Guest Post: BellaChique Reviews Fekkai Illuminating Cream!

Hey everyone!

As I am on holiday at the moment, the beautiful Teri from BellaChique has kindly agreed to contribute a guest post. She is reviewing the Fekkai Illuminating Cream for ya! I received this as a sample several months back. Since I have no highlight, I found the perfect person to help! Let’s hear what Teri has to say!


Hi to all the lovely readers here! Sunny was so kind to give me the Fekkai Illuminating cream to test out on my hair a while ago, and now I can share my thoughts about it with you today. Now let me start off with my hair. I’m Asian and when I was a teen I got bored of my black hair quite fast so I started to dye it. I dyed it red, I dyed it pink, I even dyed it light blond once, and I never stopped dyeing my hair. My favourite thing to do is putting highlights in my hair, it makes my hair look so much better and it gives so much more dimension to it. Because of my black hair, it sometimes is quite a challenge to dye it in a good way without getting the burned orange look because that’s not what we want! So needless to say, I like to invest in my hair because some failed tries convinced me to get it done by the best, and only the best! It’s obviously important to maintain those highlights and that’s where the Fekkai Illuminating cream comes in.



The Fekkai Illuminating cream protects the hair from fading and getting that dull look. It also prevents your hair from brassiness, something I suffered from in the past and it’s a horrible sight because it looks like a weird kind of orange that’s not flattering at all. The Illuminating cream comes in a tube with 113 grams of product, which is a fair amount and it goes for 22.70 euro. The tube is a light shade of pink and it’s very easy to control the amount you squeeze out. The Illuminating cream looks white and it feels very creamy without being greasy. The smell of the Illuminating cream is amazing! I can’t precisely describe it, but it has this sweet smell – not the candy kind of sweetness, but a good sweetness with a hint of something herbal.


It’s very easy to use. I just squeeze a bit cream on my hands, rub them together and then I comb it through my hair. It has great moisturising properties and yes, the smell is just great! Now this is a tricky product to review because if all goes well you are supposed to NOT see a difference! Now in all honesty I don’t experience much fading and having dull hair the past few years because good highlights start with a good hair salon (trust me, there is a difference!) but it does fade slowly. The immediate results are soft and shiny hair. If you use this regularly you will notice that your hair maintains its beautiful highlights without getting lighter or changing colour.



The ingredient list is very nice too. It contains sunflower seed extract, grape seed oil, olive oil, shea butter, … ingredients with great moisturising properties! It already sounds like a great product, but it also has a few minor downsides. First of all, this product contains a lot of silicones. Now I don’t have anything against silicones, but my hair hates it. It was quite okay with the Illuminating cream because my hair usually reacts faster to silicones, but if you have the same problem I would not recommend this. The other minor bad point is the amount of fragrance, it’s a lot. Yes, it smells divine, so the decision is up to you if you take it or leave it. For me it’s ok, I adore it, so this is an exception for once.


My highlights after using the Illuminating Cream

All in all it’s a great product, it really does makes a difference to me, leaving my hair super soft and shiny! It would be even more perfect if they lowered the amount of fragrance and silicones, but that’s all I can think off. Definitely check it out and don’t forget to take a sniff too because it’s heavenly!


The result after using the Illuminating Cream

Thank you Teri for the fantastic post!

Do you dye/highlight your hair? If so, do you have to do anything to keep it going? You really have to enlighten me here, as I have done absolutely nothing color-wise to my hair all my life!

Sunny, your beauty culture translator xx

PS: Sadly, Fekkai is going to exit its international markets next January. If you want to try/like their products, you might want to act fast! I am a bit bummed out about this personally, as I still really like their Marine Summerhair Smooth Sailing Anti-Frizz Cream!

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