Review: Rituals Eau de Parfum Travel Sprays and Luxury Holders Have Your Holiday Scent Covered

How do you travel with perfume? Ever since carrying liquid on the plane became so much hassle, I have been looking for holiday scent alternatives. The current rule (please correct me if I am wrong) is that each traveler is allowed a zip-lock bag of liquid and gel, and each container should not have more than 100ml of capacity. Technically speaking you would be fine, but say your perfume bottle is so long and thin that it doesn’t fit in the zip-lock bag? Say you need some essentials such as hand cream and toothpaste to get you through a long flight? You’ll have to check your perfume in. Call me a stressy head, but I am perceptually worried about the bottle shattering in the process, staining everything with perfume. As much as I love any given scent I own, this doesn’t seem like the perfect scenario to start or end a holiday. So what do we do?

Rituals, a Dutch company of luxury home and body cosmetics, might have just come up with an answer. Not only did they team up with world-renowned perfumers to develop their own scents, but they also took things to the next level by coming up with the travel spray and luxury holder system.

Here’s the deal: you purchase the travel spray and luxury holder separately. The travel spray comes in 20ml bottles, and there are four different scents for women, and another four for men (they are also available in regular 50ml bottles). After you have picked out your favorite, you can choose from the three luxury holders. Two of them have a wooden finish, and one sleek metallic.

The perfume I picked out is No. 01, Ginger Essence & White Tea. According to Rituals, it is “a pure delight of White Tea combined with the powerful character of Ginger,” and it is supposed to be a “citric, floral, (and) subtle fragrance.” I am not an expert in describing scents, but basically the second I saw white tea and ginger essence on the packaging I knew it was destined to be mine! I would say the scent is clean but not sharp, floral and feminine without being over-the-top, and I can only assume the uplifting twist comes from the magic of ginger essence! On me it lasts for 6-7 hours, which is average.

The luxury holder is a nifty device. Basically you put the perfume in, and then you can twist the two parts back and forth to reveal and hide the spray head of your perfume. That way, you wouldn’t accidentally squirt some out in your bag, and you’ll never have to fear losing the cap! You can also easily replace the perfume with any Rituals travel spray of your choice, shall you ever get tired of the one you own.

Tada, this is how the set looks when the spray head is twisted down:

I can’t wait to take it with me on exciting trips this summer!

What do you think? How do you travel with your perfume? Have you seen a nifty system like this?

Sunny, your beauty culture translator xx

PS: Rituals Eau de Parfum Travel Spray retails for 16.90 euros, and luxury holder 13.90.

Disclosure policy: the products mentioned in this post are samples provided by the PR. All opinions are honest and my own. I am in no way compensated for my review.

10 responses

  1. Oh cool! That’s a nifty holder plus it looks super classy and luxurious! I haven’t thought about traveling with fragrance in ages but when I was younger I actually did put fragrance bottles in checked luggage (cushioned between things!) my dad is a pro at packing, lol. Or you could use bubble wrap! (if you were planning to check luggage anyway)

    Anyways I’ve seen alot of those fragrance atomizers out there, & I think those are a good idea. I’ve never tried one, have you?

    • Hey Joyce, it is a very nice design! I always cushion the bottle between my clothes if I have to as well, but I am just paranoid!

      I do have an atomizer and it’s great! I’ll review it at some point (whoa, one more thing on my to-do list). The ONLY problem I have is if I’m leaving for 2 weeks (like every summer I go back home), I get a bit worried that I’ll run out of perfume at the end. For anything shorter than that you’d be fine!

  2. Urgh, my boyfriend bought a new Vichy sunscreen to take with him on a trip to San Diego with his company. They confiscated the brand new 150mL bottle. *shakes head* He even asked if he could squeeze out 50mL until it was 100mL haha.

  3. I think this is great! I travel quite a bit and I never bring my fancy make up/ beauty products with me for fear of getting them confiscated. I have noticed that different airports treat this stuff different with, perhaps surprisingly, the larger airports being more lenient. I usually just buy lots of little samples that I keep on hand to travel with.

    • That’s really smart! I like to travel with samples too, or bottles that are just about empty. The problem with perfume is it’s a bit hard to make sure I’d have an almost-empty bottle lying around, because one bottle usually lasts forever!

  4. When I travel I only take leftovers with me (shampoo, perfume, conditioner, deodorant,…)So IF a bottle wouldn’t make it all the way through, the damage isn’t as big πŸ™‚ Until today, no accidents… I also keep them separated from my clothing just to keep it extra safe πŸ˜‰ The easy thing about leftovers is that I run out of product just in time to return home. (extra space to bring some souvenirs!) In case I have a very tiny bit left I don’t have to feel guilty if I leave it behind.
    If I’m still in doubt of not having enough product in my leftover bottles I take an extra sample with me…

    • Hey Nanni, you do pack smart! I usually do all of this too just in case. If I bring a bottle of perfume I wrap it in my clothes, but otherwise my bottles are separated from my clothes. I try to bring bottles that are almost finished as well, or just sample packets that I received. Makes traveling a lot easier (and yes, more space for all the shopping lol)!

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