Bring Mediterranean to Your Nails with Dior Vernis Saint-Tropez!

Dior Vernis Saint-Tropez isn’t exactly new news. Back in July 2011, it was launched in extremely limited quantity to celebrate the Dior boutique opening. It sold out so fast that it broke numerous hearts. I’m sure when it was brought back with the Croisette Collection many could barely suppress a yelp of joy!

I liked the swatches I saw back at the time, but I never looked into it since from what I read it was sold out at lightening speed. Also, here is the thing: I know it is some kind of silly bias, but I had (and to a certain extent still have) the idea that turquoise, like most blues, would not work for my skin tone.

I swatched it when the Croisette Collection came out and thought to myself: hey, this doesn’t look half bad for something I was 100% sure wouldn’t work for me! However, it took me another while to swatch it again, fall in love, and make the purchase.

Let me just say I don’t regret one tiny bit!

Saint-Tropez is, for me personally, the perfect turquoise. It has the right proportion of blue and green for it to make it a simply wonderful color. It has a cream finish, but if you look very closely, it contains tiny shimmer that is hardly translated to the nails. With one coat you see the shimmer better, but with two coats it is only there when you really stare at your nail and move it under the light. I own other Dior Vernis that contains barely visible shimmer, but in Saint-Tropez I appreciate it even more: it is like the reflection of sunlight on seawater!

Like other Dior Vernis I own, Saint-Tropez has impeccable consistency and perfect application. It is a no-brainer to work with, and opacity can be achieved with two coats.

Saint-Tropez is a shade that looks different on different skin tones, though I think it is gorgeous on everybody. Also, it changes quite a bit with the light, so it’s hard not to admire your nails just a bit more with Saint-Tropez on!

Bottom line: I am absolutely delighted with this nail polish. It has taught me that turquoise could work for my warm skin tone, and I can’t wait to rock it all summer long! If you still have access to this nail polish, at least swatch it to see how you feel. You might be pleasantly surprised!

Have you seen Saint-Tropez? Do you own it or something similar? What is a nail polish color that you didn’t think you could pull off only to be proven wrong later?

Sunny, your beauty culture translator xx

EDIT 8TH July 2012: this one’s for you, Rinny! I don’t think Saint-Tropez is quite the Tiffany blue (a bit darker and there’s more green in it), but I have been nothing but obsessed with this shade!

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    • Hey Esmay, you should look into it! I know Dior Vernis is a bit of an investment, so I hope you’ll manage to score it in the sales! Just think it’s not only a beautiful color but also a beautiful formula and GREAT brush!

  1. Gosh this is SO exquisite! I recently bought Essie’s Turquoise & Caicos and convinced myself that it was close enough and I didn’t NEED Saint-Tropez…but your swatches are proving me wrong. It is gorgeous and a definite must-have

    • Haha from what I can see they aren’t really the same things. The Essie one is pretty, but it looks so much greener to me. Pick it up before it’s sold out! I’m sure this shade will, sooner or later!

    • OOO Rinny, now come to think of it I should get another shot of my manicure with a Tiffany box/pouch. Thanks for the idea! I THINK the Tiffany blue is slightly greener. We’ll see 🙂

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