For the First Time, I’ll Have to Leave: “What I Don’t Like So Much about this Mascara” Blank! Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Mascara

I don’t know how often beauty bloggers review mascaras in general, but I seem to be doing this at an alarming rate. If you want to know, at the moment I have 5 tubes of open mascaras. FIVE tubes. While I used to be content with finding something that I like enough and sticking to it till its expiration date, nowadays I can’t seem to try enough of them. Lucky for me however, so far I haven’t come across anything I can’t stand!

With all the good vibes I’ve got from Giorgio Armani, I had high hopes for the Eyes to Kill mascara. Did the brand again work its magic? Let’s find out!

Eyes to Kill mascara comes in a surprisingly hefty tube with dark gray metal casing. At 40 grams (1.4 ounce), it is almost double the weight of most mascaras I compared it with. I like the heft though. That metal casing for sure makes this mascara ultra sexy!

And what do you know? There is more to love once you open the tube as well! The brush is of a good size. With the tiny fluff I have for lashes, any big brushes are more awkward to manipulate, but this one is just fine. Besides the good size, the long and short bristles work well together to put enough product on the lashes and separate them. You can see the short bristles on one side and long ones on the other here:

What I like about this mascara:

+ The brush works really well. It separates lashes so well that I’m pretty sure most won’t need to run a lash comb through the lashes afterwards.

+ The formula does what it promises: it lengthens as well as volumizes.

+ It doesn’t clump after two coats. If you want more drama, it is totally possible to do a third one. It will clump a bit in that case, but within the normal viewing distance you can hardly see it.

+ It is not marketed to be waterproof, which means it can be easily removed. At the same time, I’ve been pushing its limits by wearing it for long hours, and it has never smudged on me!

+ It holds curls. I cannot skip my lash curler routine, but it does hold curls in place really well.

+ It’s very comfortable to wear. Some mascaras feel heavy on my lids, but this one doesn’t.

What I don’t like so much about this mascara:

For the first time I honestly can’t think of what to say! I can perhaps wish it wouldn’t even clump after the third coat, but that’s nitpicking! In my opinion three coats give me sufficient drama, but the clumping is still at an acceptable level. If I’m not in need of so much va-va-voom however, I like the natural fluttery lashes I get with two coats.

Want to see for yourself how it works? Here is a picture of my bare eye (the lashes are already curled):

In this picture I’m wearing one coat on my upper lashes, two on my upper and one on my bottom lashes, and 3 coats on my upper lashes (still one on the bottom). You can right click on the picture and open it in a new tab to see it better.

Want naturally fluttery lashes with no clumping or smudging? Look into Armani Eyes to Kill!

Really pleased with what I’ve seen from this brand, really really pleased!

Have you tried anything from Giorgio Armani? What would you recommend? Does Eyes to Kill mascara look promising to you?

Sunny, your beauty culture translator xx

Giorgio Armani cosmetics is available at Parfuma in Belgium.

Disclosure: The product mentioned in this review is sent by the PR for my consideration. All opinions are honest and my own. I am in no way compensated for this review. I have always been, and will always be committed ONLY to my readers.

29 responses

  1. I have never tried anything Georgio Armani. I went to the counter once but the SA was so condescending that I left and went to Chanel. Still, I’ve heard so much about the eyes to kill line– I am starting to think I am shirking my blogger-ly duty by not trying it!

    • Gah, bad SAs could really kill a brand! I hope you’ll find a better SA somewhere soon though. Giorgio Armani is a relatively new brand for me too, but so far I haven’t tried anything that makes me go “meh!”

    • Oh yay I knew the new waterproof version was coming out, but I’m not sure if it’s available here yet. Even this one doesn’t smudge on me though, so I’m happy enough. However when I go back to Taiwan this summer I might want to bring something waterproof. The climate is probably TOO challenging for non-waterproof mascara!

  2. Hi Sunny.
    You are right. I love Giorgio Armani “Eyes to Kill Mascara” and the ” Gloss d’Armani in Pink 507″. I have been using them over a year now and I cannot get enough of them. The Mascara is my HG (it last longer, lengths my lashes, does not need 100 times coating and does not clamp), overall LOVE.

