Urban Decay New Eyeshadows in Midnight Rodeo, Vanilla, Evidence, Blackout, Chase, & Rockstar Swatch & Review

Hey everyone, happy Monday! What better way to celebrate the beginning of a new week with some colors right? I laid my hands on the Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Palette very recently. I am not going to review this palette in full because it’s old news, but with the “new” eyeshadows coming out, I would like to share my thoughts on the ones that are available as individual eyeshadows with you. I also got Rockstar as an individual shadow, so you’ll know what you can expect packaging-wise!

The shades in the 15th Anniversary Palette that are available as individual eyeshadows now are Midnight Rodeo, Vanilla, Evidence, Blackout, and Chase. They were brand-new and exclusive to the palette when they came out, but have become popular enough to be purchased individually. Want to see why they’re such charmers? Read on to find out!

Midnight Rodeo is a beautiful taupy-brown… with silver glitter. The color payoff is excellent with this one. It feels almost creamy, and I would advise you not put too much pressure on your brush/fingertip when you swatch/use it. As much as I love the base color, I have not yet plucked up enough courage to try it on my lids, as I am more or less sure there is going to be quite a bit of glitter fallout. It’s the same story with Sidecar from the Naked palette all over again. I use it once in a blue moon just because the glitter is not so much fun to deal with, and as far as I can tell Midnight Rodeo has way more glitter than Sidecar or Chopper.

Vanilla is a pale yellowish white gold. The color payoff is again very good with this one. I think it’s a great shade for highlighting the inner corners as well as for the inner third/half of the lids.

Evidence is a dark navy blue with a beautiful sheen. Texture-wise however, it doesn’t seem to work as well as the others. It is a bit harder, and it doesn’t pack as much pigment as most other shades in the palette. It takes some building-up for it to show the pan color on the lids. I do kind of wonder if I just got a bad batch though, as I haven’t read about many similar complaints.

Chase is a highly metallic golden broze. The quality of this one is out of the world. I can tell you in all honestly that if I don’t have this palette and I get to swatch this, I would purchase it individually. The fact that it’s a golden bronze helps, but quality-wise it’s definitely one of the best I’ve ever seen as well!

Blackout is a matte black that has since made it into Naked2. I personally don’t use a lot of black, but it is a solid matte one that’s easy enough to work with.

Here you see Midnight Rodeo, Vanilla, Evidence, Chase, and Blackout swatched.

Just in case you want something even better-focused, here are Midnight Rodeo, Vanilla, and Evidence.

Chase and Blackout:

I’ve been drooling over Rockstar forever, and I decided to purchase it as a single eyeshadow also to check out the new packaging.

I quite like the packaging, including the box it came in. I do own some old-style Urban Decay single eyeshadows (though they have long been depotted to fit into my MAC palette), and I think the new ones are definitely more modern-looking.

The idea is that you open up the compact and push the pan out from the bottom. If you don’t want to lay a towel out for the process, I would advise you to do it with the other hand strategically positioned around the edge, just so that it doesn’t pop out and fall. It’s easy enough.

In terms of color, Rockstar is a smoked-out eggplant purple with some shimmer (I see pink and blue) and sheen. The texture and color payoff are again excellent!

I mean just look at this! The swatch was done with me running my finger across the pan twice!

Bottom line: I have always been impressed with most Urban Decay eyeshadows, and most of these do live up to my expectations. Nevertheless, I wouldn’t repurchase the old eyeshadows I already have, because I believe the difference would be minimal. At the moment I am not interested in the palette, because it is pricey, and purchasing it does not give you any discount for the eye shadows (that and I don’t feel the need for Walk of Shame nor the brush). I am still waiting for those factors to be changed as well as being able to buy for example an 8-pan or 10-pan palette to reconsider. In the meantime however, there are definitely some more single eyshadows I would like to check out!

Have you tried any Urban Decay’s new eyeshadows? Are there any out of the six that you might consider purchasing individually? If not, what shades from their new line catch your eye?

Sunny, your beauty culture translator xx

PS: I know this palette is again available on Sephora.com. If there are shades that you would like to see me swatch, please leave a comment down below and I will happily comply! To be honest though, with the individual eyeshadows going for 18 dollars a pop, as long as you are sure you will like more than three eyeshadows from the palette, it would be a good deal! I purchased it because I want to play with colors that I don’t yet own, and would otherwise not purchase on their own.

