Swatch & Review: Could Fairy Drops Platinum Mascara Be Your New HG?

You know how sometimes you get super excited about getting something new, but if you don’t use it immediately, it kind of lies forgotten in some dark corner of your makeup drawer? Well, this is what happened to my Fairy Drops Platinum Mascara. I got it in a swap about a year ago, but it’s been lying in my drawer till I finally decided to try it out a couple of weeks ago.

Fairy Drops Platinum mascara makes grand promises. It claims to give volume, length, glossy finish, and also functions as a treatment. It is not waterproof, but it is water resistant, and it is supposed to be removed with warm water.

The most interesting thing about this mascara is its brush. That’s where it got the name Fairy Drops from (drops as in tear drops I suppose). It looks like three balls glued together, and it is curvy.

The first couple of times I tried this mascara I was not really impressed. It does lengthen very well, but it doesn’t separate as superbly. As a result, my lashes were kind of glued together. However, after that couple of failed trials, I figured something out: you are not supposed to zigzag like crazy with this mascara the way you usually do. You can zigzag a little from the roots, but when you reach the end of your lashes, it is better to tease them apart with the tip of the brush. That way, your lashes will be lengthened and properly separated.

In this picture you can see my bare eye, my upper lashes with one coat of Fairy Drops Platinum mascara, and my upper lashes with two coats and bottom ones with one coat. Pretty impressive, no (you can click on the picture to enlarge it)?

What I LOVE about this mascara:

+ it lengthens very well.

+ it holds curls all day. I had forgotten to use my eyelash curler once, but even in that case this mascara manages to push my eyelashes up!

+ it can be easily removed with my Bioderma Sensibio. I have tried warm water as the packaging suggests, but I’m not a big fan of splashing water on my eyes repetitively, and it doesn’t happen fast enough!

+ my lashes stay feathery soft, instead of crunchy or stiff.

+it does not flake or smudge, and despite the fact that it is not waterproof, I have not experienced problems with wear.

What I don’t like so much about this mascara:

– contrary to its promises, it doesn’t volumize much.

– separating lashes could be tricky if you zigzag too much.

Bottom line: I wouldn’t claim this mascara is perfect, but there are things about it that I like more than my current HG (Maybelline fatty tubes). If you have short, straight, and stubborn lashes, I would recommend you give it a try!

Have you tried any of the Fairy Drops mascara? Do you like them? What is your current holy grail mascara?

Sunny, your beauty culture translator xx

44 responses

  1. I had the fairy drops scandal queen mascara and it has that brush! I wonder if it just has a different name here? Anyways I found that if I held the wand in the upside down u shape it applied really well!! (does that make sense?)

    (sadly this was the mascara that expired, if you remember my itchy eyes in march lol!)

    • I think all the Fairy Drops mascaras have that brush! I also think they have several different versions too. The Scandal Queen is something that is apparently exclusive in the US (if I remember it right). I actually do react to expired mascaras too. I’ll have to try to follow the guideline from now on. Otherwise my eyes are just itchy and scratchy. Yuck!

  2. Oh & I think my hg is Dior maximizer with diorshow extase! But It’s too much $ for products that I’ll hardly use before they expire 😦

      • exactly! that’s how i feel! I saw a kit at duty free that had both (full size) for like $49 which was good… but still a lot!

  3. Wow, what a cool mascara. One more thing to add to its virtues: its name! I want my eyelashes to look like fairy drops! πŸ™‚

    • Hey Amy, yeah the Japanese know everything about cute packaging! I think this type of brush is found in every Fairy Drops mascara. The Scandal Queen is available at Sephora, but you can find the rest on or adambeauty. Keep me posted if you give it a try πŸ™‚

    • Hey Hanne, high five! I get so excited about new things but sometimes I forget about them right away. And then one day I finally take them out and can’t believe my stupidity!

  4. the applicator looks really interesting! πŸ˜€
    my holy grail is still L’Oreal Voluminous Waterproof in black. it gives the most realistic volumized & lengthened look to my lashes.
    i just started using the majorika majorka(?) mascara which is my first japanese mascara. it certainly is different. that much i can say for now. πŸ˜‰

    • Hey Lena, yes it is, but it’s easy to use and I haven’t poked myself in the eye with it at all haha

      I still have to try that one. Nearly grabbed it the other day, but remembered I was going to get a Cover Girl mascara in a swap so I didn’t. I’ll use this one till it’s time to throw it away, start with Cover Girl, and eventually move to L’Oreal! Can’t wait to hear what you have to say about Majorika Majorika though. Some people swear by it!

    • You should! I am a bit immune to girly packaging because I saw too much of it growing up in Asia, but I can certainly see the attraction! I hope this works for you. Keep us posted! xx

    • Hey hon, I have heard of Sana, but haven’t tried their mascaras yet! Thanks for the recommendation. I’ll probably have to do a mascara haul when I’m back in Taiwan this summer πŸ™‚

  5. I’ve been looking for the Fairy Drops Platinum non-waterproof version online so I could compare it to Scandal Queen! I haven’t been able to find it though 😦 I feel like this would be much less expensive than the Fairy Drops available in North America ($28 CAD)…

    • Also, I do exactly the same thing. Except more dramatically – I hoard and hoard and hoard and forget about products that I haven’t even opened yet! I can’t keep up with the number of things I purchase and don’t have enough time to try them all out properly hahaha

    • Hey hon, have you tried Sasa or Adambeauty? I think I’ve seen this on both sites, and it doesn’t cost 28 CAD (say what?)! Before I started beauty-blogging I was very good about not hoarding more than what I can use, and even nowadays I try to test stuff out somewhat systematically, make my verdict, blog about it, and then move onto the new things. It doesn’t always work but I try!

  6. Yes i love the mascara wand and the overall packaging of it! Still havent found any HG mascara for me, although the MAC false lashes extreme black so far is my favourite!

  7. I’ve heard so much about this mascara when it first came out. It was all hyped up for awhile then. I still haven’t gotten around to trying it yet. It really does lengthen your lashes very well. Too bad it doesn’t do much for volume though. Thanks for the review Sunny! πŸ™‚

    • Hey Rinny! If this mascara volumizes as well I’ll have to pronounce it my HG! I do like the fact that it holds curls and leaves my lashes soft though. Not a lot of waterproof mascaras can do that πŸ™‚

    • Hey hon, thanks so much for swinging by and leaving a comment! We don’t get Hourglass here, but I’ve heard about Film Noir! It’s so hard to find a mascara that works for me though. I’m willing to experiment but a lot of the times I’m left feeling very disappointed. Not with this one though! It’s actually really good!

    • That’s nice! I actually find drugstore mascaras outperform many high-end ones I’ve tried, so price doesn’t necessarily guarantee it’ll work well!

    • Hey Peggy, this is a pretty popular brand in Asia, but I don’t think it’s caught on in Belgium yet! I need a mascara to lengthen, volumize, and hold curls, because otherwise I have NO lashes to be spoken of lol

  8. what is maybelline fatty tubes? i googled and i looked at the maybelline website…there is not a mascara named “fatty tubes”. thanks!!!

    • Hey girly, fatty tubes aren’t the real names! Do you know Maybelline has some mascara that comes in kind of bulky packaging? For example the Magnum Volume Express and so on. I’ve had good experience with most of those! Hope it helps πŸ™‚

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