Review: The Brush Guard (Guards Your Brushes!)

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I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned The Brush Guard somewhere, and now I am finally ready to review it after having tested it out thoroughly! I might be slow to the party, but let me just say I’m pretty glad I discovered The Brush Guard! I have talked a lot about the importance of owning good brushes (so much that Bdellium Tools actually made me their February’s La Beauté of the Month lol). Once again, if you have invested in brushes, you might as well take good care of them. After experimenting with The Brush Guard, I can say it’s one of the things that can help you achieve that goal!

What is it?
The Brush Guard is essentially plastic tubes that are slightly stretchy. I got a variety pack to try it out, and it contains one in size XS for shadow/liner, two in size S for blush, two in M for foundation, and one in L for powder/kabuki. I actually use XS for liner brushes, S for shadow brushes, M for foundation/blush brushes, and L for my Bobbi Brown bronzer brush though. Basically, you want something that fits snugly enough without the need to overstretch to fit. You can also purchase all sizes separately.

How does it work?
According to the instructions, you are supposed to shape your brushes after washing them, fit the Brush Guard on, and dry them heads down in a cup. However, in the following picture you will see that I don’t do it this way for two reasons. Number one, it takes forever and ever to dry brushes this way. I don’t think it’s the humidity in Belgium, I really think it’s because of the low temperature. My brushes are usually laid out to dry in my bedroom, where the heater is just about never on. When the weather was colder, it takes more than a day for a shadow brush to dry, let alone anything bigger. Second of all, Dustin Lujan, the manager of the Le Metier de Beaute counter at Bergdorfs wrote this article about brush cleaning. He very specifically says that brushes are never supposed to be left drying in a cup (or heads up), because it could cause root rot or shedding. I know that everybody has a different theory about this. I choose not to dry mine in a cup basically because I don’t believe it does the brushes any good to stay humid for a couple of days after each wash. Therefore, I dry them with their heads over the side of the counter, like this:

In my experience, the Brush Guard makes real differences for fluffy brushes. MAC 217, 168, and Bdellium Tools 953 for example, really benefit from the Brush Guard. Flat brushes like liner brushes, MAC 239, or Bdellium Tools 965 for example, don’t change much with or without it. What amazed me is the fact that the Bobbi Brown Bronzer Brush also stays the same without the Brush Guard, though I still dry it with and I reckon similar brushes would also benefit from the Brush Guard.

These are brushes dried with the Brush Guard:

This is MAC 168 dried without the Brush Guard:

The second from the left is MAC 217 dried without the Brush Guard:

Can you spot the difference? They retain their shape so much better with the Brush Guard! Without it, they look pretty fluffy and shapeless. You get much more precision with brushes that are nicely shaped, and the couple of strands of flyaway/unruly hairs are also tamed. Also, if you don’t have a handy brush roll like my Bdellium Studio Roll-Up Pouch, the Brush Guard will also make storing brushes in a bag a lot safer for your brushes.

Bottom line: If you have problems with brushes losing their shape, you might want to try the Brush Guard. It is an inexpensive solution to keep your brushes in good shape (literally), though admittedly not ALL brushes would benefit from it.

Have you heard of/tried the Brush Guard? How do you keep your brushes in shape? Do you think something like this is too gimmicky or actually useful?

Sunny, your beauty culture translator

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    • Hey Natasha, there are cheap brushes that are of great quality! Try Bdellium Tools. I have reviewed 3 of their face brushes and they work great for me. The prices are also really really budget-friendly! Also, look into Sigma and ELF. I’ve heard great things about those too 🙂 Hope it helps xx

      • Oh yeah I’ve heard great things about Real Techniques too! Every time I watch a tutorial by the Pixiwoo sisters I feel the need to grab a whole bunch of those brushes! Thanks for sharing, Christine! Definitely look into these too, Natasha!

  1. I remember the hype quite a few years ago when the Brush Guard sent out loads of this for review. Then the hype died down but I see a resurgence 😀 I never got a pack myself although I’m not quite sure why. I was toying with the idea of a DIY back in the day – and maybe this time I should put my head to it properly. Nice review on this though – I can see the difference drying with and without the guard makes 🙂

    • Hey Paris! I’m so clumsy I don’t think I’d know how to DIY anything like this, though actually I can see it’s not a very complicated product :p Thanks so much for your nice compliment! It always makes me feel that I’m on the right track! xx

  2. I have been intrigued ever since I saw them a year or two ago, but have no idea how I’d be able to get my hands on a set. I read the article you linked, but he doesn’t explain how storing them upside down would lead to rotting. I’m not overly worried about my brushes though, mostly because I don’t have high-end ones. And I always lay them flat to dry anyway (I have no other choice).

