Are Your Eyelashes Violet-tinted? Le 2 de Guerlain Blu 2 Pucci

Granted I have tried many different mascaras, I have never played with any that is not black. When Le 2 de Guerain Blu 2 Pucci landed on my doorstep, I was simultaneously excited and skeptical. Really? Do I want violet-tinted lashes?

Le 2 de Guerlain is the less-raved about big sister of Noir G. The packaging is curvy and much longer than your average mascara. It is duo-ended with one bigger wand for the upper lashes and one smaller for the lower lashes.

The brush for the upper lashes promises volume, length, curl, and definition, while the lower claims it takes in the tiniest lashes. Does that sound about perfect to you?

Blu 2 Pucci also comes with the box with Pucci pattern on the inside, like the Riviera nail polish that I showed you before.

The brushes are probably what I like the most about this mascara! The one for the upper lashes is curvy and flexible, while the one for the lower lashes is tiny and has a slight angle.

The interesting thing about this mascara is that it has a faint smell, a bit like the perfume/powder smell of luxury lipsticks. It is very faint and fades fast, so it doesn’t bother me! Formula-wise Le 2 de Guerlain is a bit wet. I somehow wonder if it is something that will change a little with time, but since it is a limited edition product after all, I didn’t want to wait too long before I blog about it!

The brushes are easy to maneuver. I especially love what can be achieved for my bottom lashes with ease. The color of this mascara is violet, just like the nail polish. However, it is not AS intense on the lashes, especially in dimmer light. The swatch photos are taken with decent lighting and very close-up. If you see it in real life, you will know it is not as shocking as it seems to be!

(On the left: one coat on the upper lashes. On the right: two coats on the upper lashes and one coat on the bottom)

Performance-wise this mascara is decent. I wouldn’t say it blows me away, but it does offer a bit of everything! Because of the wetter formula however, it doesn’t hold curls on my inner lashes as well as I want it to. The great thing is it doesn’t smudge at all, and I think it is more like an everyday natural type of mascara if you’re in the market for one!

Now here’s the thing: to be honest I haven’t gathered enough courage to wear it out of my house yet! It is not a bad color on me at all, and as I’ve said it is not a very in-your-face type of color, but for some reason I’m not too sure I want my lashes to look violet (at least not for daytime). Am I conditioned by all the black mascaras on the market?

Bottom line: Le 2 de Guerlain is a decent everyday mascara with a slightly wetter formula, and Blu 2 Pucci is a lovely violet color. If you’re in the market for a violet mascara, make sure you check this out!

Where do you stand on violet (or any non-black) mascaras? What would you pair with Blu 2 Pucci? Have you tried Le 2 de Guerlain or Noir G?

Sunny, your beauty culture translator xx

Disclosure: The product mentioned in this review is sent by the PR for my consideration. All opinions are honest and my own. I am in no way compensated for this review. I have always been, and will always be committed ONLY to my readers.

In other Guerlain news: can you guess what has been the source of inspiration for artists for decades? More news to come later!

22 responses

  1. I wear blue mascara when I feel like it, although sometimes I feel it isn’t obvious enough πŸ˜‰ this colour looks really pretty. You can wear your normal mascara and coat just the tips with this mascara.

    Anyway it’s only makeup we ought to have fun with it. I tend to wear the more fun colours during weekends.

  2. Beside those pucci ballz, this is the second product I don’t have from this collex. It looks beautiful and really … blue! I love that colour on your lashes. Still thinking if I should get this, the smaller brush would be especially nice for my bottom lashes.

    • Keep me posted if you get it! I’m just not too sure what eye makeup I should wear with this mascara, otherwise I’d wear it out just to see how it feels!

  3. I think you can do really fun stuff with coloured mascara, but yeah, never tried one myself. I love the colour and I think the two brushes are quite neat!

  4. If you are shy about wearing it, try applying one coat of black mascara, then two coats of the purple. It will subdue the bright color.

    I did a shoot for GAZE Ezine yesterday, Hopefully, the photographer will release some retouched images soon. I want to do a blog post and upload them to Twitter, so tell me what you think when you see them!

  5. I think it’d be great to wear out! At least for going out or something. A couple years ago I used to wear colored mascara but I don’t know if it ever showed up that well. I used to do dark blue or dark purple and it’d look black except in some lights/angles and that was cool.

  6. I’ve seen colored mascaras in Sephora, but I’ve never tried them myself. I’m all for colored liners, but personally, I think that anything but black or brown lashes looks a bit odd. I do like that this mascara has 2 different sized brush applicators though. More mascaras should come with 2 brushes πŸ™‚

  7. I’d only dare to wear this to a party. I guess I’m not adventurous enough to rock this one on a daily basis. :’) I do think it looks better on girls with dark hair and/or skin. I think it tends to look a bit cheap on blondes if it’s not worn the right way.

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