Come Shopping with Me! Edition: Antwerp. Focus Store: Shu Uemura

Hey everyone!

Last week I went to the Shu Uemura store in Antwerp. It’s the only Shu Uemura store in Belgium, and I saw many amazing things I want to show you!

Besides the cleansing oil, Shu is famous for false eyelashes. Besides the more everyday pairs, there are many that are beyond your wildest imaginations, such as:

Glitter anyone?

Or maybe disco ball?

Butterfly wings

Spider web

These are some Viktor Rolf collaborations. I think they came out for fall 2008! This pair is called Swirl.

This pair is called Wing. I think it looks like paperclips!

They’d be so much fun for the catwalk or photo shoots!

Shu’s famous eyelash curlers. Compared with the ones I’ve seen, these are much more slanted. Is anyone a fan? I like my Shiseido curler, but I’ve always been very curious about these!

This is the spring collection called Celestial Garden.

Nail polish line-up:

Makeup case. It looks really professional, and I suspect it’s quite heavy!

Now, here is something that’s coming out in two weeks. I got a sneak peek:

It’s the Shu Uemura and Mamechiyo collaboration! Mamechiyo is a modern kimono artist, and she designed the most beautiful bottles for the cleansing oil and UV under base mousse (though I’m not 100% sure it’d be available here). Wouldn’t it be delightful to have a bottle like this in the bathroom?

That’s our little tour of Shu Uemura in Antwerp. Have you tried Shu Uemura anything? What would you recommend?

Sunny, your beauty culture translator xx

Random photo of the day:

I saw this next to the Shu Uemura store, and I HAD to take a photo because the mannequin has a big cat on the leash!

PS: The Shu Uemura store is located at 38 Huidevettersstraat, Antwerp. It’s hidden in this old-school “gallery,” but it’s pretty easy to find!

32 responses

  1. At least you have a Shu Uemura store where you live. Shu Uemura pulled out of the US, so now I can only get their products directly from their online store, which is a bummer because I like to swatch and play around with products in person before buying.

    Anyhoo, I LOVE their eyelash curler. It curls my lashes effortlessly, doesn’t pinch me, and doesn’t break my lashes. =) I’ve tried a few from the drugstore, but didn’t have any luck with them.

    • By the way, I bought their depsea hydrability moisturizing emulsion and depsea hydrability alnight quench sos moisture essence and got a deluxe sample of their depsea hydrability intense moisturizing concentrate a couple of months ago, but I haven’t opened or tried them yet. (I want to finish using up my current moisturizer first.) Have you tried any of their skin care products? What do you think?

      • Hey Joyce, I got some sample sachets of the cleansing oil, and I remember receiving a small tube of lotion a while ago. Time to take everything out and test it out so that I can report back!xx

    • Haha I don’t think they’re for daily use! They’d be GREAT for the catwalk, photo shoot, or a party though. There’s nothing comfortable about high fashion :p

  2. I never ever owned a product of them. But I know there are a lot of good reviews out there 🙂 Make Up Artists that I used to work with, were all over the eyelash curler…

  3. I use, and love, the Shiseido lash curler too. I’ve tried the Shu one a few times–but that was a long time ago (it was my cousins). I remember being totally in love with it, but I can’t remember exactly how it fit my eye to compare with Shiseido’s. I’ve been really thinking about ordering the Shu one lately just to satisfy my curiosity

    • Haha I know! I don’t NEED another eyelash curler, but at some point I’ll have to go to the Shu store bare-faced just so that I can try the curler on my lashes!

    • Ahh too bad! Eyelash curlers are really personal though. I know the curve has to fit because otherwise it just doesn’t work. So what’s your go-to curler?

    • Ooo Emi it does make a difference! In the beginning I was unwilling to get a better one, so I went to the drugstore and got a random one. It killed SEVERAL lashes in one go. I was so freaked out I threw it away! The Shiseido curler costs about 7 euros in Taiwan, so it’s actually really cheap but of good quality. I think I want to stay safe because already I don’t have a lot of lashes going on haha

  4. I wish I had the opportunity to try more ahi before they pulled out of us stores! Oh well, I hope you’ll review more products from them 🙂

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  6. The Shu curler makes all the difference in the world! I think it’s especially good for Asian eyes and the curve is slightly more than others I’ve tried. I don’t think there is too much difference between Shu and the one you like from Shiseido 🙂

  7. Love all the eyelashes (except the spiderwebs, those totally freaked me out)! The Skin Purifier bottle is absolutely gorgeous, too. I’ve never tried the brand before, hope you’ll be reviewing some in the near future :).

    • Haha I thought the spiderweb was funny, but it’s not my first pick either! I got some sample packets of the cleansing oil. I’ll take it for a spin soon and I’ll let you know how it works!

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