Make Up For Ever Black Tango & Aqua Shadow Swatches

One more store for beauty addicts to spend hours exploring in the heart of Brussels: the Make Up For Ever boutique!

Make Up For Ever has been in Belgium for several years, but the old store was only open to professionals. Aren’t we glad the sizable new boutique and even their academy that trains makeup artists are now located about 3 minutes away from the Central Station, AND it is open to the general public? I know I am!

If you want to see more pictures of the boutique and their regular line-up, please go to the Facebook album. The post today is all about their fall collection Black Tango! I also swatched all the Aqua Shadows for you, so let’s get the party started!

I think this palette of Aqua Creams is pretty nifty. Besides the white with some golden sheen, the other three colors are very smoked-out and good for the cooler seasons. They all swatched well, but from what I remember you have to give the navy blue shade just a bit more time to set, because otherwise you might scrape the color off instead of building it up!

The three nail polishes match the three dark colors in the palette. These rich jewel-toned nail polishes are pretty typically what I’d wear for the colder seasons!

They included a permanent Aqua Creams in the collection #1 (silvery steel) and introduced a new one #27 (true black). #27 is also the new member of the permanent line-up!

Their Waterproof Eyebrow Corrector is also part of the collection. If you take a closer look at the model’s brows in the promotional picture, I’m relatively sure they are done with the eyebrow corrector.

Here you can see all the swatches together and the Waterproof Eyebrow Corrector on the right:

Now here is something I didn’t manage to swatch for you. Aqua Rouge is also coming out this autumn, and from what I can see they look like liquid lipsticks. There is clear gloss on the other end, which I assume is used to seal the colors and give them some shine. There are even coordinating lip liners so you can have very sculpted lips that feather less easily!

Now the Aqua Shadows!

Here you see the shimmery ones: #28E, #32E, #30E, #24E, #26E, #22E, #20E

The matte ones: #8E, #6E, #4E, #2E, #0E

My impression is that the shimmery ones are creamier and glide on more easily than the matte ones. In general the shimmery shades are also colors that are easier to use in my humble opinion. I bought one, and I will be testing it out for you soon!

Here is all of them together:

Yup, my arm is so crazy swatched-up allll the time 😉

What is your experience with MUFE? Have you tried the Aqua Shadows yet? Is there anything in the Black Tango collection that caught your eye?

Sunny, your beauty culture translator xx

23 responses

    • I’ve got to play with mine once so far. I put it on hours after I washed my face, and I’m pretty sure I put my eye cream on my lids too. I also accidentally rubbed one eye after I put it on, and 7 hours later it was still completely intact (it might have oxidized a little with the oil on my lids, but since I did use eye cream earlier that day it’s normal)! I’ll have to test it out more thoroughly before I can write about it, but I was pretty amazed to say the least!

  1. Good swatches! The lip thingies sound interesting! I think that’s cool that they’re doing an aqua cream palette too! I look forward to your aqua shadow pencil review – I don’t don’t what to think of them yet!

    I like the idea of aqua creams but haven’t tried them on anywhere besides eyes. I have the 12 color flash palette thinking it could serve the same purpose but I’ve never used it! (too scared to mess it up I think lol)

    • I’ll try my best to test my Aqua Shadow out soon! I saw the 12 color flash palette as well, but it looked SO professional to me I just wouldn’t know how to start using it!

  2. I love MUFE!

    The palette of aqua creams look lovely (I adore darker shades that can be smoked out) and I always want to buy but I have the issue of not knowing what to do with them!! 😦

    The aqua rouge also looks interesting. I love their products but sometimes, it’s a little TOO long lasting for me, lol!

    • Yay Libby glad to hear you like it! Aqua Creams look like a good base, so if you want a base that will make your eye makeup last it’s something you might want to look into. I know what you mean by some products being TOO long-lasting as well haha. I might try to get hold of an Aqua Rouge to see how the formula works 🙂

    • Haha I only started using cream products recently and I am a total fan! Nowadays there are great ones on the market in all price ranges. I like how the good ones really wouldn’t go anywhere until you want to remove them!

  3. wow, the deep blue and cherry colour (from that palette) look like YSL gel liner, what a surprise! I really have to get at least 1 of those aqua eyeshadows. thank you so much for the awesome swatches.

  4. I have a couple aqua cream shadows and a couple aqua pencils and I love them. They are so easy to use and last all day without creasing.I only discovered MUFE a few months ago but they are one of my favorite already. The black tango palette loos beautiful.

    • Glad to hear they last so well on you! I’ve tried my Aqua Shadow once and already I was SO impressed! The palette has awesome fall colors! I think it’s very smart to make a palette like this, since Aqua Cream is one of their star products 🙂

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