Chanel Summertime de Chanel is All about Subtle Beauty: Part 2 Luminous Bronzing Powder in Sable Rose

Hey everyone!

I hope you enjoyed a fantastic long weekend! I had a great one going to the wedding, doing a bit of sightseeing in the region, and chilling out on Monday. The weather has been so spectacular here with 25 degrees and a generous amount of sunshine that I had to seize the moment and spend some time outdoor. I’m definitely more tanned already, which you will be able to see for yourself soon!

Today I’m here to continue the Chanel mania by bringing you the second installment of the Summertime de Chanel review, and this time the spotlight’s on the Luminous Bronzing Powder in Sable Rose!

Sable Rose has 7 stripes, though 2 colors do repeat once (the 2nd and 5th; the 3rd and 7th). Packaging-wise there is nothing I can be picky about. The compact is a great size, and it comes with a black velvet pouch (note to self and all the pet owners: this is something you don’t want to leave lying around, because before you know it you’ll have to get your lint roller out). Once you open the compact, you’ll see a big mirror, the powder itself, and a brush.

The colors range from bronze, bronzy rose, and champagne. Altogether it swatches as a gorgeous bronzy peachy color. I would say that even though when swatched individually, some stripes don’t seem very pigmented (it could also be because some are very close to my own skin tone), when swatched together the pigmentation is excellent!

Here you can see the stripes swatched individually and together (from bottom to top):

The texture of this powder is what makes it really stand out. Even though it contains shimmer and sheen, the texture is SO exceptionally fine that my skin looks finer with it on. It is not at all frosty or too sparkling. Because of the fact that it extremely finely-milled, I find that duo-fiber brushes work better with it. Natural bristles tend to kick more product loose than necessarily.

I like to use this powder in 3 ways. For my NC30 skin tone, I’ll have to pile it on to see an obvious bronzing effect, so I don’t use it for that purpose. I love to use it altogether as a blush. The bronzy peach is gorgeous for the season! The effect is very healthy and natural. I also like to concentrate on the lower half of the powder and use it as a highlighter when I wear a matte blush. The powder is so fine that the natural luminous effect is simply amazing! Alternatively I have also tried to use this lightly as a finishing powder. I’m not exaggerating, but you should at least try to swatch this with the enclosed brush if you can: it gives you a candlelit effect! The powder is so fine and shimmer so soft that it doesn’t just sit on your skin. It practically melts into your skin and gives it a better texture!

I normally never use any enclosed brushes, but this one is actually very decent! The hair is soft and not at all scratchy. Applying and buffing the powder out with it is pretty easy as well! When I put on makeup at home, I still prefer to use my full-size brushes, but the enclosed one makes reapplication, shall you need it, a piece of cake!

The only thing with the brush is that as I have mentioned, Sable Rose is very finely-milled, so my experience is that any brush with natural bristles tends to kick too much powder loose. If you want to reapply during the day with the enclosed brush, remember to use a very light hand!

Bottom line: I can see people of different skin tones enjoying this powder. Because of superb texture and multi-tasking potential, this is a piece that you will highly possibly be able to use in more than one way!

Do you own any multi-taskers like this? What are some of the finest powders you have ever tried? Would you look into Sable Rose?

Sunny, your beauty culture translator xx

Disclosure: The product mentioned in this review is sent by the PR for my consideration. All opinions are honest and my own. I am in no way compensated for this review. I have always been, and will always be committed ONLY to my readers.

30 responses

    • Thanks so much Teri! It’s not strictly a bronzer though. I’m sure people of different skin tone can use this in more than one way. That’s what makes it so interesting!

    • Thanks Jaime! I’m wearing Chanel Calypso in the pictures. You should definitely give that one a try if you don’t own something very similar already!

      • Thank you (though duh, you mentioned it already in the previous post!) for letting me know! I’m just surprised as it swatches quite orangey/coral but looks like a pretty pink on you in the pictures. I’m after the perfect pink gloss (and have, I think, the exact same skin tone as you), so might try this one if it’s more along the pink side on.

      • Hey Jaime, the thing is my lips are pretty pigmented, and since the gloss isn’t very opaque it doesn’t look full-on orange on me. If you want a good pink one, Dior is launching one called Pink Bikini with their Summer Mix collection. I’ve swatched/reviewed it here:

        I’m not really into pink or gloss, but that one converted me! Hope it helps 🙂

    • Thanks Tracy! Sable Rose is really a multi-tasker, so you can use it as a blush/highlighter/setting powder as well. That way you wouldn’t feel too bad about owning another bronzer haha

    • Thanks so much Christina! I got that top on sale in the beginning of the year. Cost me something like 5 euros. Especially for basics, I prefer to wait around and see if I could get them cheaper 🙂

  1. Why must you tempt me, Sunny?!? I just picked up Guerlain’s Terracotta Light Bronzing Powder–so I’ve been trying SO hard not to give in to my Sable Rose craving. So far, it’s not working. I just played with it again yesterday at the mall and I am really starting to feel like I can’t live without it. I agree with you, on my skin it works much better as a blush. It’s so subtle while still subtly brightening and warming up my skin. Love it! I give it til the end of the week before it’s on my vanity…

      • Yay Ruby! You should ABSOLUTELY use it though! Just remember I think it’s better to use it with a duo-fiber brush, or if you really want to use a natural-bristle one then do it with a light hand. I’ve used mine many times now and the pattern is not messed up, so it’s really OK!

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