Upcoming Trip, a Wedding, My Summer So Far (& Of Course Kitties!)

It’s that time of the year when this birdie flies south. In two weeks I’ll be boarding the plane for my holiday in Taipei! I am pretty sure this adorable Caudalie set is coming with me. It comes with 30ml of Cleansing Water, 10ml of Moisturizing Sorbet, 30ml of Fleur de Vigne Shower Gel, 30ml of Gentle Conditioning Shampoo, and 30ml of Nourishing Body Lotion. Some of these are old friends (you can see my review of the Moisturizing Sorbet here. It is still my current go-to night cream), and others are new. They come in a travel-friendly bag that has canvas parts to make it extra special. The best part? It retails for 10 euros! Especially if you’re traveling by plane and can’t have your full-size bottles with you, this set is an amazing deal. Even if you’re not traveling, it would be a good start to get to know more Caudalie products!

Also, with the 2-week countdown, I am going on the Oenobiol Intensive Sun treatment today. I will for sure report the results after my holiday!

That’s the end of beauty talk for this post. Now you are invited to take a peek at my summer so far! Just so you know, “summer” is a big word for my part of the world this year. We have had almost nothing but horrendous rain and chilly weather, but whenever things get a little better we take advantage of it!

Like picking strawberries in a friend’s garden… (never mind it started raining cats and dogs half an hour later)

Chilling out at a summer wedding…

Even when the weather refuses to improve, we could still enjoy a Sunday brunch!

L’amour Fou (crazy love) is a burger restaurant in Brussels, but I was there for brunch and I ordered their scone set:

Yummy! The scones were fluffier than what I’m used to, but still. I didn’t even manage to finish the whole plate!

I also participated in the second edition of The Big You, which is a blogger event organized by Unlimited PR. I took this photo from their Facebook album. You can see me designing a T-shirt for my favorite brand Lavand. The dress I’m wearing in the picture is Lavand, so is the one I sport in the wedding picture and about 80% of my wardrobe!

An exciting addition to my life: my bestie’s new kitten! He doesn’t have an official name yet. At the moment we call him Socks (because all four of his paws are white). My bestie fished him out of her sister-in-law’s backyard before his mother could starve him (some mamas aren’t naturals), so I have a godson now! This picture was taken about 10 days ago. In the meantime he has grown A LOT bigger. Can’t wait to see him again!

Muffin, my much bigger kitten still zooms around and sleeps in creative positions all the time πŸ™‚

I was in the middle of a long photo session yesterday when I left to test something on my lids. When I got back two minutes later, well, wouldn’t you know who was sitting among everything I was photographing?

Tango sniffed around a bit and sat down, totally feeling like home. I calmly snapped a couple of photos before removing him from the spot. Thanks but no thanks. You never cooperate when I try to make you model for Mostly Sunny!

That’s it for today, peeps! I hope you enjoyed the bits and bobs of my life! I’m already planning holiday-related posts. I’ll show you what I take with me on the plane, the skincare/makeup that make it to my suitcase, and I will see how well some of the long-wearing products hold up to to the hot and humid weather of Taiwan!

Does that sound good? Do you have any other ideas about what you want to see?

Sunny, your beauty culture translator xx

29 responses

  1. Eeeee, I love this post, so muc awesome things to it! I adore the picture of you both, you look so cute together! And yeah the cats.. They are super cute!

  2. Caudalie!! I’m using the sorbet creme as my nighttime moisturizer as well at the moment ;D

    You and the boy look really lovely together! And I love that dress you have on. Perfect for a summer wedding. Have fun on your trip to Taipei!! Eat lots and enjoy the seafood!

    • Yay same here, Libby! I’ve been using that as my night cream, and also during daytime when my skin is a bit irritated/dehydrated.

      I had to laugh when I read “enjoy the seafood!” You know very well what I’m going to do in Taipei haha

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