MAC Hey, Sailor! Avant-première ENTIRE COLLECTION Swatches & Demonstration!

Hey everybody!

Tonight I was invited to the opening of the first temporary MAC store of Benelux in Brussels, and I got to see Hey, Sailor! which is coming out in Belgium tomorrow (5th of May) and apparently on the 24th in the US. This is the FIRST TIME EVER in my memory that Belgium is getting a collection before the US, and I really can’t wait to share with you all the swatches and the demonstration by the mega talented and VERY nice senior artist Elke!

First up we have the lipglass swatches in Cut Loose, Blessedly, Riviera Life, Oragne Tempera, Send Me Sailing. Riviera Life is my personal favorite, and from swatching it I have the impression that it’s an easy formula to work with!

Next up we have the lipsticks in Salute! (amplified), To Catch a Sailor (frost), Sail La Vie (satin), and Red Racer (satin).

Pigment in Old Gold (my personal FAVORITE of the whole collection. Good news it’s permanent!), and Naval Blue. Powder Blushes in Launch Away!, Fleet Fast, and the High-Light Powder in Crew. Crew swatches a bit pink, but I was told it doesn’t look this pink when worn.

Eyeshadows in Crystal Avalanche (Veluxe Pearl), Barefoot (Veluxe Pearl), Feeling Fresh (frost), Jaunty (frost), and Nautical (satin). The eyeshadows in general performed pretty well when I swatched them. Feeling Fresh is a bit drier and chalky, but as you can see it is still very pigmented and the color is gorgeous!

Powerpoint Eye Pencils in Handforged, Emerald Sea, and Blue Stripe. Pro Longwear Lip Pencils in Throw Me a Line!, Shore Leave, and Saunter. In my swatching experience Saunter has a drier texture compared with the other two.

I have never tried any Powerpoint Eye Pencils before, and I must admit I was pleasantly surprised by the creamy texture! I can’t tell much more beyond this, but the first impression is good!

This collection contains four bronzers, including Bronzing Powder in Soft Sand, Refined Golden, and Pro Longwear Bronzing Powder in Nude On Board, Sun Dipped.

If this picture looks different, it’s because Teri from Bellachique kindly shared hers with me. Mine turned out a bit too small! Thanks Teri!

The Suntints SPF 20 Liquid Lip Balm in Sea Mist, Au Rosé, Abalone; To the Beach Body Oil in Seaside, Man Rays. My favorite is Au Rosé, because of the pretty golden shimmer! I also appreciate the fact that it as an SPF. Lips need some sun protection too!

Now let’s move on to the demonstration so you can see how to recreate the look of the promotional image. The demonstration is done by Elke, a senior artist who is one of the most friendly people you can ever meet! The model is the lovely Elfi from Glam at Heart.

Here we go!

Lining the eyes with Blue Stripe.

Nautical in the crease, Feeling Fresh blended in the middle, Barefoot in the inner third.

That’s the eyes done!

Some bronzer.

The lips are first filled with Throw Me a Line! and then layered with Red Racer. To get the nice sheen the model on the promotional image has, Elke finished the lips with some Suntints SPF 20 Liquid Lip Balm in Au Rosé.

Some To the Beach Body Oil in Seaside later,

We’re done! Look at the brilliantly colorful smokey eye!

I salute you, sailor!

I must still have 100 photos to share with you, but now this tired blogger has to go to bed. I will share more pictures of the temporary store, the great staff, and my bestie’s sneaky pictures of me going NUTS swatching the entire collection soon! Please check these out on Facebook. Already here is a picture of me swatching away like a frantic beauty blogger. I will keep updating the album throughout the weekend so stay tuned and LIKE Mostly Sunny on Facebook for all the behind-the-scene great stuff!

What do you think of the collection? Is there anything you might pick up? All in all I think it’s a fun summer collection with a lot of twists, and there is something for everybody!

Sunny, your beauty culture translator xx

PS: The MAC temporary store is open from May 4th to the beginning of August, Monday to Saturday 10-19, Friday 10-20. The permanent store will open in September 2012.

