Belle de Jour: Let’s Play Makeup with Anne-Fleur!

Hey everyone,

I hope you’ve been enjoying your weekend! I’m SO impossibly glad that this one is over. I honestly think the stars were not properly aligned, because a lot of people I know had a rough one! But anyways, if you also had it hard let’s just rejoice it’s over!

A while ago my bestie HM thought it was a good idea to chat up girls on the train and ask them if they wanted to have a makeup play date. Basically the idea is that they could check my stash out, maybe get some new ideas, and have a nice girly time together. I in return get to see (and show you guys) how the pieces look on different skin tones!

That’s how she found Anne-Fleur, our belle de jour. She is finishing her studies in the same town, and she’s one of the rare girls who actually do wear some makeup on a daily basis. She’s extremely nice, smart, and cute!

As I might have told you guys, not so many people in the university town where I live wear makeup. For some reason the general consensus is that if you have brains, you don’t need to pay attention to something as frivolous as your appearance. Law students are probably the only exceptions, but in every other faculty wearing makeup is pretty much frowned upon. That’s also Anne-Fleur’s dilemma. She’s almost the only girl she knows that wears a bit of foundation, mascara, and so on. Sometimes she finds it hard to have to explain to people why she does that.

I used the darkest shade of NYX Rock and Roll trio on her outer corners, Urban Decay Verve as a light wash, and Urban Decay Booty Call for her inner corners. I also patted some Booty Call on the center of her eye lids to brighten her eyes up. Because Anne-Fleur has cute puppy eyes and I didn’t want it to seem obvious that the outer corners droop a little, I only lined the inner 2/3 of her upper lash line. Some mascara and Dior Addict Extreme in Lucky later, she was done!

We went to a book cafe after that for a bite to eat and took some photos of her. Doesn’t she look happy?

Here is the close-up of her eyes.

I think the NYX shade and Lucky definitely look better on her than they do on me!

Anne-Fleur also write a little paragraph about what she thinks of the play date, and here it is:

Because you’re worth it… A statement that catches your eye while watching your TV on a lazy Sunday, or while stopping by at the perfumery on a shopping trip with your girlfriends. Due to the high frequency by which the famous slogan of L’Oréal passes you by, you might no longer reflect on its meaning. I did, when I spent a delightful afternoon with the lovely lady who runs this blog. I was lucky enough to have her arrange my makeup, while being treated with some useful tips and tricks. The result: I felt feminine and beautiful. Like I was worth it. A feeling each of us should have. And I captured it, on a bright Friday afternoon – with a big smile on my face and an ever bigger thank you to Sunny!

To be honest I was really really flattered to read this paragraph! While I by no means encourage everyone to wear makeup, I find it a real pity that people feel the pressure to not wear any when they want to wear some. It always takes a lot of courage to be the odd one out, but I hope Anne-Fleur will go on having fun and looking the way SHE WANTS TO in the future!

Isn’t she so gorgeous and happy? Thanks so much Anne-Fleur for spending a lovely afternoon with us. I truly hope you have taken some positive vibe from our meeting and you’re going to keep being who you want to be!

What do you guys think? Have you ever been criticized or questioned for how much makeup you wear/don’t wear? Is this Belle de Jour series something you would like to see from time to time?

Sunny, your beauty culture translator xx

20 responses

  1. I really love the idea of this, and I’m looking forward to more! You did a great job on the make-up, it’s subtle, but very flattering! I love Lucky on her too btw!

  2. I absolutely love the idea of this series, but the name is throwing me for a loop – Belle de Jour is the pen name of the “Diary of a London Call Girl” woman – google for more info!

  3. She looks very pretty ! I never understood people commenting on other people wearing make-up or asking them why they wear it. I don’t go up to people asking them why they aren’t wearing make-up either. Just weird 🙂

  4. aww she’s so cute! And a good writer too!! I do like this series, Sunny–more! I never realized that in Belgium, it was not a common thing to wear a full face of makeup. And not just uncommon, but questioned to?! Props to you guys for doing what you want!! You both look gorgeous

    • Thanks Becca! I’ll see what I can do! Wearing makeup isn’t common in my university town. If you’re in a big city I think people look/comment on you less. Here you really stand out if you have some makeup on.

  5. What a great idea! I think Anne-Fleur looks great. I hate having other people’s ideas and will imposed on me like that. We should be able to do what we want without having to be questioned or frowned upon so kudos to you and Anne.

    • Thanks Jacqueline! I guess wearing makeup will be more common with time, but at the moment it’s a bit hard to feel entirely comfortable walking around with makeup here.

  6. Lovely idea and she looks great 🙂 I totally understand what you mean. Somehow people tend to think you’re superficial when you wear more make-up than the average girl, which is a very narrow-minded point of view in my opinion.

  7. Such an interesting post. I work in academia and for sure there is a lot of anti-beauty. Being in L.A., it isn’t so bad here. But at many other universities it definitely seems like women should play down their looks. I refuse to do it and try to be glamorous. But sometimes I wonder if it will adversely affect my career.

  8. I love the look but am surprised re the no makeup thing. I would feel like I was not fully dressed if wearing no makeup! It’s rare in Australia to see women without makeup other than at the supermarket, gym etc.

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