Would You Help Me Make My Wish List for the First Friends & Family Sale in Belgium?

Hey everyone!

Happy Saturday! I hope your weekend is treating you well. I’m going to a friend’s tonight for a girls’ night in, but other than that with this weather not much else has been planned.

I was overexcited this week when the mail lady gave me a letter with the invitation to the ICI PARIS XL Friends & Family sale! ICI PARIS XL and I go way back. The first time I came to Belgium (for a month in 2006), I spent SO much time there gawking at perfumes (I think I went home with three). When I came back to live it is also where I get most of my high-end makeup/perfumes.

I know that Freidns & Family sales are common in the US, but in Belgium this is virtually the first ever I’ve heard of! The coupons give customers 21% off the member price (which is already lower than the regular price), and I get giddy thinking about what I can get!

So now, dear readers, would you be so kind as to contributing some ideas to my wish list?

I already know I have to get a new bottle of Clinique Take the Day off because I ran out of it a couple of days ago (before I can do that, I’ll just have to live without liquid eyeliner and waterproof mascara). I know I want to try a Guerlain Rouge G, but I don’t know which color. I would also love to lay my hands on the Dior Diorshow Maximizer Lash Plumping Serum. Has anyone tried this? Does it work for you? I’m open to all other suggestions!

For those of you who don’t live here, ICI PARIS XL carries brands such as Dior, Guerlain, Givenchy, Chanel, YSL, Clinique, Estee Lauder, Lancome, Shiseido, and so on. The sale is on from the 20th till the 26th, and I’d really appreciate any ideas you might have!

Would you help?

Sunny, your beauty culture translator xx

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  1. Do they carry Giorgio Armani? If they do you should snag another eyes to kill shade or two. From Dior I would definitely pick up one of their Addict Extreme lipsticks- I have loved my shade Saint Tropez to pieces! If they carry NARS you should check out the Velvet Glossy and Velvet Matte lip pencils- Mexican Rose and Never Say Never are great options. Happy Shopping! πŸ™‚

    • Hey Danielle, thanks for the great suggestions! They don’t have Giorgio Armani unfortunately, otherwise I would totally love to at least swatch some of the new ETKs at least (and who am I fooling? There are 2 coppers and 2 golds in the collection. I’m bound to go home with half of them). You’re right about Saint Tropez! It looks like a nude that wouldn’t wash me out (sadly I can’t say the same about Incognito which I own and can only wear it layered on top of a pink)! They don’t have NARS either (I can only get it online), but I do already own Mexican rose mwahaha

  2. – Eerst en vooral zou ik dingen kopen van Philosophy! Zo een heerlijk merk! Dat pakket met de peeling is normaal iets rond de €70 en dus bove mijn budget, maar met zo’n serieuze korting zou ik het toch overwegen! Heb er heel goede dingen over gelezen.
    – Dan zou ik ook zo’n palet Only You kopen, het grootste, sowieso! Ziet er gewoon zo leuk uit! Ze kosten sowieso al niet zo veel dus met die korting is het geen geld!
    – En ook ben ik nieuwsgierig naar de mascara van Yves Saint Laurent (Mascara Volume Effet faux cils), lijkt me een hele goede. Of LancΓ΄me HypnΓ΄se.
    – En een pincet van Tweezerman! Dat zijn gewoon de beste! Ik gebruik nu die van mijn mama, maar ik moet echt dringend mijn eigen Tweezerman aanschaffen. Ik weet niet wat het is, maar die is gewoon veel beter als alle andere pincetten die ik al heb gehad!

    Zelf ga ik niet, want ik zit in Portugal dan. (En mss maar beter ook, anders al mijn geld weer op! :p)

  3. Oh shit, I saw you are from Antwerp, but I realize now you’re writing in English. Do you even understand Dutch? I can translate it if you like me to! :’)

    • Hey Rebecca! Thanks SO much for your fantastic ideas! Don’t worry I read some Dutch, and when it comes to makeup nothing is TOO advanced πŸ™‚

      It’s a GREAT idea to get some new tweezers! My old pair still works pretty well, but it wouldn’t hurt to get a backup when it’s on sale! I already own and love the Philosophy Microdelivery Peel. You have to try it some day especially if your skin isn’t too dry or sensitive. I’m always interested in mascaras (shame on me because I already have so many), so I’ll keep that in mind as well!

      LUCKY YOU for your holiday in Portugal! I’m super jealous. I swear I’ll haul a lot o stuff from this sale just to feel better about sitting in Belgium :p

      • Haha! I’m happy you could understand it! πŸ˜€
        Oh, you have the Philosophy Peel, I’m jealous! I do have a verry sensitive (but oily T-zone) skin. Maybe I have to get a try-out (Or how do you call it? In dutch it’s a ‘tester’) of it in Ici Paris XL.
        How long have you been living in Belgium?

      • Haha no problem! I actually reviewed it here: https://mostlysunnybunny.wordpress.com/2012/05/10/goodbye-dullness-hello-baby-skin-philosophy-the-microdelivery-peel-review/

        If your skin is sensitive I’d advise you try a tester first. Also it depends on if your skin is used to some acid. My cheeks are rather sensitive, so I definitely go easy on them when I use the peel. It does do wonders though if your skin doesn’t react badly to it!

