Come Chill with Me: Escents Aromatherapy Spa Taipei

Ever since I was a teenager, I have enjoyed the smells of different essential oils and the idea of aromatherapy enormously. When I discovered the Canadian brand Escents, I started exploring the wide range of essential oils they offer. I was probably one of their earliest customers when they opened their own spa, and to this day a spa session at Escents remains on the top of my priority list for my stay in Taipei.

Located in one of the busiest area of Taipei, the second you step through the door it feels entirely possible to leave the world behind. There are plenty of plants around the premises, which instantly cool and calm you down.

The ground floor is the Escents store, and the spa can be found down the stairs. You get to pick an essential oil you want to add to the massage oil later. Most of the time I pick a blend, but it is also possible to add a pure one to a blend if you like (or even start from scratch if you know what you’re doing)! After that, it’s time to go downstairs! I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves and show you how relaxing and exotic (it feels like a villa in Bali) it is!

There are several rooms where sessions take place. What’s special about Escents is that each room is equipped with its own shower, so you will never have to share with anyone else (this is very rare here. Most places have a shower/locker area like the gyms). The rooms are spacious, and they are assigned with different themes and colors. This time I got the purple room: Balance.

The lit sign means it is occupied.

Spacious shower with Escents shower gel/shampoo/conditioner if you need any!

Crystals are popular decorations in Taiwan, especially purple ones. See the big formation on top of the cabinet?

The therapist takes you downstairs before leaving you to shower and change into the robe at your ease. When you are done, simply call and she’ll come back downstairs.

In the meantime, you can soak your feet in this bucket. All treatments start with a foot scrub!

I had a facial this time, but all facials come with some back/hand massage, and I couldn’t be happier! All the therapists I’ve had over the years are extremely polite and professional (they never push you to purchase anything, which is what happens all too often here). I always melt and fall asleep!

2 hours later I woke up relaxed with radiant skin. I’m pretty sure the collagen mask did its job while I drifted peacefully into a snooze!

Just as a reminder: even though my skin is always well-hydrated and bouncy after a facial, I wouldn’t arrange to meet anyone important afterwards. The well-hydrated glow can look very oily soon (especially in hot and humid weather), and I don’t think it’s an ideal base to put your foundation on. I only took my Bobbi Brown Brow Shaper with me so that I’d have some brows, and a lip gloss for a bit of color.

Some light food and herbal infusion is always served afterwards. Escents works with small organic local farms, and the food was fresh and healthy!

So zen!

A good spa session slows me down and takes my mind off everything. I know I am already looking forward to coming back next year!

When was the last time you went to a spa/had a massage? Do you have a favorite place? Are you a believer of aromatherapy?

Sunny, your beauty culture translator xx

17 responses

  1. It’s been ages since I last enjoyed a spa / facial session! Like you, I do find that post-facial I can’t go out to meet anyone as it not only makes my skin look oily the redness in my skin is a lot more pronounced after all that massaging. I do believe in aromatherapy as I almost always have a scented candle burning in a corner of my room. =)

  2. Woooow, this looks like heaven, I would totally go there! The style is so peaceful, I like the details and the wood and the colour sheme! It’s so luxurious!

  3. I go for a spa session whenever I…. I….. wait, ’whenever’ is not the right term to use, coz the last time I went was… what, 3 years ago? Haha… I prefer massages. Deep tissue, traditional Chinese kind, where they ease all the tension and pain away. Spa just isn’t my cup of tea. Maybe I’d change my mind if I become a tai tai one day. Will keep you updated. LOL.

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