Chili really was the best surprise! I CRINGED when I saw the color but turned out to love it!

      I know that some smaller pharmaceutical brands are hard to find elsewhere, and drugstore brands like Catrice, Gosh, and Bourjois are apparently elusive in the US. I’m really hoping that with all the beauty blogging going on however, one day we’ll all have easy access to everything!

      • Bourjois is the one I’m annoyed about! Haha, I really want to try both Healthy Mix foundations and the one place that I found that ships to US (ASOS), I don’t think they have my shade. Rawr!

      • It’s SO weird because apparently you get it in Canada! We should perhaps arrange a custom purchase swap at some point! What’s your shade? I’m saying 52?

      • That would be SO much fun! I do happen to have an extra Muppets palette ;). Not sure what my shade is, I need to go to MAC and find out my shade so I can do some research on what that compares to in Bourjois. What are brands you don’t have access to but are interested in?

      • MUPPETS PALETTE!!! There are about a million brands I have no access to here, and some that I have access to but the selection is very limited (for example, I can find theBalm, but I don’t think the Muppets palette ever made it here). It’ll be all too easy to make a very long wish list lol. Keep me posted about your shade and I hope we can figure something out πŸ™‚

    • Me too! It’s on my nails (also because it was the last color I swatched lol)! Does Hot Chili remind you of what brides used to wear? I know my mum sported something like that for her wedding day, but somehow it’s a pretty trendy color among young girls here! I’m soooo happy to have discovered a bright red that works for my skin tone I’m sure I’ll wear it multiple times!

  1. I bought 3 nail polishes from this line yesterday. I am obsessed with nail polish and I grab avery chance to complete my collection. These cute little bottles with beautiful colours immediately caught my attention, and for such a good price I couln’t resist buying 3. I’m probably going bak one of these days to get another few πŸ™‚
    I bought ‘Hot Chili’, ‘High Heels’ and ‘Stairway to Heaven’. I am currently wearing ‘High Heels’ on my toes, and it’s a beautiful colour. The brushes are indeed very easy to use and the texture of the polish is great too. No brush strokes, and dries quite fast. I really love this new line, and I’m probably going to buy the ‘Miss Bikini’ and anoter couple of nice colours. I highly recommend this new line! I love it πŸ˜€

    • Hey Olga, it’s lovely of you to swing by and leave a comment!

      I’m happy you like these as much as I do! Stay tuned because I have swatches of the spring/summer limited edition shades coming up soon, including Miss Bikini! xx

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