Try Shiseido for Your Perfect Foundation Brush!

A while ago when I was asking your guys’ opinions about what I should get during a major sale, the Shiseido Perfect Foundation Brush popped up more than once. I’m glad I followed the advice and got it!

The Shiseido Perfect Foundation Brush is designed to work all foundations, be it powder or liquid/cream. It is not recommended for water resistant foundations, but I really think it is the cleaning afterwards that will cause trouble.

You will find the brush as well as the instructions inside the box, which I find practical. The brush has a stubbly handle which is the shortest among all the full-size brushes I own.

See how small it is? I do think the short handle gives more control. The brush head is pretty small too, but that’s what makes navigating the pesky areas of my face so easy! The top is slightly slanted, and the hair is very dense and soft. I am happy to report that so far I haven’t had any problems of it shedding or losing color.

This is what I do: I pump out some Dior Hydra Life BB Cream (that’s something I have not stopped loving since I reviewed it 3 months ago) on the back of my hand, dab the brush lightly into the BB cream, and start dabbing gently on my face (the instructions say you can dab the liquid foundation on your face with your finger before working with the brush, but I don’t know if it will become a bit dry before I get to work with it, so I prefer to dab it off the back of my hand with the brush).

I find gentle pressure works the best with this brush. Don’t stump it on your face so hard that even the hair starts bending left and right! That’s not really supposed to happen.

What do I get? Smooth, even, and radiant skin! I find that the Dior BB cream covering my occasional spots so much better that I don’t need a separate concealer afterwards (provided the spots are not big of course). Even my pores are minimalzed with this brush and the dabbing application. With such dense and short hair, brush strokes are literally out of the question. I have never had to smooth over any with this brush!

Also, this works like a charm with cream blushes as well. I dab a dot of cream blush on each cheek, and it is blended out at the snap of a finger! Again, the effect is more natural (compared with dabbing with my fingertips). It is as if the blush had become one with my skin!

Cleaning this brush is easy enough. I do it with gentle/animal shampoo. Rising all the suds off might take a while, but it is possible to clean it pretty thoroughly this way.

Bottom line: I can’t say enough good things about Shiseido Perfect Foundation Brush. For the price (with the discount I paid a bit more than 20 euros for it) it is one amazing tool to have, and I hope you will at least check it out when you have the chance!

What is your favorite foundation brush? Do you use a swiping or dabbing motion? If you own this brush, do you use it with anything else other than your foundation?

Sunny, your beauty culture translator xx

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  1. Yay–I’m glad you like it Sunny! I have been sitting on a review of this brush for MONTHS, but it is probably one of my most favorite brushes. It’s SO soft and makes foundation application absolutely effortless. You don’t even have to think–you can use strokes, dab, a stippling motion….and it all turns out flawless!

    • Thanks so much for the recommendation Becca! I have been following the instructions and using a dabbing motion. It works well! Now I want to try to use it in different ways!

  2. I love brush so much, I have 3! 😀 2 from Shiseido and 1 from the drugstore line of Shiseido 131. All are perfect and all apply flawlessly. Excellent choice.

  3. Oh, this looks divine. I love my Real Techniques buffing brush for foundation and this reminds me of it– except the bristles look even more dexterous. Thanks for the wonderful review as always! Ps. I tried a sample of the Dior BB cream and LOVED it. I also used it as a highlighter over another bb cream and it gave my skin such a luminous quality….

    • Oh I’ve wanted to try RT brushes for a while now! Must look into them soon! I’m glad o hear you like the Dior BB cream! My bestie’s sister-in-law ended up buying and loving it as well. She sent me an email a couple of days ago saying it makes her look 10 years younger! That’s pretty reassuring haha

  4. My skin was always so flaky so I never used brushes, just the Beauty Blender or my fingers. But now my skin is so much better with that YSL Forever Youth stuff, that I think I can use a brush now. I am getting this one! It sounds perfect!

  5. I will buy this baby soon! It sounds like something I need in my life, haha! Shiseido is quickly becoming one of my new favourite brands, they have such great stuff!

  6. It is my favourite foundation brush! I am glad you like it too.
    There is a makeup sponge cleanser from Daiso that costs $2 that cleans the brush very quickly and thoroughly.

  7. oooh! Sunny. this sounds great! I’ve always been interested in this brush but never jumped in and got one. Glad it works so well for you, and I will definitely put it on the list for later! 🙂

  8. Oh yay! I’m glad you like it! I just bought it two days ago and haven’t been able to give it a try yet since I don’t normally sport a full-face of makeup, but I’m really happy that you’ve got love for it too 🙂

  9. ooh the brush looks just darn cute! the bristle seems very dense and even as well.
    i still use my shiseido brushes i purchased a decade ago and they are fine! they must make good brushes. 😉

  10. This brush looks perfect in every way! I use a flat foundation brush from Eco Tools and one from Sigma. I recently acquired a couple other types, a stippling and a fat/flat one like this one. Now I need to get the technique down on using them!

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