FOTD: First Day of Spring Featuring Urban Decay Naked2, MAC Added Goodness, Dior Riviera & NOTD Riviera + Hunger Games

Hey everyone!

I had a fun day in Antwerp yesterday with follow bloggers dining, walking around, and attending the Caudalie blogger event. I will give you all the information as soon as possible, but for the moment please excuse this tired girl to just show you her FOTD and NOTD!

Eyes: Naked2
Chopper on two thirds of my lids, and Snakebite to contour. I also dragged Snakebite into my imaginary crease, though the effect is a bit more dramatic than what I would normally do possibly because I was using the brush that came with the palette.
I lined both my upper and lower lash lines with MAC Added Goodness, smudged out with Busted.

Cheeks and rest of the face:
Cargo Rome, Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess

Dior Addict Extreme 639 Riviera (just so you know, I wore one layer of this in the pictures so the color is sheer)

Here are some more photos so you can get a better look:

I wore Dior Vernis Riviera 537 on my nails, so I took a photo in which you can see my matching lips and nails:

I have some Dior Vernis and Dior Addict Extremes for review. I will try my best to get the posts ready ASAP, so keep your eyes peeled!

Something else that matches my nails is my current read, Mockingjay, the last book of the Hunger Games trilogy:

The movie came out in Belgium yesterday, and from what I heard it’s a must-see that doesn’t stray far from the book (I think I would enjoy that). I am super busy this week though, so I probably won’t get to see it till Sunday!

What do you think? Are you digging Riviera (I’ll show you how it looks when it is layered a little in the swatch/review post. It could get very bright!)? Have you read The Hunger Games? Are you getting excited about the movie like I am?

Sunny, your beauty culture translator xx

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    • Thanks hon! In fact I was sustaining some chemical burn on my cheeks so they were’t very smooth if you look at them really close. Let’s just say foundation does wonders and the lighting was forgiving :p

      • I’ve seen your full-face photos (btw I’m so glad you started showing them! You’re gorgeous) and it looks JUST FINE!

        I have hormone-induced breakouts too. Try La Roche Posay Effaclar K. For redness (or just calming your skin) I recommend Darphin Chamomile aromatic care. It’s pricey, but you only need 3 drops each use so it’ll last you FOREVER! xx

      • Thanks ♥

        I only put my half face photos . Lol (eyebrow unequality)
        I am not good at make up and eye shading and stuff, so there was no need to show my face until now).
        But I ll start swatching some blushes and/or make up (don’t wait for FOTD) 🙂

        I use effaclar already. I didn’t know that Darphin one. Is it that good? If its to calm redness, I want it NOW!!!!!!!

      • But you should do FOTDs! You really are super gorgeous!

        I really like the Darphin oil. I don’t really have redness problems myself, but the lady recommended it to more sensitive skin and I always wake up seeing a huge difference! Sometimes my skin looks tired and saggy by the end of the day (first signs of aging haha), but with this it always ends up looking I’m 20 or something. It’s REALLY good! I’ve reviewed the tangerine one here, but if I use it too often (or on newly-exfoliated skin) it could break me out. I haven’t had that problem with chamomile though. Keep me posted if you decide to give it a try. Ask to see if you could first have a sample. It’s a little glass vile, but it lasts quite some time!

      • A good looking face (i disagree but thanks for your sweet words honey ♥) is not enough if you are not good at doing correct make up (especially eyes, I manage the rest)

        I might invest on it. I saw that in a Greek online shop is around 45€. Pricey, true, but if it does good job, I don’t bother investing in a good product.
        I ll try to find it in a pharmacy? (this is where is sold?) to ask for a sample. If they have it !
        I really hate redness. Some days I have ”flawless” skin, but I can’t go out like this because I have color unequalities.
        And I probably post some photos about other. I mean, I have purple dark circles under my eyes (bad sleep, i know) and lots of yellow spots,too.
        (I scrub often, and take care of my skin very well. dunno why)

      • But I find blogging a good way to keep track of all the progress I’ve made in terms of wearing makeup. It doesn’t have to be perfect. We’re not professional!

        Here in Belgium you find Darphin in pharmacies, but not all pharmacies. The price is about the same here, but the distribution is also limited. Very few pharmacies carry this brand. You’ll see though, you can go through a VERY long time with that bottle!

        We all have imperfections that we can’t really get rid off. Have you tried a serum that targets uneven complexion?

      • I * might * try then. But I am very amateur on putting make up.
        I have a trouble doing my right eye, since my left eye has not strong vision, and I can’t wear lenses to see.
        So, then, be gentle :p
        No, I haven’t even searched for it :s (but uneven complexion powders and concealers do miracles!)

        I use other serums or creams, but none for this particular reason. I must start.

      • Haha, you should only if you want to! I’ll be trying out a spot-correcting serum soon (I have some spots from hanging out in the sun). It’ll take time to see the result, but I will for sure let you know how that works for me!

      • Yes please!
        Keep me updated! I d follow and read your blog always, anyway 🙂
        Me, until buying a good one (and maybe finding a sample of what you suggested), I ll try any homemade remedies.
        The worst can happen? to see no results.

        (Sadly, no times for useless buys.)

  1. Chopper looks nice on you! I don’t like it on me at all! Yay for more reviews… I’ve been ignoring dior addict extremes bc I don’t want to like them! Lol

    • Hey Joyce, thanks for the compliment! I was a little skeptical about Chopper, so I was really happy it turned out fine on me (the glitter is annoying though grr)! You’ll see more in the upcoming swatch/review post, but Dior Addict Extremes have a really interesting formula!

    • Thanks Emi! Keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming swatch/review posts! I’ll try my best to bring them on ASAP, but at the moment I’m still testing out wear of the nail polish.

  2. I couldn’t help it. I went to ICI Paris to buy Dior Riviera today! It looks great on me! XD Can’t tell you how happy I am with this trophy-lipstick! It’s my first Dior. Thank you for introducing it!!

  3. I am trying to tell myself not to buy any more lipsticks but Riviera looks so good on you. I love your fotds, they always look so good. I love the bright nails too.

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