With Bobbi Brown Rich Caviar Eye Shadow Palette, it is Not Too Early to Celebrate Christmas! Part 1

Is the beginning of October too early to think about Christmas? Apparently not for the beauty industry, and with the Bobbi Brown Rich Caviar Eye Shadow Palette, I can tell you I am definitely loving the holiday season already! If you read my September/Early Autumn Favorites post, you might remember seeing it there. Basically unless I’m testing eyeshadows nowadays, this is pretty much all I wear!

Note the size:

(The label is going to look different because mine is a preview piece)

True to the spirit of Bobbi Brown packaging, Rich Caviar is very simply yet practical. The plastic casing doesn’t feel flimsy, and the lid snaps so it should be pretty safe for traveling. It comes with a mirror, six eyeshadows, and a double-ended brush.

From left to right on the first row: Bone, Candlelight Metallic Eyeshadow, and Wheat (note: some information I see online calls this one Buff)

From left to right on the bottom row: Olive Sparkle (or Olive Tree Sparkle), Black Topaz (or Burnt Chestnut), and Rich Caviar.

I took close-up photos of the shades two by two, so you can get a better look at them all!

First of all we have Bone and Olive Sparkle (Olive Tree Sparkle) here. I have mentioned Bone a couple of times on the blog, and I was very happy this shade was included. Bone is an off-white matte eyeshadow that I highlight my brow bones with systematically. It has been a while since I last used any shimmer/frost/sparkle for my brow bone highlight, and I always turn to this one with a fluffy brush. Despite the fact that it disappears into my skin, it does what it is supposed to do. If I only have one side highlighted I can see the brow bone is more pronounced and my brow looks higher up than the other one! The texture and pigmentation are great with this shade. It is soft and creamy!

Olive Sparkle is officially described as a golden green, but really, it is an antique gold (I tried very hard not to put these two words in bold or capital letters, but you guys might know I am very obsessed with antique golds)! The texture with this one is a little peculiar. It seems so densely-packed that unless you apply some pressure, you are not going to get it opaque. A fluffy brush definitely won’t do, but even with a shading brush it could be tricky. It you want to layer it on top of another shadow to highlight (the center of your lids, for example), a shading brush might be fine. If you want to use it directly on your lids, I find the best way is just to use my finger. When I use my pinky, I can pick up enough color to give opaque coverage easily, and the insane amount of sparkle in there is very pretty! Do note that there might be a little fallout during application, so you might want to do your foundation afterwards. However, once it’s on I don’t notice subsequent fallout. Despite the fact that it is so sparkling, the texture does not feel gritty on the lids.

Here is the swatch of these two (if Olive Sparkle seems a bit sheer, it was because I hadn’t figured out I should apply more pressure. Read on to see how opaque it can look):

Olive Sparkle reminds me strongly of Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill #14 (which is one of my all-time favorite eyeshadows). As you can see, the two are rather similar enough in color and the amount of sparkle. They are not dupes, but if you missed out on #14 and have a hard time laying your hands on it, consider Olive Sparkle. The texture is not going to be the same (hybrid versus pressed), but effect-wise, at least when we’re talking about using both dry, is similar!

Here you see Eyes to Kil #14 at the bottom, Olive Sparkle on top:

In sunlight so you can see both sparkle like crazy!

Candlelight Metallic Eyeshadow is new to the Rich Caviar palette. It is a shimmery champagne beige that has a metallic sheen, but when combined with a fluffy brush (like the enclosed one) it offers a soft glow. The texture and pigmentation with this one are great, and the shade is equally nice as a sheer wash, on the inner half of the lids, and as inner corner highlight!

Black Topaz (Burnt Chestnut) is a blackened olive green with shimmer and a green sheen. For such a dark shade, I really appreciate the depth and blendability. It functions well alone for a smokey eye, and I also like to go over the eyeliner or contour with it! With the shimmer it contains, I would suggest you use a shading brush and patting motion, at least when you are laying the color down. Again, the fallout isn’t bad (if there is any), and there won’t be more after everything is in place, so I find it acceptable.

Here is how they swatch:

Now, do these two remind you of a duo you have seen here? Like Hourglass Dune?

From bottom to top: Hourglass Dune lighter shade, Bobbi Brown Candlelight, Hourglass Dune darker shade, Bobbi Brown Black Topaz:

In sunlight so the shimmer shows:

Again, no dead-on dupe here, but you can definitely spot the similarities. Candlelight isn’t as creamy as the lighter shade of Dune, though on the lids you are not going to feel the difference in texture. Black Topaz beats the darker shade of Dune hands-down with the blendability!

Now, I went a bit over-the-top so the full review is twice as long as what you have read with twice as many pictures (yup that’s right). I don’t want to overwhelm you, so please have a little patience! Part 2 will come up soon!

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    • Hey girly, Bobbi Brown eyeshadows, especially the matte ones, are some of the best I’ve come across. The ones I own perform really well, so you should definitely check them out!

  1. Oh great, now you’re making me want it! Olive sparkle is sooo pretty, but it’s definitely warmer than the etk. This palette has a lot of great possibilities, can’t wait for part 2!

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