Have I Mentioned My Purple Obsession? Zoya Neeka & Anja Swatches

Hey everyone!

In the beginning of the year, Zoya was offering two nail polishes for free. I picked out these two and had them shipped to a friend’s house, but it was not until I saw her here very recently that I finally laid my hands on them! I really liked the Smoke & Mirrors collection they launched last autumn, so I got two more. They’re both in the purple color family. Does that still surprise anyone (because it really shouldn’t)?

Neeka is the close sibling of Yara. It is a dusty purple with gold shimmer. Normally this type of colors look dull and flat against my skin tone, but in Neeka’s case the gold shimmer is its saving grace.

The consistency of this one is funny. In my review of Yara, I mentioned the consistency leans thick, and it could be tricky to work with, but I wasn’t sure if it’s because I got the bottle from a swap. With Neeka in my hands however, I’m pretty sure the consistency just leans thick. I have tried to swatch it with no base coat, and it was streaky and rather to make even. On top of a base coat however, there was absolutely no problem whatsoever, and after 2 coats it’s opaque and even. Zoya launched a similar shade Lotus in their True Collection for spring 2012, though I still think the dusty quality of Neeka says autumn to me.

I love the golden shimmer. It’s very present but not juvenile.

Anja is what I wanted OPI Lincoln Park After Dark to be. I know that LPAD is a massively popular shade, but I have tried it on my fingernails twice, and twice I couldn’t stand it past 15 minutes. It’s just too overwhelmingly dark for me.

Anja, on the other hand, looks almost deceivingly light in the bottle. It’s a deep eggplant/burgundy. It is very red-based, and from my experience I knew this would flatter my particular skin tone. What I love about it is the fact that it’s VERY rich and dark, but not SO rich and dark that it looks almost black. The consistency is great in this case. An easy 2-coater!

Can you see how this color shines? It’s so reflective!

All in all I’m happy with the purchase (I paid 6,95 dollars for shipping and that’s all). Getting Zoya is tricky in Belgium, but if you live in the US you should really follow the Zoya blog, because they have deals pretty often!

Is any of these calling your name? How is your experience with Zoya? What is your favorite purple nail polish?

Sunny, your beauty culture translator xx

25 responses

  1. Pretty! I’ve gotten a good number of zoya polishes from birchbox and their deals but my nail painting skills aren’t great and I do it so infrequently that I don’t think I’ve used any!

    Both of these shades are pretty though and great for fall. Maybe I’ll get them sometime! 🙂

  2. BEAUTIFUL! I think we share the same obsession, I have about 4 purple OPI that are sliiiiiightly different (people think I’m crazy). These colours look really nice!

    Also wanted to say – love your photos of the polish drop! Are you shooting with a P&S or DSLR?

    • LOL I can totally understand! I think purple nail polishes take up at least a third of my whole collection (which isn’t big but still).

      Thanks for your sweet compliment! I use a DSLR now (Panasonic GX1X). I haven’t had it for too long so I’m still experimenting 🙂

    • Yay I’m glad you like them! I think there are a lot of colors that are similar enough to Anja, but as I said in the post if it’s TOO dark then I don’t have the guts to wear it lol

    • Thanks Tracy! I didn’t know Zoya’s distribution is SO limited! I mean Canada is so close! You should definitely look into it though. I like how they don’t put out new collections all the time, but every time they launch something it’s excellent!

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