For the Love of Summer and Corals: Guerlain Nahema Rouge Automatique

It is almost not fair for me to write another Guerlain Rouge Automatique review, since long-time readers will know I have a real soft spot for these. A while ago I was shocked to realize despite my theoretical appreciation for corals, I did not own a real coral lipstick. That situation was to be rectified as soon as possible with my favorite lipstick range so far.

That’s how Nahema (143) came into my possession, and the reason why you have a short and sweet raving review to read today!

I have reviewed the packaging of Rouge/Shine Automatiques before, so I am not going to bore you again here. In short, even 5 months after my first Rouge Automatique and more experience with lipsticks, I am still a fan of of the packaging. I wish it had a bit more heft, but I stand by the fact that the mechanism is very nifty, and I cannot express how much I love the casing that is not a fingerprint magnet!

Nahema is a coral pink with some golden shimmer and a natural sheen. The shimmer is very subtle and doesn’t travel. It glides on easily, doesn’t slide off, is light and comfortable to wear. For me the Rouge/Shine Automatiques function as well as lip balms. I reach for them after long-swatching sessions of less moisturizing lip products, and the second I put it on I can literally hear my lips heave a sigh of relief!

Nahema is pretty opaque after one layer, and wears 4-5 hours on me. Like most corals, I think it will beautifully for those with a warmer undertone!

Are you a fan of coral? What is your go-to coral lipstick? What is your favorite line of lipsticks?

Sunny, your beauty culture translator xx

33 responses

    • Thanks Tracy! Looks like I’ll have to lay my hands on the bright fuchsia from this line! I love Dior Riviera as well, but it’s more like a neon orange instead of coral on me!

  1. It looks good on you Sunny! I love the color but can’t pull that color off even if my life depended on it. Lucky girl! And I love the packaging with the push up lever to reveal the lipstick. Very efficient. It would be the perfect packaging if it were round instead of square-ish. My personal favorite would have to be 104 Jicky. It’s MLBB shade.

    • Thanks Emilie! I’m sure you can pull colors off that I will never be able to as well ๐Ÿ™‚ Jicky is adorable. I have to stop myself from wanting to collect the whole line!

  2. I LOVE Guerlain RAs! My all time favourite lipstick formula and I have quite a lot of colours from them, my fav and first colour I got is Champs Elysees. I love coral and nahema is kinda a cameleon on me: one day it looks beautiful and the other it looks off, but I really like the colour. It looks amazing on you! I also like the packaging but it is a mess to clean up (one of my RA broke and it was so difficult to clean, you have to be careful with those in summer, they break very easily)

    • Yaay glad you feel the same about RAs! Thanks for the heads-up as well. I haven’t had any problems so far, but I will be extra careful now that I’m in Taipei (where it’s 35+ degrees during daytime)!

    • Thanks Becca! I’d say it’ll look fabulous on you as well! I recommended this to a friend who is also warm-toned (though she’s more olive than yellow) and it was instant love! Now we have matching lipsticks ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Oh Kristi I’m sure you can find many other shades in this line that will work for you! The Shine Automatiques have the same packaging, just in case you’re still in the market for a good summmer lippie!

  3. Looks so pretty! I have one (#103) but haven’t really explored more shades yet… But thanks for reminding me that I should! ๐Ÿ™‚

      • That is definitely the smart thing to do! ๐Ÿ™‚ I think I was going for an everyday neutral that I’d get a lot of use from… except I never remember to put on lip products and I always feel like saving the pricier ones. So much for that plan, LOL!

  4. seriously Guerlain has one of the best lip packaging. I am not a big fan of corals but I’ll go gaga only because of the packaging. 4-5 hours of wear is good for me, I don’t like lipstick that last too long on my lip. It may sounds weird, but I love the time when I see my self and say “oh I need to re-apply my lipstick” :p

    • Yeah I know. It’s really the only drawback. I’m personally all for getting a small handful of lipsticks that I’d happily wear all the time though ๐Ÿ™‚

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