        I’ve been in Belgium for almost 4 years now (*gasps*)! I used to live in Brussels and I study in English, so my Flemish is still rather limited. It’ll have to improve though now that I live in Flanders πŸ™‚

  4. I like the Diorshow lash primer – I have a sample, it makes my lashes awesome, but also makes my mascara smear.

    NARS Velvet Matte Pencil in Cruella is my HG red, if they carry NARS. Guerlain Meteorites Compact is my favorite pressed powder (though I’m not sure of your skin type; it’s best for normal to dry skin, I think – it’s not for oily skin). Guerlain Rouge Automatics have a fantastic formula, YSL Glossy Stains are awesome too. I’ve heard great things about Shiseido eyeshadow and blush – on my wishlist though I don’t own any yet. If they have Burberry, Trench eyeshadow is a fantastic highlight shade.

    Have fun shopping!

    • Uh smearing doesn’t sound like too much fun.

      Unfortunately they don’t carry NARS or Burberry, but I AM looking into the Rouge Automatique line again (for something coral. I might get Nahema). Seems like YSL Glossy Stains are on everybody’s list, so I might have to pick up one just to see for myself too! Thanks for the ideas Emi!

  5. I got them in the mail a few days ago, but not sure if I’ll be going. Just protecting myself from overspending πŸ˜‰

    Things I like, that are on the higher end but would be more affordable with the discount:
    – YSL Volume Effet Faux Cils (works wonders on my lashes);
    – Guerlain Super-Aqua Serum;
    – EstΓ©e Lauder Idealist and/or Advanced Night Repair;
    – And of course, loads of makeup πŸ™‚

  6. I love the diorshow maximizer – it’s my favorite!! It makes my lashes huuuuge & I have no problem w smearing or anything!!

  7. shiseido mascara base? I don’t know I don’t use high end brands since I’m just a poor student without a job haha :b. Buy a nice classy red lipstick? Maybe try something of Sisley, I don’t know if they sale that brand there. Since I never go to the ICI Paris XL because the sales ladies always look at me like what are you doing here? 😐

    • Haha oh yeah I heard they have a great one too. It’s going to be hard to decide (sounds like a lot of Googling). I don’t know what I should get from Sisley though. I don’t know the brand at all! Just ignore the sales ladies. Most of the time they leave you alone if you tell them you’re just looking πŸ˜‰

  8. My vote is for Shiseido! I’ve got loads of things I’ve been wanting to try/buy from the brand! First off, their Perfect Foundation Brush for sure! And then I’ve also been wanting to test their Sun Protection Liquid Foundation as well. I’ve also heard many great things about their Perfect Rouge lipstick range!

    Enjoy the F&F sale!

    • 0h yeah how did I forget about the foundation brush? I’ve been really curious about that one (though I really don’t use foundation nowadays haha. Just BB cream and my finger). And yes now com to think of it I read somewhere that their lippies are underrated. Oh my wish list keeps getting longer and longer…

  9. I’d look at Lancome’s lipsticks – esp if you can get your hands on those Rouge in Love! They are beau-ti-ful and the texture is amazing. Oh and any Chanel eyeshadows/lipsticks/lipglosses, sigh..

    • Oooo true! Great idea Adeline! I think Lancome is for some reason a brand that has been largely ignored by me, but it’s time that I take a closer look!

      • Let me know if you end up buying from them, I’d be curious to hear what you think!
        I generally never think of them either, until recently, and I’m not fascinated by the quality of their lipsticks. My issue is that after 2 months of swatching them and reading about them, I still can’t decide which one(s) I want..

  10. ROUGE DIORS. PLEASE, PLEASE, BUY A ROUGE DIOR. And Dior St. Tropez πŸ˜‰ Also, I’ve been super curious about the Chanel Rouge Allure Velvets, but if you don’t like mattes I guess that’s not a good one. And maybe a new fragrance? πŸ˜€

    • Yess Larie Dior Saint-Tropez is now on my wish list. I swatched it today and suddenly realized I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE LOL

      I’m not THAT big on mattes mostly because it’s easier to wear shimmery colors haha. I’m still a wimp when it comes to lippies!

  11. Sunny, you HAVE to check out Shiseido’s Luminizing Satin Face Colors!!! I recently purchased BE206 Soft Beam Gold (I should have a review up shortly…) and they’re SO LOVELY! For some reason, Shiseido is a brand that I easily look over or just think of for skincare, but their makeup is AMAZING. Seriously, the Luminizing Satin Face Color powders are SO soft and silky. RD103 Petal is beautiful too (I played with all of them at the counter for like 2 hours! :P). It’s a peachy-pink with a soft sheen and I am definitely going to grab that one up as well. Also, their cream shadows are sooo smooth and pigmented and rival, in my opinion, Bobbi Brown’s

    • oooh, I forgot, Shiseido’s Perfect Foundation Brush is just lovely! It’s so soft and the short handle makes it easy to control. The angled bristles makes it lay on the skin very easily and natural and also gets into the corners really well. Love it! (it also makes applying foundation foolproof. My mom never liked how her foundation looked/went on, but I taught her how to apply it with a spritz of water on the Perfect Foundation Brush and she said she’d never seen her face look so flawless!)

      • Oh Gosh now I’m really lemming for that brush! I’ve heard a lot about it, and to be honest the price is pretty reasonable already. I don’t really use foundation nowadays. Do you think it’d work with BB creams (I’m sticking to the Dior one)?

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