Swatches: Givenchy Croisiere Collection for Summer 2012

Hey everyone,

Earlier today I posted the Givenchy Summer collection, and now I’m here to show you their Croisiere Collection!

In this collection, the star of the show is the Healthy Glow Powder.

See that brush? That’s the Givenchy Kabuki brush. It beats even my favorite Bobbi Brown Bronzer Brush! It’s made with goat hair and it’s SOOOOO super soft. Just thinking about it makes me melt a little…

I saw three of these powders, including Douce Croisiere (02), Ambre Croisiere (03), and Extreme Croisiere (04). Anastasia swirled the kabuki brush in one of them (I THINK it was Ambre Croisiere, but I was busy snapping pictures so I’m not 100% sure) and let me dust it on the back of my hand. It was a very very natural glowy tan, not too far from my own skin tone, but definitely healthier-looking. I will have to test the sample out to say if it’s buildable, but my initial experience was rather positive! The powder is talc-free, so for those of you who are allergic to/don’t like talc, this should be good news! I really like the texture as well. It is by far the softest/finest bronzer I have tried. It is shimmery, but the shimmery is very fine. I’ll have to test it out on my face from tomorrow on to see if it enhances pores, but at the moment I don’t have that impression.

Here are the three of them photographed individually, followed by the swatch:

Douce Croisiere (02)

Ambre Croisiere (03)

Extreme Croisiere (04)

Next, let’s move on to the Mister Radiant Made-to-Measure glow. It is a gel that has little pearls, and as you massage it into your skin, the pearls break and give you a bit of color. As far as I know the one for face is permanent, but the one for body is limited edition.

This is how the gel looks:

This is how it looks half-blended. See the crushed pearls?

This is how my hand looks afterwards. Definitely a bit tanner (though the difference isn’t very big)!

This is the bottle of Mister Radiant Body. From what I can already tell you, the texture is great. It is not sticky or greasy at all. It is a pleasant gel that I look forward to trying!

Last but not least, I am going to show you the lip products. The lip liner is not actually part of the collection. Anastasia thought about introducing it because it works well with the glosses. The liner is waterproof, and from my swatching experience I could already tell it means business (but it’s not impossible to remove, which I appreciate)!

Here are the two Balm Lip Gloss in Natural Croisiere and Pink Croisiere.

Here is the swatch of the three lip products:

The balm glosses are definitely on the sheer side, but they are supposed to be moisturizing. If that’s what you’re looking for, make sure you take a look!

Last but not least, another of Givenchy’s latest release is a new addition to their Very Irresistible line, Electric Rose:

As little as I know/knew Givenchy cosmetics, I’ve been a fan of their perfumes for almost 10 years (their Eau Torride is my first perfume love). There aren’t many Givenchy perfumes that I dislike/think I’ll never wear, which is quite an achievement! Actually, to honor the occasion today, I wore the Very Irresistible Sensual Eau de Parfum. It is usually something I reserve for the colder months or nighttime, but oh well :p

That’s the second Givenchy collection I’m showing you. Did you see anything you like? Make sure you stay tuned for all the upcoming swatches and review (no, I didn’t receive the whole collection, but I have some pieces)! I’ll try my best to push those out as soon as I can!

Sunny, your beauty culture translator xx

Again, special thanks go to Anastasia for being such a sweetheart!!! I know I acted like a crazy woman taking several pictures of the same thing, but it’s all for the best :p

31 responses

  1. I have the ambre croisiere – it was one of the many things I purchased in February! I like it but haven’t worn it besides testing it yet! :/

    • Yup I had a go with Ambre Croisiere this morning, and it was like a very smooth and weightless dream! I still need to test it out a bit more, but you’ll read about it soon!

      • Haha now I just need to justify the price tag! I have always wanted to try make up from Givenchy but I’m on a tiny tiny student budget… 😦

      • You can always wait for the sales though! Here in Belgium we don’t have many, but Sephora is apparently having a 15% off sale that’s ending in a couple of days, so take your chance!

      • That’s true! I don’t believe the Sephora near me carries Givenchy though… I will check it out online!

        Ooo you are from Belgium? That’s so cool! I’ve been there quite a few years ago and I loved it! It’s such a cute and gorgeous country!

      • Hey Angel, I think it is available online, so you should take a look! I’m not from Belgium, but I’ve been living here for 3.5 years now. It is a great country to visit/live in apart from the not-so-good weather :p

  2. That body thing with the pearls looks really interesting, I like how you can crush the pearls, it looks funny. Love the look of the powders, they look really pretty!

    • It is funny, but it blends in very easily! It’s not an intimidating fake tan. In fact, on me the color doesn’t show too much (which can be good or bad depending on what you’re looking for). The powder is REALLY cool! It’s probably the bronzer I own that has the best texture!

    • Thanks Thalia! I’ll take a look 🙂

      By the way, the nude Kajal liner you were asking about costs 18.76 euros here. I checked the Sephora website. Their regular Kajal costs 22.50 bucks, so I’m assuming it’ll be the same thing 🙂

      • You should look into it. I didn’t receive this as a sample so I can’t try it out just now (I will perhaps purchase this one when the collection comes out in 2 weeks), but I just checked some reviews of their regular black Kajal and found them to be overwhelmingly positive! Very promising 🙂

      • What makes me the happiest about the samples is the fact that I get to share my experience with everyone! I used not to pay so much attention to details, but now when I get something I pay attention to every little detail there is, so that you guys can get a better idea about what to expect! I’m always honest about whether a product is good or not, because I would HATE to trick you into buying something that’s not worth it!

    • Hey Pamela! I would say Givenchy is actually slightly friendlier in terms of price tags compared with other luxury brands. I have splurged out on luxury makeup, but the pieces REALLY have to grab me!

    • I know that luxury makeup is not something most people can purchase without some serious thoughts, but if it’s something you see yourself using very often and it really does perform better than its cheaper counterpart (and you happen to have the money in your pocket), you should think about it 🙂 I’m throwing a giveaway with some of my favorite pieces I have reviewed here at the end of the month too, so stay tuned for that! Maybe you can WIN some!

      • Haha unlikely – I have the worst luck in the world when it comes to contests 😛 Still, nothing to lose! And it’s definitely super exciting 🙂

        I completely agree that buying one expensive product that works is much better than buying the cheaper, lower-quality ones that don’t. Even one expensive product can usually last a good while anyway though. However, there are high-end brands and high high-end brands, if you know what I mean!

      • I do! I saw a Tom Ford blush swatch on Temptalia today and I thought: wow, this looks LOVELY, but it’ll take me A LOT of thinking to spend 55 bucks on one blush!

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