Let’s See Some Magic with the Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover!

Sometimes you’ve got to give it to the cosmetic industry. Just when you think removing nail polish is going to be same old business forever, they came up with new things that actually work!

Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover is not the first of its kind. I know that Sephora launched theirs quite a while ago, and that one is insanely popular in the beauty blogger community here in Belgium. Since I haven’t got to visit a Sephora recently however, when I saw the Bourjois version in the drugstore I snatched it up speedy quick!

Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover comes in a hot pink plastic bottle. The 1 second per nail, without cotton wool pitch definitely looks promising. Once you open the bottle, you see a black sponge with a hole in the middle:

According to Bourjois, all you need to do is dip each into the sponge, twist and tada, you’re done!

The formula doesn’t contain acetone and paraben, so if you’re icky about using acetone on your nails this would be good for you as well. It contains sweet almond oil, which makes nail polish removal less drying. It also smells a bit better than the majority of polish removers. It is supposed to smell like red fruit and vanilla. To me it just smells sweetish.

Verdict: this works! The sponge is squishy, but doesn’t feel as wet as I expected it to be. If I just use 2 coats of nail polish, it really only takes one second. If I use base coat and nail polish, 3. With a top coat it takes the longest, but still it’s fast. I just dip my fingers in, twist the bottle (I think it’s easier than twisting the finger, since when you twist the finger the sponge moves as well), and take it out all nice and clean! The almond oil leaves a protective film on the nails too, so they are not dry or even slightly whitish when they come out (I find this could happen with cheaper removers).

I like it because it is hassle-free compared with regular nail polish removers. There is no need to take cotton pads out, and there is no risk spilling it. The best part? You know how you sometimes ruin undried nail polish on one nail, and in the process of removing it, ruin a couple more on the other hand? Not with this. All you have to do is dipping the messed-up one in and it’s done! It does come out with a bit of oil so you might want to wipe it clean with a cotton pad/tissue, but there is no risk ruining some more fingers in the process.

The bottle contains 75ml of product and goes for around 8 euros here. I would still say it’s worth it, since you don’t waste any. If you think about it, more product is wasted on the cotton pads than what you actually need with regular removers!

Bottom line: This is fantastic! I am hoping they will come up with a version for toes, because that’s really how lazy I am!

Have you tried anything like this? Would you be interested? Are you picky about nail polish removers or do you grab whatever you see?

Sunny, your beauty culture translator xx

26 responses

  1. I hate taking my nail polish of so much that I will usually end up just touching up my nails or letting it chip off. This seems so easy and practical. I must get it!

  2. I remember trying something like this from the drugstore as a teen, but I don’t think it was nearly as nice! This sounds great actually – scent, ingredients, and convenience especially! Too bad we don’t get bourjois here anymore!

  3. I’ve never actually heard of this kind of thing, but now that I know I would love to try it! It does sound way better than using cheap remover with cotton pads. I don’t mind the smaller amount because its rare I use up a whole bottle anyway.

    • Haha I still have regular nail polish remover for my toes though. Also I use that to clean the necks of the nail polish bottles so I still need some of it anyways. In other words, feel free to go ahead and grab this TODAY! lol

    • Hey Winnie! I can imagine how useful this will be for you!

      Now here’s the thing: I don’t own one single glitter polish so I can’t say for sure *hangs her head in shame*. I imagine if you leave your nails in there for a bit longer it will be dissolved in any case, but if you wear a lot of glitter polishes some glitter might come back up? Really can’t tell! Sorry!

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