Bobbi Brown Soothing Cleansing Oil Review

Unless I am mistaken, cleansing oil is a phenomenon that started in Asia. Touted to be a product that removes makeup, deep-cleanses the skin, and even eventually reduces blackheads (some , cleansing oil holds all kinds of fantastic promises. I was seriously tempted many times when I was younger, but at the same time some people claim it breaks them out so I never did. It is not until a month or so ago that I tried my first oil cleanser: Bobbi Brown Soothing Cleansing Oil.

The Soothing Cleansing Oil replaces the old version of Cleansing Oil, and is dubbed as “luxury meets simplicity.” It boasts jasmine flower extract, kukui oil, and a blend of olive, sunflower, and jojoba oil. It comes in a 200ml bottle. The packaging is simple yet sturdy. I really like the pump, as you can lock it by just turning it. You might not normally have to lock it, but I traveled with this to Taipei and I really appreciated how sturdy and secure the pump is!

The texture of the cleanser is very pleasant. It doesn’t feel heavy or greasy, and it glides on the skin easily. This might sound like a weird thing to say about a cleansing “oil,” but my experience with dry oils and so on has taught me that not all oils are made equal! It smells faintly like lavender, which I personally adore! The smell is definitely not strong though, and I think even those who don’t like strong scents in their skincare should be fine with it.

The process is fairly standard. I start with a dry face and dry hands (water emulsifies the oil to remove makeup, and it is not supposed to happen until you have massaged it around), and 2-3 pumps of the oil (don’t skimp). Massage it around your face. It is effective against waterproof makeup, so I never need a separate remover for my waterproof mascara/eyeliner. To avoid tugging on my eye area, I first cover my eyes with fingertips that hold a bit of the cleanser for a while before massaging them gently. I always look like a raccoon or a masked bandit when this part is done, but it’s worth it!

Now it’s time to get your hands wet with some warm water. Don’t scoop water and rinse your face yet! Just massage your face again with wet hands. You will see the oil turning a bit white, and that is normal. Once the oil has been emulsified, you can finally rinse your face with warm water. Emulsification is an important step in using an oil cleanser. If you skip this part, it will be next to impossible to remove the oil properly (in that case, the oil might clog your pores instead). After you pat it dry, you are more than likely to see very clean yet radiant skin! I have checked with a cotton pad and toner afterwards. Nothing more came off!

When I went on holiday I only wanted to take one cleanser, and the Soothing Cleansing Oil was the obvious choice. I still love my Bioderma, but I knew I was going to use more waterproof products and it wouldn’t rise to the challenge. With this cleansing oil however, cleaning my face by the end of the day was a piece of cake. I wore my BB cream every day, and with the heat and humidity my oil glands were really active. Still, a good massage with the Soothing Cleansing Oil was all I needed to have purified skin!

I really appreciate how gentle it is on the eyes as well. I have tried sample packets of cleansing oil that sting my eyes, but with this one I am not afraid to open my eyes and check if all my eye makeup has been properly melted. I have never experienced any stinging or discomfort! I have continued to use this on a daily basis, and I can say confidently this doesn’t break me out. It doesn’t leave my skin dry either, though of course I wouldn’t advise you to skip your daily routine afterwards!

Bottom line: The Bobbi Brown Soothing Cleansing Oil is truly a one-step product that gets rid of the all the grime and dirt at the end of the day. It is simple and pleasant to use. If you’re looking for an oil cleanser, this new kid on the block might be something to take into consideration!

Here is the ingredient list if anyone is interested. Special thanks go to Brooke from Blushing Noir. I received this bottle with no box, and she kindly took a picture of hers with the ingredient list!

Have you tried a cleansing oil? If so, what’s your favorite?

Sunny, your beauty culture translator xx

Disclosure: The product mentioned in this review is provided by the PR for my consideration. All opinions are honest and my own. I am in no way compensated for this review. I have always been, and will always be committed ONLY to my readers.

26 responses

    • LOL as long as it works well for you though! I’ve tried a couple of sample packets of the Shu one, but can’t really say anything about them because I didn’t have enough to judge!

  1. Thank you for this post, because it makes me think that this cleanser could be something for me too. I have combination skin with acne and many scars and love my bioderma so far. But to clean the face with this oil seams to be like a spa treatment at home. Maybe IΒ΄ll try it. πŸ™‚

    Hugs, Tina

  2. I use a cleansing oil for a pre-cleanse then follow up with my cleanser of choice. With my oily skin I find that even with a light oil, I still need to follow up with a regular cleanser. I know it seems counterintuitive but using facial oils with my oily skin has actually reduced my oiliness!

    • I actually double-cleanse too sometimes! Not because I don’t think the cleansing oil does a good job, but old habits die hard! I’m glad to hear cleansing oils work for you too Kristi!

    • Glad to hear you’re also a fan of cleansing oil! I’ve heard great things about the Shu Uemura ones (duh who hasn’t) but haven’t personally tried more than a couple of sample sachets. Maybe when I run out of this πŸ™‚

  3. It sounds too good! Never tried Cleansing Oils though I’d love to give this one a try, I like the soothing lavender scent. Too bad Bobbi Brown is not available in India! Do you know of any other brands that have Cleansing Oils? I’m hoping I can get Clarins or Clinique, they are easily available here.

    • Oh no! I didn’t know Bobbi Brown is not available in India! When it comes to cleansing oils, Shu Uemura is probably THE brand that does it. I don’t think Clarins or Clinique has one, but a lot of Japanese brands do and perhaps you can purchase online?

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