Givenchy 2012 Fall Releases: Acoustic Colors, Smile ‘n Repair, Ange ou Demon Le Secret Elixir

A little while back I was invited to The Dominican Hotel in Brussels to discover everything Givenchy is bringing out this fall, including their Acoustic Colors collection, Smile ‘n Repair, and fragrance Ange ou Demon Le Secret Elixir. Today I want to share with you the quick observations that I made!

The Acoustic Colors comes with the star piece of a quad, Acoustic Harmony. The shades are rather sheer, but they sure sparkle! I think it would work better on top of a primer and/or cream shadow, and the color combination is pretty interesting!

The Acoustic Pastel Le Prisme Visage is a pinkish powder that is supposed to counter the tired and gray cast that we tend to get in winter. The powder is very finely-milled, and once mixed and sheered out you can hardly see it’s pink (I was worried about it clashing with my skin tone).

The Rouge Interdit Shine Acoustic Wild Rose and Gelee D’Interdit Acoustic Wild Rose are both pretty sheer with sparkle, true to the collection’s spirit.

The muse of the brand Liv Tyler created two products for this collection, Rose Revelateur de Liv Lively Pink and Gloss Revelateur De Liv. They are supposed to adjust to the wearer’s lip color and look different on everyone!

The Mister Smooth Smoothing Primer is a colorless primer evens out skin’s texture. Apparently guys are also fans because the packaging isn’t too feminine, and it’s colorless but improves how the skin looks!

The Noir Couture mascara has been raved about quite a bit in the blogosphere, and I’m naturally curious to find out what it can do. My first impression? Pretty sweet (You’ll soon read a detailed review here)!

Givenchy makes the first perfume I ever fell for (and finished the whole bottle of. It has sadly been discontinued but I managed to get hold of a bottle just for old time’s sake. If you’re curious it’s Eau Torride), and I like their fragrances in general. Ange ou Demon Le Secret Elixir starts out being fresh and citrus-y, and then it moves on to the sweet and feminine frangipani among other flowers such as jasmine, before drying down to delicious vanilla, patchouli, and musk. I’m a bit fan of purple, so the packaging resonates well with me.

PS: Do you know Natasha Poly is dressed/undressed for campaigns in different regions? Here in Europe she only has that cape on, but in some parts of the world she’s got a dress.

Last but not least, Smile ‘n Repair is a line that fight wrinkles. Apparently the more you use your facial muscles, the better it works!

That’s our little tour of what’s new and hot at Givenchy this season. Did you see anything that piqued your interest?

Sunny, your beauty culture translator xx

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  1. I really like the mascara, I don’t knnow yet if I like it more than YSL and/or my japanese ones. The primer sounds very interesting actually, I kinda missed this one while shopping for the mascara some time ago, lol.

  2. I love that mascara packaging! If I remember correctly isn’t the dior extase mascara wand like that? Or am I confused haha? Also fairydrops mascara has those 3 balls or whatever you want to call them lol. Anywho I like that wand & am looking forward to the review πŸ™‚

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