It’s Khaki, it’s Plum, it’s Taupe, it’s bareMinerals Urban Nature Prime Time Primer Shadow!

Things in life change fast! In a matter of months, I have gone from not thinking cream shadows could be that amazing to wanting to try them all! I remember reading about bareMinerals Prime Time Primer Shadows when they first came out, but didn’t realize I could get them online here. When I did, I knew I had to grab Urban Nature!

The bareMinerals Prime Time Primer Shadows are a cross between an eyeshadow primer and cream shadows. They can be seen as either really crease-resistant cream shadows or tinted primers if that makes sense. From what I can see the boxes are different nowadays, but still the drawing of the tube on the side reminds me of watercolor supplies!

As you can see, the tube is rather tiny in my palm. It only contains 3ml! You only need very little for each lid; literally the size of the head of a pin. Nevertheless, for something that costs 18 US dollars, I could have a bit more!

You can find the instructions on a piece of paper in the box. It is also in 5 languages which is pretty neat!

The Primer Shadow has a slanted applicator, but I have never used it straight from the tube.

I like to squeeze some out and apply with my pinky. For your reference, the amount you can see here is largely enough for one eye!

Now, does this hold up to the crease-resistant claim? I am happy to report a definite yes! It dries fast, so you have to work fast to smudge the edges out, and once it’s set it does not move! The texture makes blending very easy though, and I have never experienced any problems. By the end of the day, it still looks as if I have just applied my eyeshadows, and the press shadows I layer on top also stay vibrant! It is supposed to be waterproof, but I haven’t tried to go for a swim/shower with it so I can’t personally testify for that claim.

Why did I choose Urban Nature, especially when there is a good purple (Chroma Violet) and green (Racing Green) in the line?

Well, it is simply because Urban Nature is one of the most complex shades you will see on the market. It is a grayish taupe that reflects khaki or plum depending on the light and what you combine with it! It also has a murky quality that I find very interesting, but it does not boarder on looking dirty.

Here it looks more khaki:

Here it looks more plum:

I also took one with flash, and that would be closer to what this shade looks on me on its own:

Are you intrigued yet?!

In my FOTDs I’m wearing Urban Nature all over my lids, with the browbone shade of the right column of Wet n’ Wild Comfort Zone on my inner third, the eyelid shade on the outer third, and MAC Humid for the outer v. However, I also love to combine it with purple/plum eyeshadows! For someone who has a lot of greens and purples, here is something that is great to have in the collection!

One thing that’s noteworthy is that I do find eyeshadows I blend on top take on this murky quality. They are not straight greens or purples anymore. They also become a bit taupe-y if that makes sense. If you want the colors to really pop you might want to look at other similar products, but if you think it’s fun to wear colors in a more subdued way, check out Urban Nature!

Bottom line: The amount of product you get is the only thing I am not entirely happy with Urban Nature. Otherwise, the staying powder and complexity of color make this shade something you have to check out if you like taupe, khaki, or plum!

Have you heard of bareMinerals Prime Time Primer Shadows? What are some great cream shadows you have tried? Is there anything from bareMinerals you could like to recommend?

Sunny, your beauty culture translator xx

24 responses

    • Hey Jill, this stays SO well on me with no primer I think you should look into it! Cream shadows do tend to crease around my inner corners too, but this survives!

  1. I like a little hint of color on my lids, but I can never wear anything creamy because of my oily lids. I am glad to hear this is strong and could maybe work on its own or with eyeshadow!

  2. I love their eyeshadow primer and I agree, it is expensive! also the quality is good, I got NARS now. I yet have to try some of their prime time primer shadows, I think they will work great as a base or on their own.

  3. Sunny, try the pressed eye shadows! I just bought 2 duos. They were super pigmented when I swatched them at Sephora. I just can’t wait to take pictures so I can use them.

  4. Just found your wonderful site – bonjour from Canada! Can you compare this with Too Faced Shadow Insurance? I’m thinking of trying it (I have REALLY oily lids and I generally laugh – or cry – in the face of creaseless claims). Cheers!

    • Thanks for the compliment Angela! This as a cream shadow holds up perfectly well on me, but if you want you can always layer it on top of a primer! Unfortunately I have never tried Shadow Insurance (UDPP is still my go-to primer at the moment, though I’ve been trying out NARS Smudgeproof and think it does do the job). Hope this helps! If you do give this a go I hope it’ll work well for you!

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