Ever-So-Slightly Superior: NARS Pro-Prime Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base

Do you know the problem of being a beauty blogger? You always want to try new things despite the fact that you have pretty much found your holy grail. I have been a faithful UDPP girl ever since I got a mini bottle with the Naked Palette, so why get tempted by NARS Pro-Prime Smuge Proof Eyeshadow Base? Or more importantly for you guys, do I regret being tempted? Read on to find out!

NARS Pro-Prime Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base, like most other eyeshadow primers, promises to extend the wear of eyeshadow, eyeliner and eyebrow pencil as well as maximizing color intensity. The packaging is not unlike a lip gloss, with a straight wand.

Straight from the tube, the primer is white. However, after spreading it out, it becomes completely invisible. Performance-wise, it does what a primer is supposed to do. The eyeshadows go on true-to-pan, stay on for the whole day crease-free, and don’t fade.

NARS Pro-Prime Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base swatched lightly on top, heavily on the bottom:

So how does this differ from Urban Decay Primer Potion? To be honest, in my case it does not differ very much. I have worn two on each eye several times, and in most cases I can’t notice any difference. The ONLY thing that makes this ever-so-slightly superior is the fact that eyeshadows that are harder to blend tend to blend out more easily on top. I don’t have many that are hard to blend, but the darker shade of Hourglass Visionaire Dune Duo comes to mind. With NARS Pro-Prime Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base, it is blended out much more easily, and it doesn’t lose its intensity or become muddy in the process. With UDPP, this shade can be blended out, but it’s more time-consuming and the color becomes more sheer and muddy in the process.

NARS Pro-Prime Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base blended out on top, applied heavily on the bottom:

Bottom line: Despite the fact that it’s ever-so-slightly superior, I would probably not make this my go-to primer. I largely prefer the new tube with a nozzle packaging of UDPP, as my experience with this type of tubes is that the product always gradually dries out and becomes hard to spread out. I’d love to keep a tube around in case I have to deal with hard-to-blend eyeshadows, but packaging makes using it a bit trickier.

Have you tried either Urban Decay Primer Potion or NARS Pro-Prime Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base? What is your experience with them? What is your go-to eyeshadow primer?

Sunny, your beauty culture translator xx

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    • This is my only primer! My eyelids are so oily just like BeautyReflections and this one seems like the only one working for me.. UDPP and MAC paint pot didn’t work quite good for me. Although I have a tube of Benefit’s primer, I am probably gonna by MUFE’s primer (thanks to BeautyReflections’ review) after I am through with this.

      • I have super oily lids and just tried MUFE after seeing some great reviews. I wasn’t impressed – the MAC Paint pot I had been using was superior. The MUFE actually seemed to dissolve my mascara (Lancome definicils) and I haven’t ever had problems with that using my paint pots or on bare lids.

  1. I agree with you Sunny–I love my Nars Pro Prime, but when I bought the Naked palette and received the little bottle of UDPP, I was surprised at how similar the results I got were. I really like UDPP–so much so that I haven’t decided whether I will get a Nars or UD primer during the F&F at Sephora yet (I’m scraping out the last bits of my Nars at the moment).

    • I think the original Naked Palette is really really smart. While I might never run out of that palette, I have repurchased many 24/7 liners and UDPP! I did hear UDPP works better on oilier lids, though since mine are normal to oily both seem to work just as fine 🙂

  2. I haven’t tried UDPP, but I *love* Nars Smudge Proof. I’ve had two GWP sample tubes for over a year now (plus newer full-size tubes) and they haven’t dried out (I’m not sure how long before they expire but they still seem OK!). My only issue with them is getting all the product out of the tube, I’m sure there will be a fair bit left that the applicator can’t reach.

    • The trick to getting the rest of the product is to remove the stopper in the top of the tube. It’s what scrapes excess product off the applicator as you pull it out of the tube. If you take a butter knife and carefully pry it under the lip of the stopper, it should pop out. That will give your applicator more access and room to swipe around the inside of the tube. Just be sure to store your tubes upright in case you have a runnier product or it will all collect up under the cap.

  3. I tried this, and I really wanted to love it. I did find that it’s much easier to blend shadows than with UDPP, but for some reason, color just disappeared from my lids when I wore it. I ended up returning it. However, I kept having the same problem, and I THINK it might have been my eye cream and how I was applying it. I want to try it again, but I have the same reservations about the packaging. Maybe when I run out of UDPP, which seems like never…

    • Hey Jen, hmm this is peculiar. I never put eye cream on my lids when I am going to wear makeup, only below my eyes. Maybe you should try this? It is also possible that it simply doesn’t work for you though. Primer is about as personal as mascara. One girl’s holy grail is another’s buyer’s remorse! But yeah, these things do last forever which is great for the wallet!

      • Yeah, I stopped putting on my lids and noticed a difference, but by that time I had already returned it. Maybe I’ll give it another go later. Or if I can find it in a gift with purchase or a sample set, that’d be awesome! 😛

  4. It sounds good, though I do like UDPP. BUT my new discovery – not that I wish to lure you into another haha – is Leighton Denny Eyeshadow Helper. A-mazing stuff (despite the crap name) will review it soon!

    Nic x

  5. I still love my Too Faced shadow insurance. I’ve had mine for over a year now! (it probably passed its expiration date months ago but it still works fine, and it would break my heart to throw out one of the most pricey makeup products I’ve ever bought. Kind of sad, I know :’))

    • No it’s normal! Especially with Shadow Insurance, I think the packaging is pretty hygienic. As long as it doesn’t smell off or separate you can probably go on using it!

  6. I’ve used TFSI for years but I admit that I have the NARS eyeshadow primers on my Sephora wishlist. I’ve UDPP but was just sort of meh about it. I guess it’s a good thing that more than one primer is available as we all seem to have different likes in a primer!

    • Yeah the responses to this post has taught me that primers are really as individual as mascara, and once you find the holy grail you can stick to it without feeling you’re missing out on the others!

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