The address is:
Woluwe Shopping Center
200 Rue Saint-Lambert, 1200 Woluwe-Saint-Lambert Brussels

The mall has a huge parking lot, but it is also easily accessible with public transportation. Just get off at metro station Roodebeek (Line 1), and you can enter the mall from one of the exits. Hope this helps 🙂

48 responses

    • Hey Mary, it was nice meeting you too! My friend Elise is not a blogger. I think she should, but she’s actually not all that much into cosmetics haha

  1. I live in the US and I got invited to preview this collection too, but I’m still not sure if I’ll be able to make it. =(

    What did you end up buying? I’m gonna be getting Jaunty. =)

    • I hope you’ll be able to make it Joyce!

      I was looking at Old Gold and I wanted to split with a fellow blogger. However, the temporary store doesn’t stock the stackable containers and since it’s part of the permanent collection, we decided to go to a bigger store together next time. There are a lot more pieces that I want in retrospect, but I was so in the moment that I wasn’t using my best judgement lol

      • The pigment jars contain ALOT of product. You could probably share it with 3, 4 or even 5 people and still have a hard time finishing it. lol

        Also, I’m glad you guys got the collection before us US folks because usually when collections launch in the US first, alot of the products are sold out by the time swatches are up online. >_<

      • Haha I’ll look for more people to share then 🙂 It’s A LOT of product indeed!

        The good thing with the US receiving collections first is that even before they hit the store here I know what I want and what works really well. The bad thing is here MAC has VERY limited to no PR samples, so even if I rush to the store the first day a collection comes out, chances are by the time my readers read about it some pieces are already gone. If I buy MAC LE products now it’s really just for myself, as it has very little to no blogging value and it bothers me!

      • When I meant was that alot of the products are sold out by the time IN-DEPTH REVIEWS are posted online. So that’s why I like it when European countries release the collections first. There are usually lots of in-depth reviews about the products by the time the collection launches in the US. =)

        I get what you mean when you say that buying MAC LE products have “very little to no blogging value,” but that’s not entirely true because I as well as many other people enjoy looking at swatches and reading people’s reviews, regardless if the product is not available anymore. Also, even though the products may be sold out by the time you post the review, it can still be useful for future reference, when MAC repromotes the item or for comparison. =D

      • Haha but it really doesn’t happen too often so take your chance! I know what you mean, it’s just that I feel bad telling people: look this is AMAZING but it’s sold out everywhere! But yeah, let’s hope the great pieces will get repromoted at some point 🙂

  2. Aww cute hat!! 🙂 I’m excited you guys get to see this before the US! I was looking forward to this collection but I think I just like the packaging. Lol! The lip tint in au rose does look pretty though!

    In the first photo, I’m assuming the two smaller compacts are blushes and the stripes are on the package? Is it the same with the highlighter?

    • Thanks Joyce! Yeah we almost NEVER get collections before the US, so this is quite an exception!

      Yup the two smaller compacts are blushes. The blushes only have stripes on the packaging, but the highlighter comes with the pattern! Hope it’s clearer now. I’m sorry I didn’t get closer photos of the products. Lesson learnt for next time!

  3. You look super cute with the sailor hat! I love Old Gold pigment too, that reminds me to take it out to use it more often. I love going for events such as these, they are so fun.

  4. I love the collection! Never expected that, but I really want some things. Stupid for me, because I don’t live in the big city where they sell MAC 😦

  5. This looks like such a super fun collection–I’m actually excited!! (usually I just feel a little overwhelmed by all the MAC launches). I totally am with you on the Au Rose Suntint balm and Riviera Life lipglass. I know there are boatloads of orangey glosses out there right now, but I really like the finish of this particular one. I also like Fleet Fast blush and how they made the bronzers really subtle and natural-looking. Can’t wait to check these out!

  6. Wow, terrific post, thank you. I adore the stripes! Just seeing the stripes makes me want to buy the products!

    Question for you: All those bronzers look fairly similar. Did you notice differences in person?

    • Hey Christine! You’re welcome 🙂 The packaging is indeed pretty cute!

      There are 2 Bronzing Powders and 2 Pro Longwear Bronzing Powders. Just to be honest though, I think they would make a difference for those with fair skin, but on me a couple of them really barely show! Hope it helps. You might want to swatch them for yourself when the collection hits the store!

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