    • LOL that’s good too. You’re right, he doesn’t really say WHY in the article, but the fact that he claims it’s the case is already alarming enough for me! I want to take care of my brushes because I’m too lazy to go out and buy new ones haha. Whenever I buy something, I just try to take good care of it so that it falls apart as late as possible.

      • I know what you mean, but I’m using ELF brushes and I still have a few backup sets hahaha so I’m not worried at all. I do take care of the few expensive brushes I have, but for some reason, they’re always the ones that mess up! My Smashbox and Bobbi Brown liner brushes are frayed – and I got them like that 😦

      • But that’s so weird! I have three Bobbi Brown Brushes and they’re all doing just fine! *knocks on wood*

        I’ve heard great things about ELF brushes though. Just figured out how to get them here. I should try!

      • I got the set of 11 ELF Studio brushes with a case when they had a 50% off sale, which meant that I got the case of brushes for around $15 USD! Needless to say, I stocked up a few cases since I was paying the same amount for shipping anyway 😛

  3. I really need to get my hands on these. Ive been slacking, but no more! lol I definitely see the difference in your brushes. We spend too much money on brushes NOT to take care of them. Great post, really informative. Thanks!

    I just started my own beauty blog, itd be great if you could check it out.

    PS Followed your blog for more reviews!

    <3, Tiny T

    • Hey Thalia, I agree! Thanks for swinging by and leaving a comment. I just visited your blog and I think it’s way cool! I’m following you now 🙂 I will keep churning out reviews, so keep your eyes peeled xx

  4. Brush guaaaard – tudududum… I’ve never heard of these thingies before but that might have something to do with the facts that I’m a complete make-up noob, but they look cool and effective, and i like saying Brush Guard! Brush! Guard!

    • Hey Elien, wow it’s so exciting to see you on my blog!

      If you have any fluffy makeup brushes these work very well, but you’re so pretty without makeup anyone so I doubt you’d need them :p

      And yeah, the name is funny. Reminds me of Swiss Guard or something :p

  5. I’d love to try these! They look really helpful. Great review!

    (I still can’t comment with my email, but I can comment with twitter – frustrating, but at least I can comment! It’s definitely not your blog though – it’s the wordpress system that’s giving me trouble, it’s all wordpress blogs.)

    • Hey Emi, thanks for going through all the trouble! I never changed any settings so I honestly don’t know what’s going on. I’ve tried to contact WordPress but nobody has got me back. I’m just really hoping they’ll fix this soon!

      You should try these! They’re inexpensive and they do work very well in terms of keeping brushes in shape!

  6. I’ve bought a pack of these once, but when I tried it one, I ripped it open! Then I tried another, and then IT RIPPED TOO! So either I was too rough with it or the quality sucks… 🙂

    • Wow, that hasn’t happened to me and I’ve been using them for over a month! Perhaps you chose the wrong size? I do think the ones that are meant for blush brushes actually fit on shadow brushes.

  7. For over a year now I want to order lots of beauty stuff on & the brush guard is on of them. I spotted the guards long time ago in one of Michelle Phan’s videos & I was like: MUST HAVE! 😀 Maybe I should stop postponing the BIG BUY 🙂

  8. Hmm! I’ve been seeing them around but I dunno…! My bf says we can make some, so I think I’ll try it out sometime!

  9. I treid them about a year ago but after a while I took them off my brushes. They are useful for when you want to dry your brushes but subsequently I found that they became loose and tended to move backwards causing my brush hairs to splay. This happened to mostly my big brushes. My heart hurt when I saw my beautiful face brushes splaying so I decided not to use them anymore.

    • Hey Celeste, it’s so nice of you to swing by and leave a comment! I think these really help with fluffy brushes, because otherwise they lose their shape to a certain degree. You should just get a variety pack and see how it works. If you like it you could always order separate packs later! xx

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