    As for the gloss, it is the colour for me. It gives some tint to your lips at the same time looks nude and stays longer.

    Both products do not have any strange smell to them and so for sensitive skin it is good I think :).

    • Hey doll, I’m glad to hear you enjoy them too! I really can’t wait to check out the new Eyes to Kill cream shadows, and I could have a couple more Gloss d’Armani as well. It’s just too awesome!

      • Can’t agree more. It is just pity that I cannot pick them at duty free shops :), I love shopping in duty frees 🙂 Let me know how it goes!

    • Hey Esmay, if I do two coats then it’s not clumpy at all. It’s just that sometimes I get greedy and want to do 3, but still I think the clumping is at an acceptable level (for me personally).

  3. This is my top favorite mascara! Love what it does to my lashes, haven’t found anything like it! Looks like the casing is different now, when I got mine last year it had a black lacquered case. I would’ve repurchased it, but well.. you know how it goes.. still so many other mascara’s to review over here :’)

    • Yay I’m glad you love it too!!! Did you get the “Excess” version though? I Googled some pictures and found the “Excess” version has black lacquered casing. But either way I think it looks like what luxury cosmetics is supposed to look like!

  4. it looks a little bit clumpy with three coats but they hold your lashes very well! I hate mascaras which don’t hold my lashes :|. You’ve got a droopt kind of eye like me, I think haha. I wonder how you do eyeliners ;o. because if I do eyeliner/gelliners it doesn’t looks pretty at all :|.

  5. Oh wow, another great product from GA. It sounds like a perfect mascara and it looks so good on you! Good to hear that it doesn’t smudge, I have that often with non wp mascaras, I might look into this!

    • Hey Teri, nope it doesn’t smudge on me at all! That’s my only gripe with Diorshow New Look, though the smudging isn’t bad at all in that case either.

  6. I’m glad to hear it doesn’t smudge, but I think most mascaras smudge on me because I tend to wear a really emollient eye cream…or else my undereyes are DRY DRY DRY. 😦 Still haven’t found a mascara I love yet!

    • Uh I have similar problems with concealers. If I use any concealer even my eyeliner smudges. I haven’t solved this problem yet. Have you tried any of the Japanese mascaras? Those are notoriously hard to remove but apparently EXTREMELY waterproof.

  7. Have you got any idea what the retail prize is or did I just read over it?
    I’m currently hooked on my Lancôme but this sounds great as well!

    • Hey hon from what I can see on Parfuma it’s 33 euros. I haven’t tried Lancome anything at all now come to think of it. I’ve heard good things about some of their mascaras though. Maybe one day I’ll get one!

  8. wow I def can see the difference! this mascara looks really good.
    Too bad I have already a lot of mascaras T.T
    I have never tried any GA Product but you’ve been posting a lot of good things about their products lately, and now GA is calling my name. lol!

    • Haha I guess for my lashes any mascara makes a difference, it’s just that some do it better than others! You should definitely check GA out. From what I’ve experienced and read about it is a brand that deserves its luxury status!

  9. I’m kinda sorta really wanting this now! I usually stick with my drugstore mascaras because I’ve tried, and nothing can really compare to my CoverGirl Lash Blast Volume for my sparse, thin lashes–but it’s GIORGIO ARMANI! How can I NOT want it?!? 😛

    • Hey Becca! I have a CoverGirl mascara waiting to be tested. I’ve heard so many good things about them! Even if you don’t get this mascara, you should definitely look into the brand in general. I personally haven’t encountered any duds and I can’t wait to see more!

    • Thanks Peggy! Oh yeah I know you’re a fan of the Givenchy one. I hope I’ll get to try that some day, but at the moment besides my 5 open tubes I still have another 6 waiting to be tested out, so it’ll be QUITE a while…

    • You too? I know it smudges on Arianne, but it doesn’t smudge on me. Weird! But yeah, the waterproof version is coming out, so maybe you’ll want to look into that. I’ll try my Film Noir when I get these 5 tubes out of the way haha

  10. I love Armani cosmetics too. The Rouge D’Armani and ETK shadows are amazing. Now I gotta try the famous mascara too. Thanks for the detailed review!

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