44 responses

  1. I LOVE the 15th Anniversary palette. It’s so gorgeous. Chase is one of my favorite shadows from that palette, too!

    I have Rockstar as well, but from the NYC palette. The only one I really want to purchase with the new formulation is Pistol. It’s such a pretty taupe gray!

    • Yay glad you like it too, Jen! If you don’t have Naked2 then yeah I’d say Pistol is a pretty cool color to own! It’s not too cool for my warm undertone so that’s definitely a bonus!

      • I’ve been waffling over the Naked2 forever. I do still want it, mainly for Pistol (and Snakebite), but I have so much eyeshadow already. πŸ˜›

    • Ahh you mean Chase right? Chase is really almost a cream. Not powdery whatsoever! I toyed with the idea of getting Mushroom, but I’m still a bit worried that it’d be too cool for me and I won’t be able to make it work too well.

  2. I have this one as well, love it very much ! I do hate Midnight Rodeo and Sidecar from the Naked palette because there’s just so much fallout, they are such beautiful shades but I never use them because otherwise I look like a discoball. That being said, it’s such a shame that the build your own palette from UD is zo pricey as well as the individual shadows. Indeed, you’re far better off buying a pre made palette like naked or this one above, much more bang for your buck. I have been eyeing a few single e/s from UD but 17 euros is a bit to steep for me.

    • Yay I’m glad to hear you enjoy it too! I do think their palettes are often good quality and value, but the individual ones have a price tag that breaks everyone’s heart a little.

  3. I think I will pick up this palette, though I fear I may never use the bright shades (at least not with the boyfriend’s permission lol) I’m afraid chase will be too bronzey on me but I still love midnight 15… And all those dark ones (which again i he wont like lol) maybe one day I’ll decide to get this palette!

    • Haha my boyfriend is really only fussy when he sees bright shades on my lips. He actively loves wacky nail polish colors, and doesn’t mind when I go all out with my eyes either. I think it is possible to incorporate a bright and colorful shade in an otherwise neutral look though. Perhaps that’ll make it easier for him?

  4. I actually bought the 15th Anniversary palette for Evidence. I feel cheated now that they released it as an individual shade. *CRY*

    That said, I don’t think I’ll be getting any more Urban Decay eye shadows anytime soon as I am very keen to try out other brands like Armani and Shu Uemura.

    • Aww Fieran I’m sorry to hear that! I hope you enjoy some other shades in that palette too. Not ALL of them is 10/10, but altogether I think it’s great value for money. I do understand what you mean by not getting more UD stuff as well. It’s great, but there’s just SO MUCH other stuff going on!

  5. I am also always impressed with the quality of Urban Decay eye shadows. I have naked 2 and have tried some single eye shadows by UD , been so far always satisfied and happy! πŸ™‚ The palette u showed here on this post is sooooo pretty *drooling*

    • Naked2 is already the new formula as well as far as I know. However, I do love the original Naked palette and some of their old formula eyeshadows to bits, so the difference is pretty minimal. This is a very FUN palette. The only problem is its availability. At the moment it’s online available online at Sephora, and they don’t ship abroad.

    • Hey Linde! I like the sparkle too if dosed correctly, but the fallout is a bit “urgh” in my book. You should try to see if you can get Naked2. Blackout is in there and there is a shade called Chopper that has glitter πŸ™‚

    • Hey Marijke, yes it is! Despite the fact that it needs some packing on, I still like it particularly because it works really well with purplish shades πŸ™‚

  6. Oh wow, Rockstar looks absolutely gorgeous. Unfkdhsnjh I want it now but but but I’d never be able to use it properly or do much with it 😦 So beautiful, sigh. I’ve got the Naked palette though and I absolutely love that.

    • Hey Libby, I love the Naked palette too! I think wearing colors is something you have to gradually learn. I started out by wearing some color on my lower lash line and moved my way up, even though I still haven’t got the guts to pair fuchsia with teal πŸ™‚

  7. I want to try one of their new shadow formulas too πŸ™‚ Hopefully soon — the 15th anniversary palette was absolutely gorgeous! I don’t have it, but I wish I did πŸ™‚

    • Haha Dovey you should! At least pick out a single or two to see how you like them. I personally think it’s hard not to be impressed with the pigment they pack!

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