MAX Factor False Lash Effect Mascara Review

Hey everyone,

Happy Monday! I hope you’ve been taking the bull by the horns so far! I have quite a busy week ahead of me, with classes (makeup classes, so the fun kind), a bachelorette party (though it’s probably going to be tame since it’s on Tuesday and everybody has to work the next day), and a wedding to attend on Saturday, but a blogger’s gotta do what a blogger’s gotta do!

Today I’m sharing my thoughts on the MAX Factor False Lash Effect Mascara. For those of you who live in Belgium, don’t forget that this mascara is available in the limited pink edition till the 24th at Kruidvat for 9,99! I think the normal price is 16,99, so that’s quite a discount!

The False Lash Effect comes in a pretty fat tube, with a rubber brush that has tiny spikes on it. The brush is slightly flexible, and the tiny spikes grab all the little hairs and make them into real lashes. It is supposed to give you full lashes that look natural. I know there are a lot of MAX Factor mascara fans out there, so I was pretty excited to try it out!

Now let’s take a look at the usual picture of bare lashes — one coat of MAX Factor False Lash Effect on my upper lashes — two coats of MAX Factor False Lash Effect on my upper lashes and one on my lower lashes.

What do you think? Does it make it look like I’m wearing some falsies?

What I like about this mascara:

+ It lengthens and volumizes very well. I do get full and fluttery lashes with it!

+ It is not marketed to be waterproof, but I haven’t got any problems with it even smudging on me, and it’s easy to remove with Bioderma.

+ My lashes stay soft instead of crunchy and stuff to touch.

+ It does hold curls. The curls of my inner corner lashes tend to relax a bit at the end of the day, but in general it’s not a mascara that will make your lashes droop down.

What I don’t like so much about this mascara:

– The brush is a little too big for my eyes and amount/length of natural lashes I have. Maneuvering could be a little tricky, and especially when I’m running out of time I prefer not to use it on my lower lashes (otherwise I will have cleaning up to do afterwards). Another tiny problem with the brush is that a lot of product tends to cluster around the tip. You might want to wipe it off on a tissue before using the tip (on your lower lashes for example).

Bottom line: Especially when it’s on sale, I would definitely recommend you check this mascara out. Those who are not as blessed in the eyelash department (like me) might find it a bit trickier to manipulate the brush, but the formula is stellar!

Have you tried any MAX Factor mascara? Did you like it? What are some of the trickier mascara brushes you have tried?

Sunny, your beauty culture translator xx

27 responses

  1. I really love the feel and look of this on my lashes, but I’ve the same problem as you: it’s more difficult than it should be to apply! I’m not a big fan of big brushes 😦 I feel like it’s worth the effort though. It’s hard to find a mascara that feels nice and soft on the lashes!

  2. The wp version of this mascara is my favourite of all times! Love the effect on your lashes, you really see a difference! It was already sold out in Kruidvat, probably because it’s pink, lol!

    • Ahh I didn’t know there is a waterproof version! I should check it out!

      I think it was also sold out because of the big discount! There were still SOME left in Leuven though I’m sure they’re long gone by now!

  3. sounds great! 😀 I use the one by one, that one holds my crul very good, but doesn’t lengthen my lashes. Gonna buy one of Max Factor when it’s cheaper here in the netherlands, haha!

  4. So it wasn’t love for you, Sunny? The packaging and the brush head are almost identical to CoverGirl’s Lash Blast mascara–my all-time favorite!!! It did take me a while to get used to working with such a large wand (in comparison to my small eyes and sparse, short lashes), but I got the hang of it and now, my lashes are always plumped up and nice and separated!

    • Noo don’t get me wrong. I love this, but so far ALL the mascaras I’ve tried have little hiccups and this is no exception. It’s definitely one I would consider repurchasing though, so that says a lot! I heard that in the US Cover Girl mascaras are the closet you can find to Max Factor ones, and there is usually very good feedback so I can see why it’s your all-time favorite! I’ll practice more with the wand too 🙂

    • Haha I’m glad to hear it’s not just my problem! I don’t think it’s JUST the size either. If the shape is slightly curvy I could do just fine, but this one isn’t and that’s what makes it a little tricky!

  5. True, I am not fan of the big wands. So I always preferred a small and thin wands. However, the effect does work and you can actually tell that you have lashes :). I have a similar situation. By the way have you used the L’Oreal Eye Lash serum? I think that is how it is called? I apply it always before applying my mascara and it makes huge difference. 🙂

    • LOL thank you! Too bad I don’t naturally have some lashes to show mwahaha

      I haven’t tried the eye lash serum but I am SO curious now! I know some people swear by some lash primers, but I haven’t looked into it. I should!

  6. Sadly, Max Factor isn’t available in the US anymore! I wanted to try this out, I’m always on the hunt for a new mascara, I believe you can’t ever have enough, lol.

    They really do look awesome on you, fluttery and so very fake lashes looking.

    • Aargh I understand the pain! I heard Cover Girl mascara is the closest to Max Factor though, so maybe you should look into that! I have a tube of Cover Girl that I haven’t tried yet!

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